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My Neighbour and Mafia-Type Activity and Involvement

I was playing Krishna Das earlier and trying to sing (the bit about singing was an edit at the end and the woman again reacted.  It is all about psychological intimidation, invalidation and control, dominance.   1,303 more words

The Neighbour Upstairs


She never realised she lived in peace & harmony,

until her neighbour upstairs moved out.

What will the new neighbour be like?

Will they be confrontational? 31 more words

Boundaries People!

Angry old man rant ahead. Why do my neighbours kids insists on playing on my lawn and driveway? I should rip out the dictionary page with PARENTING and tape it to their front door. 185 more words

Neighbours from Hell

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Gory Rant!: Hi hi he he! Noliksim nopietno geimošanu reiz malā un atpūtīsimies ar devu jautrības. 531 more words


Christmas From Hell

Written by R.L. Mathewson

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Is a barking dog sending you barking?

I have a neighbour that probably shouldn’t have a dog. During the day the dog is shut inside while they are out. When they are indoors during the day they mostly shut it outside. 453 more words