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Before Mercury - Planned US Manned projects pre-1960

May 5th 1961. As Alan Shepard soared into the Florida sky on a 15 minute sub-orbital flight, he flew into history, becoming America’s first spaceman. Freedom 7, as Shepard had christened his ship, was the opening manned flight of Project Mercury, NASA’s first foray into space. 2,086 more words

Remember when the Apollo 11 Landed on the Moon, and the American Flag Marked the Spot

I remember a time when the American Flag represented freedom. It went to places where no man had ever been, when American astronauts Neil Armstrong, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin and Michael Collins from Apollo 11 landed on the moon. 183 more words

American Flag

Land grabbers had taken over temple properties.

Interesting news in Times of India dated 22nd Aug 2015


God said light and the light came into existence. Then the five elements.

Science predicts in a different way, the big bang theory. 495 more words