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Drawbacks of real estate open houses

Real estate open houses are one of the sales strategies that may be more about the hype than about results. The fact is, open houses are rarely conducted to sell a home. 548 more words

Job interview fantasy

Do you create silly scenarios in your head, imagining situations that will never happen? I do.

I imagine myself applying for a job at a Christian company. 472 more words

Jesus Christ

When the neighbors share their tunes...

Ah, summer.

Open windows and living outdoors.

After a long winter with the windows shut and no fresh air, it’s great. Right?

More or less. 391 more words

Musings Of The Mind

4 Jewish Atheists + 4 Lutherans= Unexpected Friendship

When we moved to Norway last June, we were told we would be getting new neighbors across the hall in August. They would be a family from the US, moving here for just ten months, and had two girls around the same ages as our boys. 1,836 more words

The Makeover

“He’s at it again!”   Muriel Hornbellows announced angrily.  “Half past seven on Sunday morning!  There’s no peace!”

Burton Hornbellows groaned and pulled a pillow over his head.  1,352 more words

Neighbors 2: Baylee's Rising

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to see the new movie Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising. The movie featured Zac Efron helping freshmen start their own sorority so they can party all they want. 637 more words

Tips For Giving A Description To Law Enforcement


One of the most important roles you have as a member of our community is to report suspicious activity.

How do you determine what is suspicious activity? 512 more words