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Right where you are

Seasons.  They come and go.  And if we aren’t careful we will be worrying our way to the next one, instead of being right where we are. 381 more words

In dark times, hang on to hope

Western North Dakota has become many different things to so many different people over the last 10 years of an all out and unprecedented economic boom — a refuge. 642 more words


CITY SHOW Ohio Woman Arrested For Spray Painting "N*gger Keep Out" On Her Neighbors House!

Why does it feel that we’re back in the 60’s? It seems like a lot of people have been holding on to a lot of racist feelings and now they are starting to let everyone know exactly how they feel without the worry of any repercussions. 70 more words

The 614

Clunk, clunk, boom ...

One of my dear neighbors is doing some home improvements and there is a lot of demolition going on at their house. Um. I never realized how disturbing large chunks of concrete hitting the bottom of a metal bin would sound when you are in a deep sleep. 38 more words

Life's Little Lessons

Barely Started

I don’t know why I would expect this year’s weather to be any better for getting our hay-field cut and baled in a timely manner compared to the previous five summers. 396 more words



The neighbor ladies who lived across the street,

had houses on either side of the Back family.

Patti Back was my friend and being two years younger than me, 147 more words