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Refuge for the Refugee

This sermon seemed to have sparked a bit of a dialogue around here.  Check it out, and feel free to comment.  You can access the audio on what I’m hoping is being published as a podcast. 2,107 more words

Cops In The Hall / Blood On The Door

I was watching the News on television. It was about 10:15 in the evening. It had been a tiring day and I was not too far from bed. 580 more words

And who is my neighbour?

The Bible passages here are quoted from the KJV because it is in the public domain and therefore free to publish, but it would be helpful to read and compare modern translations as well. 967 more words

After Paris

It’s over a week now since the attacks in Paris. The national period of mourning has ended. Paris is on the move again, albeit it at a limp. 497 more words


Welcoming the “Other”

As I write these words the news is filled with increased security threat levels in much of the West, word of the death of an ISIS leader following the horrifying attacks in Paris, and the enthusiastic welcome of Syrian refugees which warmed our hearts just a few weeks ago has been arrested by a fear of what these “others” might bring to our communities. 562 more words


Monthly Reflection - October 2015 – ‘We are to start loving every day’

One of the biggest challenges every person face in life is to start loving every day. Every day is a new opportunity to love the people around you, to start loving in a new way, to start loving in a fresh way. 303 more words

Monthly Reflections

Akpos’ next door neighbour had a baby.
Unfortunately, the little
baby was born with no ears.
When they arrived home from
the hospital, the parents invited… 211 more words

Funny Jokes