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26th May 1932. Love thy Neighbour.

‘Neighbour’ from Anglo-Saxon: Neah Gebur or Negh Boor: ‘A nearby rustic or peasant’.

A judgement and declaration by Law-Lord Atkin Today in 1932, elaborated the rule that ‘loving your neighbour’ becomes in law, ‘you must not injure your neighbour’.(1) 356 more words


Crimson Porch

Chapter 3

“Help! Help!” “Somebody help me!”

The voice of someone screaming for help jolted me out of my evening daydreaming. It sounded like my next door neighbour. 147 more words

My Daily Challenge

Indian: Police arrest neighbour over rape of disabled girl

Locals found the 13-year-old orphan unconscious and with multiple injuries, lying near a secluded railway track on May 18, after she went missing from her relatives’ home the day before. 294 more words


Evangelism Spelled with a “P” Part 3: Punctiliar

By Merv Budd

Over the last couple of articles I’ve been trying to help us understand the evangelistic mission of the church apart from the Christendom framework upon which it has been assumed: the central position of power and cultural influence. 609 more words


Love thy neighbour even if your too busy.

It was a whirlwind past six days….I flew out to Fredericton, NB last Tuesday to attend my son’s University of New Brunswick Graduation….then jumped in the car back in Toronto and headed to Kingston to visit my two older children and three beautiful granddaughters….then a day at Canada’s Wonderland before heading home to London.   420 more words

Dan's Thoughts

Твори добро

Твори добро допоки світло світить;
Нащо думати, чи хто помітить?
Той Хто треба вже знає –
Нічого схованого від Нього немає.

Твори добро бо Богу любо це.
Він мостить оливою твоє лице.
Твори добро і воно повернеться до тебе:
Заради любові до Бога і ближнього радше ніж для себе.
Iaroslav                                                         Sunday 22.05.2016


Community needs? - Look around you

Community needs? – Look around you

The Territorial Social Justice Department is often approached by individuals and Corps asking which campaigns they can get on board with, or what issues they can champion. 702 more words