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I Was In The Neighborhood

I recently wrote about some neighbors from Hell, and some of you indicated that you had some first-hand experience.

In nearly 50 years of marriage, we’ve never had any… 1,153 more words


Gurl there's a sale on kindness, aisle 69. 

I went to walk my dog tonight before bed. Had to let her pee one more time. I ran into two neighbors, a gay couple who also have a dog, and I was so upset as a result that I wrote this: 404 more words


It's a Jungle out there

Because my husband hurt his foot and is currently in a boot and also because our lawnmower is torn apart since we burned out the clutch, our lawn has grown wild. 62 more words

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Rain Man Walking

With a break in the hair-raising humidity and torrential rains,  I sat out on the back patio after work to soak up some vitamin D and watch the boys play, which to me was heartwarming to see them playing so well, though the sound is certainly not for the faint-hearted.   744 more words


Respect the Block

Hi, Tigers! With the end of the year and summer coming up, we’re all in the mood to kick back, relax, and celebrate. While a little party never killed nobody,  75 more words

College Life

Case of the Day - Monday, May 22, 2017


A new week, a new neighbor-from-hell story. Mrs. Dahlquist and her evil spawn, Jeff Zube, lived in pretty close proximity to several neighbors, including the Careys. 1,180 more words