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May Day Merriment

It’s a well known fact that I enjoy making a big deal out of the little things in life. My kids know to expect unexpected fun and anticipate special occasions even on the most blah “holidays”. 346 more words



Am excited about tomorrow’s meeting with a contractor named Jim.  He will figure out if I qualify to have a ramp to my house built by the… 448 more words


April 26, 2015 | Dream Journal | Robert Downey Jr. Paying For Help And Dealing With Corrupt Police Officers And David Harbour

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I barely remember a variety of dream fragments from last night and I am not sure if they are part of the same dream or not, and so I will type them randomly as I remember them; but I have forgotten most of them after not voice recording my dreams. 438 more words

Dream Journal

Random 5 for April 26 – Yoga pants, tips, grass, energy, Alzheimer’s

Not giving them up! – Life is returning to normal after the thumb surgery. (I was released from rehab! Yay!) However, now that I have been wearing yoga pants for almost eight weeks, I’m not giving them up. 349 more words


Orchard Spirits, Spinster Sisters

“Spinster” simply doesn’t do it anymore. Did it ever? Somewhere out there floating around in Etymology Land is a yet-to-be-born word that will describe women who choose not to marry. 664 more words

The village people

Here’s what my village people are saying: sit down and finish writing the damn book.

Here’s what I love about my village people: they are right. 1,210 more words

The View From Here