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Ranking '90s Sitcom Neighbors From Most Annoying To Most Helpful

It’s a sitcom staple that goes back as far as the form itself: the wacky next door neighbor. Initially popularized by Norton on The Honeymooners… 562 more words


Making Room

Our lives are full. We get up in the morning with our days all planned out. We work full days. We fill our down-times with other activities. 160 more words



One of the lovely surprises
about our new also-Turtle Rock Farm
site in the CommonWealth Urban Farm
community of Oklahoma City,
are the plants that lived here… 210 more words


Fall Cleanup

October 8 – Things have been a bit chillier lately, and we have our furnace on, set to 72 degrees. We definitely had our jackets on when we went out to check on what chestnuts might still be on our tree. 721 more words

Yard & Garden

Neighbors Driving Me Crazy - Long Sry

I ve posted before on this. Tonight, after a week of non-stop metal grinding, sanding and pounding – I lost my sh&t. I did not handle it well. 82 more words

Should I Buy Halloween Costumes for Lisa, Martin or Milhouse?

As soon as the Treehouse of Horror event kicked off, a few premium costumes were available for purchase in the premium menu. Although we did see a lot of young Springfielders in costumes in previous Halloween events, this time, you are offered new costumes for a few of them. 248 more words

Tapped Out

Open letter to that oh-so-smug woman from my neighborhood

When I was pregnant with Matthew, this obnoxious woman ambushed me as I was sitting on my front porch.  She was super aggressive.  After our encounter, I managed to write her off as that “crazy woman from my neighborhood with no social skills”. 1,799 more words

Baby Loss