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Mga Silingang Libakira

(Photo Credit: deccanchronicle.com)

Ang mga silingang libakira

Sa personal hambugira.

Magsige rag panlibak

Sa mga chismis nga makatigbak.

Makastorya feeling righteous;

Matagbuan graveh ka-courteous.

Manumbalay sa silingan… 37 more words


Gayborhood Note by Zoë C.

Philadelphia, the Gayborhood: an oasis for the LGBT community within the city. Ever since I was questioning my sexuality, I have visited the neighborhood frequently. My favorite way to spend some time in the Gayborhood is going to get brunch with some friends at More Than Just Ice Cream, Green Eggs, or other fun restaurants in the area. 558 more words

The Castle

North of the third ring and nestled at the base of Mount Verdana is The Castle district, home to Castle Martell where King Danne II resides and the court nobles dwell. 200 more words



To the east of The High Road and its temples lies Castleshade, home to the most illustrious noble families, including those who form the Seven Pillars – the descendants of the first seven refugees to arrive and build their homes in the… 117 more words


The High Road

Above the Field of Heroes region is a large wide field that ascends in long gentle slope. Filled with temples, monasteries, and religious orders, the numerous roads at the bottom of the hill merge with each other until only a single broad road remains that arrives at last at the hill’s summit where the most ancient temples are situated. 77 more words



The western region of the third ring is filled with old growth forest and game preserves, as well as orchards, plantations, and crop fields. Much of this region is owned by old… 64 more words


Black & White Challenge: Open Topic

My entry for Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge this week.

There is no topic this week, so let’s see how creative you can get.  I’m looking forward to what you all decide to post.  

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