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Song Lyrics Sunday 3/26/17 #2

This could also go back a couple of weeks and make up for my lack of posting a favorite “Cover”, but it is also to add to Karuna’s perfect post “Imagine”. 34 more words



This is a quick little bloggie.  I’m going into the city this morning to play with my friends from LA, but I wanted to tell you a story about the Year of the Rattlesnake. 788 more words

There is no Love in Violence

“Domestic violence rarely affects only those directly involved in the abusive relationship.” ― Asa Don Brown
Short of stepping on Curly’s tail, Becky stormed into the living room, slammed the screen-door shut and hurried to her room. 1,058 more words

Neighbors? Who knows their neighbors anymore?

So, one of this week’s assignments is to take stock of our local resources, and I mean local. We’re supposed to determine who, in our neighborhood, composts, has worms, knows things about the local soil, would have coffee grounds to spare, has manure to spare (horses, chickens, or goats, not human!), who rakes leaves in the fall, and where everyone’s waste goes. 637 more words


The Happiness Quotient

I was feeling happy that morning as I began another day of retirement. And why not?

I had slept until after 8, with no alarm clock or cat waking me up. 398 more words

Maples At The Sonatas


Living in close proximity to others takes something special.  Especially the ability to overlook minor annoyances.

Hopefully your neighbors will all be polite, and thoughtfully quiet.   284 more words


Whenever I See Your Smiling Face, I Have To... Run Away Screaming

And then, I was back to myself.

Instead of easing my way into things I decided to jump in with abandon. I threw a house party for thirty people. 7,250 more words