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'Hellboy' Director Going To Maintain Practical Effects That Made Original Films

Neil Marshall has created what I consider one of the best horror films I’ve ever seen in the The Descent, a claustrophobic gore fest you should all rent or buy on VOD, and it’s because of his work on said film that made the reboot news of  406 more words


Director Neil Marshall Talks 'HELLBOY' Reboot Effects and R-Rating

Director Neil Marshall, who will direct the upcoming Hellboy reboot spoke to Mick Garris on the Post Mortem podcast about his palns for HELLBOY: RISE OF THE BLOOD QUEEN, … 438 more words


"R-Rated" Hellboy Reboot to Embrace the Bloody Nature of the Source Material

Neil Marshall, the director attached to the upcoming Hellboy reboot, has spoken about how the film’s likely R-rating is going to give him a lot more freedom to stay true to the critically acclaimed… 255 more words


"Hellboy" Reboot to Begin Filming this Fall

Wow, this is moving quick. I mean I imagine that “Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen”, if it expects to get a good release date in 2018, they will need to get to work immediately. 172 more words

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Here’s How Hellboy Will Be Rising From The Dead And Why You Will Love It

Although Hellboy was not like Iron Man or Spider-Man, the hero always had a charm that made him a fan favorite for over a decade and a half. 299 more words

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The Trailer For 'DARK SIGNAL'

Check out this trailer that has been released for British supernatural horror thriller film DARK SIGNAL, which can be seen down below!

Produced by Neil Marshall and written and directed by Edward Evers-Swindel,  279 more words


Hellboy Reboot coming!

In a move that has surprised many, Hellboy will be returning to the big screen. The reason that it is such a surprise is that Ron Perlman won’t be donning the red make up in the role and Guillermo Del Toro will not be returning to direct! 261 more words