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Discouraged, But Not Distracted...

Nehemiah is one of the great leaders in the Old Testament. Several qualities rise to the surface about Nehemiah and his ability to lead. He was a man of prayer, passionate for God and his people, courageous in the face of opposition, and the list goes on. 140 more words


Seeing beyond the Rubble


In the mid 1970’s my parents bought a house in my hometown. We had lived on our street for a number of years and in two different houses. 1,539 more words


Why do I do Mary Kay? 

There’s so many accusers on the internet, they are unable to succeed in the career hence they accuse Mary Kay of this and that!

I was put off by it because they don’t know what’s Mary Kay all about. 271 more words


Just One Thing: Order

I’ll admit it.

I can be just a teensy bit compulsive about my daily to-do list.

Could this be why it does my heart good to see that God has included lists in the Bible?  644 more words

Bible Study

Prophetic Accuracy Proven!

I hope you are filling your treasure chest!  We found golden nuggets yesterday and we’ll add a few more today.  Let’s jump back into our study of the 70 weeks of Daniel.   694 more words


Nehemiah 9: Confession

The Israelites gathered together again in the same month to confess before God. They were penitent and fasted, wearing sack cloth. They were separated from the foreigners – I think this refers to the casting away of their foreign wives as mentioned in Ezra. 264 more words



What was the request that Nehemiah made to Artaxerxes the king?
(1) To return and rebuild Jerusalem?
(2) To be made a captain over the people? 12 more words