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Collateral Damage

Clouds hug the buildings above her head, oppressive in their proximity. Smoke permeates the air from a shop that has caught fire across the street. 106 more words



2015 was a breakthrough year for India in more ways than one.Why do i say so? Well 2015 was the first time when India’s rate of growth exceeded China’s in more than 40 years!Political hyperbole aside this was an important landmark that india finally achieved after being in the dragon’s shadow for nearly half a century.Consider this-India’s GDP was almost equal to China’s till 1980, while in 2015 it was only 20% of china’s.Such has been China’s  dramatic rise that it has completely paled what India has done in the past 25 years.Aided by chinese slowdown and a resurgent indian economy,India finally did what it had not been able to do in 40 years. 120 more words


Anafiotika : A Greek island in the middle of Athens

It was a hot and sunny day and while I was wandering in Athens, I ended up close to the Acropolis once again. There, right at the beginning the paved Dionisiou Areopagitou street and directly opposite to the Acropolis Museum, there is a small road that leads to one of the most picturesque neighborhoods of the city. 651 more words


Biblioteca Los Mangos

Nestled amongst the trees in the busy Colonia Los Mangos of Puerto Vallarta, you will find a stately building whose presence brings an immediate sense of peace and tranquility. 1,025 more words



What is Neighbourhood?

It’s a place, it’s people; it’s a place with people; it’s a place with people that live in this place. It’s the place where you live with the people that live there too. 521 more words

Point Of View

round the neighbourhood

hello there!

todays post was alot of fun to shoot with sierra (my friend). we went running around the neighbourhood, taking pics in peoples front gardens (no regrets). 32 more words

From Canoe to Community - A Love Story

Was it the lighthouse that his ancestor Porfirio Díaz built on the point of Los Corrales that guided him there? Was it the benevolent hand of Tlaloc who directed the tides of the Pacific ocean, gently pushing the young lovers towards safety in the hidden cove away from the disapproving eye of her father? 1,121 more words