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When Your Neighbor Has The Balls

…to text you this…

9:03am – Neighbor: ” Morning hun how are ya today chica?”

9:13am – Me: “Doing alright.”

9:15am – Neighbor: That’s good hun (name of her other half) is home sick.

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Entertaining the neighbors

This evening, we BBQed. Anson was working the little construction site he’s created by the back fence, shoveling dirt on to and then back off of our sidewalk and then toodling around on his pedaled backhoe, generally amusing himself with that big imagination of his. 256 more words


The Garbage Man

The garbage man told Niki’s neighbor that he wouldn’t set his garbage cans in his yard once he’d emptied them because if he did that for everyone he wouldn’t finish his rounds until midnight. 403 more words

Short Story

Neighbor Bear(s)

6-17-18  up on the old logging roads above my family’s cabin in the Mission Mountains

“The bear’s been busy,” I tell my parents as we head up the hill, looking at a series of overturned logs and rocks, some of the logs somewhat shredded.  775 more words


Grace. . .

Sometime last week, Boo no. 2 aka Joseph Solomon (don’t take it serious, y’all😂😜), uploaded a video on IG about the tour he’s on. Almost immediately, my eyes went to his arm. 734 more words


Dirty Laundry

My neighbor hangs her underpants in her open upstairs bathroom window.  I’m assuming to dry – her particular make and model don’t necessarily scream ‘open for business’, if you know what I mean.   469 more words


Neighbors, Numbers and Salvage

June 20, 2018

Monday morning I was up early. I started raking three small fields of hay that we used for “baleage” This hay was baled while still green or “wet”, then wrapped in plastic. 344 more words