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Today I will be sharing with you a very popular game back in those days. Its fun and very addictive. The name of the game is NEIGHBOURS FROM HELL. 71 more words


Neighbours from Hell: The Bike Hobbits - Part 1

We’ve only bloody well done it again. Why do we pick those flats, which at the start seem so perfect, so pleasant, such a step up from the previous one, only to find that once we are settled, with books on the shelves, photos on the wall, and all the light switches found, the neighbours begin to chisel away like an annoying wassup message tone. 1,242 more words

Culture Shock

The Tom & Jo Show - Episode 6: Neighbours


We’re back! In complete contrast to what our listeners want, we decided to go almost 2 months without an episode… we’re hoping that it’s just increased the demand for us! 112 more words


Not entirely shoe related

However,  it does somewhat explain why I haven’t bothered to make a video for such a long time.

A month ago a new couple moved into the house next door.  678 more words

Above And Beyond


Technology can do anything

More service to crooks it can bring

A laptop can record your words

Without you knowing it’s occurred

If you have neighbours from hell… 137 more words

Another Poem

Sat 30th

Contains swear words as I’m having a rant to get something off my chest. Don’t know why I’m bothering with the warning as nobody is reading this. 346 more words


Knock knock. Who’s there? Neighbours from hell!

I honestly can’t believe the nerve of people. I mean, seriously! Be prepared, this blog entry will be me ranting and moaning, so if you are not in the mood for that go eat some cake while watching some anime! 831 more words