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Politics and Apollo

A few days ago I watched a documentary on PBS entitled “First Man On The Moon,” about Neil Armstrong, the first human to step onto the surface of the moon (and, by extension, the first human to set foot on any heavenly body other than Earth).  615 more words

Home Wins

Mankind     4
Leap Giant  1

Man A         4
Small Step  1


The Wright Brothers Fly to the Moon

The first airplane flight covered a mere 852 feet, but a part of that plane ultimately flew nearly half a million miles. 76 more words


Haiku on Apollo 11

The startled seabird,
perch thrusting, slowly flies off.


Intertwined (Tangled Moon Saga Book 2)

Book Two in the Tangled Moon Saga is now available: Amazon Goodreads Danielle Howard isn’t his, not legally, but Lothar Ludvitski, nephew of the High Councilor, will have her just the same. 8 more words