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The Hunger Games 3 : Still Blaming the Victims

Following the current vogue for movie franchises Wirral Leaks proudly presents The Professor’s third instalment of The Hunger Games saga starring Frank Field. The series of hunger reports associated with  Field  including… 4,067 more words

It's Sunday, The Skies are Blue & The Sun is Shining

At last.  Temperatures are due to reach an almighty 24 Degrees.  We can see swathes of blue sky and the sun is shining.  It is SUNDAY.  521 more words



In all the places I have lived over the years and in different countries I can honestly say I have always had nice neighbours, until now. 772 more words


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The Hunger Games 2 : Still Blaming the Victims

The Professor once again nails local poverty tourist Frankenfield with his learned dissection of the sinister agenda behind the saintly persona.

We’d just like to add that we don’t need lessons in moral and civic duties from the man behind the Wirralgate cover-up. 3,544 more words

Neighbours From Hell by Steven Suttie

5 Stars From Me!

I absolutely adored this book! The characterisation is sublime. I was literally hooked from the beginning and the way the central characters came to life on the page was an absolute masterclass. 367 more words

Book Review

Settling into Costa Rica

We have now been in Costa Rica for 4 nights and things have not quite been what we expected. Unfortunately we had what felt like neighbours from hell in our apartment building. 256 more words