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The Golden Rule


 “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.” Matthew 7:12 ESV… 533 more words

Peeking in on the neighbors

Do you ever wonder what your neighbors are doing? Do you ever just want to peek through the keyhole and have a look?

Okay, before I get a lot of hateful comments…these are the neighbors I am talking about. 131 more words

Viladellops Village

Just Taking a Walk in the Neighbrohood

I was listening to a some Tom Waits the other day,

puts me in a certain frame of mind,

if you know, you know what I mean, 235 more words


Mga Silingang Libakira

(Photo Credit: deccanchronicle.com)

Ang mga silingang libakira

Sa personal hambugira.

Magsige rag panlibak

Sa mga chismis nga makatigbak.

Makastorya feeling righteous;

Matagbuan graveh ka-courteous.

Manumbalay sa silingan… 37 more words


Apartment living is for loud people only. That's so not me.

Open letter to my past self of October 2017.

“The end is so close I can taste it. Now the question is, will I find a top floor apartment with no shared walls within my budget (oh, you will land that full-time job you wanted but the paycheck still won’t be enough for comfortable SD living, and you might as well start taking deep breaths now because Trump became President. 341 more words

The Last Decent Man

Is it possible?  Is it conceivable that decency and compassion have ceased to exist?  I hadn’t given that possibility much thought, at least not until now.  1,229 more words

No Agenda

Sometimes I get an idea, and I can’t let it go, and it ends up with me doing things like requesting to be friends with everyone on Facebook who has the same name that I do. 875 more words