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UMP Review - The Rise

Rowan Athale’s debut “The Rise” (also know as “Wasteland”) is a solid production, with typical, British stylistics. It’s not anything particularly groundbreaking – on the contrary, it’s directed in a “cautious” manner – none of the characters is too intense and “off the hook”, the plot pretends to provide plot twist one after another etc. 542 more words


High Hat Film Podcast/Episode 26/Hall of Fame:- Kill List

High Hatter Andrew Fenwick makes a case for the inclusion of Ben Wheatley’s controversial, divisive, and deeply disturbing Kill List to be inducted into the High Hat Hall of Fame. 30 more words


0322 | Hyena

Is there a sub-genre with a reputation worse than the British gangster film at the moment? Granted the occasional gem appears once in a while but for longer than I care to remember an unhealthy percentage of releases have been of middling quality, go straight to the supermarket shelves and are (or look as though they are) riddled with clichés, many of which I’m sure you’ll be familiar with: shotgun-toting cockney geezers, scenes in strip clubs, Eastern European criminals, corrupt police officers (aka ‘bent coppers’) and young, up-and-coming protagonists are usually the order of the day, and if you’re really unlucky you might catch a film containing all of the above  747 more words


Jenny and Nick - Dates

DATESThursday July 9th at 9:30pm on CW50 – JENNY MEETS NICK — Jenny (Sheridan Smith), a schoolteacher, sets out to meet her first internet date after recently ending a disastrous relationship.  48 more words


Hyena (2015)

If you’re a cop, and you’re corrupt, chances are, it’s not going to work out for you.

London cop Michael (Peter Ferdinando) seems to be living the high life. 1,080 more words


First Look: HYENA

Michael (Peter Ferdinando) is a ruthless undercover coptargeting London’s most violent drug traffickers. He and his team aren’t above taking their cut from the criminals they’re charged with taking on —but when he’s threatened with exposure, he’s forced to rapidly shift his loyalties and sell out his allies in order to stay alive. 35 more words

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