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The Weight of the World

Ever since spending time working at the Beaman Home last summer and fall, I’ve wondered how to respond. I’ve wondered how to take my passions and burdens I have for the women and children I encountered there and respond in the right way. 814 more words


The Nehemiah Plan

Nehemiah. One of the most underrated Biblical hero, IMHO. I always love Nehemiah for he deals with situations in a very different manner than the other Biblical heroes. 171 more words

Strong Tower

Prayer for Today

February 9, 2016

Father, today I thank You for ordering my steps. I don’t always enjoy the way You direct my path, but I’m thankful. I know that even in the most difficult times, if I’ve been obedient to Your word and Your will for my life, You always lead and guide me into all truth. 157 more words

God's Word

An Unexpected Source of Strength

(Please read Nehemiah 8 in your favorite Bible.  The NIrV is cited in the following article.)

God gives joy as a source of strength.

In her book, Simple Words of Wisdom, Penelope J. 1,783 more words


What greater joy can there be than to know that the real joy, the serious stuff is yet to come

So today in church we were talking about joy and as Christians are we really filled with God’s joy?  You know I have times when I am up and times when I am down and appreciate that life can get in the way sometimes if we let it, yet I know that I have never experienced happiness and joy like I do now, God has filled me with an inextinguishable joy that fills my heart, how amazing and awesome it feels too and we have the promise that what we are feeling now pales to nothingness compared to the joy we will have in heaven AWESOME.  463 more words

It Is Precious to Me

I don’t remember for sure where it came from. I was quite young when it was given me. I kept in a box. From time to time, I would look at it. 1,838 more words