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The House Feels A Little Crowded Lately

Over the past couple of weeks, the activity at our house has been picking up. I don’t know if it was because it was getting closer to Halloween, the spirits were feeding off my stress levels leading up to the Marine Corps Ball, or maybe the spirit(s) in the house are feeling more comfortable with us. 809 more words

Paranormal Housewife

Night Time Shenanigans

Across the road from me lives a nice lesbian couple. They bought their old farmhouse six months before my wife and I bought ours. Some nights when I lay awake in bed I can see them walking around their yard with flashlights and their heads down, doing only God knows what. 421 more words


My loud neighbors

I grab my pillow from under my head and cover my ears with it pressing down hard!

It’s started again, the constant stomping, dragging, banging and dragging of feet and whatever else it is my upstairs neighbor has going on in her (their) apartment. 248 more words


Blah-blah, Baa-aa

Twittering Tales #110 – 13 November 2018

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We came here together, we’ll stay together…

No matter how strange the neighbors are.

We must show grace, not everyone is like… 50 more words

Writing Challenges

here have some cake and celebrate again :)

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well have some cake!

Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com!

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Just Being Neighborly

One of the things I was looking for when I decided to move to a small town was a sense of community. I knew the town offered several events throughout the year which was certainly attractive. 266 more words