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History Is Written In Blood

In 2010 writer / director Neil Marshall (“Dog Soldiers”, “Doomsday”) released his fourth feature film as writer and director, “Centurion“.

The film starts in AD 117, when the Romans were still engaged in conflict with the Picts of Alba around the southern edge of the Scottish highlands. 506 more words


"Attacked by 'uge fookin 'owlin things!"

Werewolf films are often quite stagnant. Steeped in folklore, with tropes we all know far to well, the opportunity for growth within the genre is often very rare. 699 more words


As the polls close on today’s tedious general election, let’s take a look at an equally unexciting movie – Neil Marshall’s Doomsday.

I’m a big Neil Marshall fan – … 353 more words


Centurion - review

A Roman soldier who has been captured by savages in Scotland, he gets rescued by his Roman friends, they then proceed to be chased by the locals, which leads to a royal rumble. 161 more words


2005 Project Batch 7: The Constant Gardener, The Descent, and The Squid and the Whale

The 2005 Project continues with two disappointments, and a movie that revealed itself to be much more meaningful to my life than I remembered.

The Constant Gardener  867 more words

Movies Of The 2000s

My Favourite Films #36: Dog Soldiers

Sometimes you don’t need the effects to be amazing. Sometimes a monster movie can get by on the characters, the script and the general feeling the movie gives you. 665 more words