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No biggie…just wandering through the supermarket.  Hmmm…what’s this…equina

…as in equine…as in equus…as in equestrian…as in Horse?!?

Yep. I can buy horse meat at the supermarket here and apparently throughout Europe.   55 more words


horsing around

I heard it straight from the horse’s mouth

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The end of English is nigh

If you read just about any article on Yahoo! Style, you probably think that the end of the English language is nigh.

Can you hear that horse laugh coming from Style’s readers? That would be a neigh.


Day 29: Of Stables And Horses

Ho, there!
Leave your busy life
And hark
While I concoct curious tales
Of stables and horses

What makes a being what it is?
Is it what it calls itself? 145 more words

60 Day Writing Challenge