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The Death of the Dinner Party

Are dinner parties dead? I mean, do people still have dinner parties anymore like they used to? It’s something we don’t see very often anymore – even commercials on television have hinted at the dying era of community gatherings/dinners. 405 more words

RIP Peace

Love thy neighbors
The holy book says.
To kill one innocent,
Is to kill whole humanity
Another proclaims. 128 more words


Do We Seek Mentors?

Why do we seek out mentors? Or do we?

Yesterday our beautiful neighbor of almost 30 years was memorialized at her funeral service. I wrote a poem and I was able to share it with her before she passed away and then asked to share it at the funeral. 462 more words

Spiritual Encouragement

3 more days.

Until we move out of this apartment life (hopefully forever) and into a real house with its own walls and ceilings we do not share with anyone. 360 more words


old neighborhood

A quadrille (44 words) on the word “lull”,  linking to dVerse Poetics.

no one sits

on their front

porch anymore or

talks to neighbors

across backyard… 30 more words


Small Pond School Reflections

I know small ponds. I like small ponds. My school is a small pond.

Here is what I know about the small pond in which I work and in which my children swim daily: 280 more words

Jan Gross: Interviewed by Student of Holocaust Studies MA Program

We were privileged to welcome Professor Jan Gross to our program, and learned so much from his dialogue with our student Pe’era Feldman-Gordon.  Pe’era came with questions that ranged from asking about his childhood to his experience as an activist, which provided us all with a nuanced perspective on his research.   48 more words

Guest Lecturers