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One Giant Leap For Mankind


Let’s try that again. Lighting can you drop the colour down a bit, don’t forget this is supposed to be a moon. We shouldn’t be seeing those damn shadows. 75 more words

Flash Fiction

The Last Man on the Moon (2014)

This terrific documentary is a salient reminder of how much the world has changed since the 1960s and the glory days of Apollo. As a lad who grew up fascinated by the space program of that era, it’s hard to express what the future looked like back then, when everything seemed possible. 394 more words


Alan Bean

The fourth man to walk on the moon, alongside the third man Pete Conrad, Alan Bean first went into aboard Apollo 12 and was the lunar module pilot. 453 more words


Albert and Neil discuss Data Management

Albert and Neil discuss Data Management

Albert Einstein is great. Neil Armstrong is great. A cartoon of both of them discussing Data Management is even better.

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Capturing the Moon...Friday Fictioneers.

“Doesn’t everyone want to capture the moon?” She smiled enchanted by some kind of magic. “I wish I could just reach up into the sky with a magic, butterfly net. 89 more words


Rediscovering Wonder

What follows is my sermon from Sunday, March 4th. And, of course, it reads more like a sermon than a blog post. But, you’re a forgiving crowd. 1,818 more words


Apollo 11

In July 1969 NASA’s Apollo 11 reached Earth’s moon. During this mission Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon, a first for humanity. 146 more words

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