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Worst Neighborly Act Ever

When I was a newlywed, living in San Diego, my next door neighbor, Doreen, befriended me. She noticed I was home alone a lot, since my teaching job ended at 3:00, and my new husband didn’t come home from work until 7:00 or so. 1,007 more words


Pay-it-Forward Friday

Babysit for couples or single parents who don’t get out much, so they can have some alone time. (Especially needed as the holiday season approaches!)


Little Pink Houses For You and Me 

Just like the John Mellencamp song, we moved into a little pink house in an old part of town, this however is nothing like my American dream…. 378 more words


Neighbors Helping Neighbors

LIMESTONE TOWNSHIP — Harvesting corn is a grain farmer’s livelihood. And any one of these guys will tell you, it’s important to harvest corn before it snows. 381 more words


Who are the Others?

Jesus taught that we could not love our neighbor until we first loved ourselves (Mark 12:31). The past few blogs were about loving ourselves so today I am going to start blogging on relationships, how to love those “others, our neighbors.” 390 more words