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Haiku on Apollo 11

The startled seabird,
perch thrusting, slowly flies off.


Intertwined (Tangled Moon Saga Book 2)

Book Two in the Tangled Moon Saga is now available: Amazon Goodreads Danielle Howard isn’t his, not legally, but Lothar Ludvitski, nephew of the High Councilor, will have her just the same. 8 more words


Santa on the Moon

Now I see the Earthrise, Houston.
Half the world is shining in the sky.
The rest’s in shadow. I can see my house! 67 more words


Rare Photos By Early NASA Astronauts Being Auctioned Off

BOSTON (AP) — John Glenn was the first person to snap a photograph of Earth from outer space. Neil Armstrong took the first picture from the moon’s surface. 367 more words


Before, During And After Lunch: Slices Of Life And Of Pizza

I’ve been thinking recently about the nature of this blog. Not a whole lot, but enough to see that my stories — when you look at their sometimes straight, sometimes wavering and sometimes loopy as hell strokes — paint a pretty good picture of what I’m about.  1,028 more words