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17 Powerful WordPress Marketing Tips (That Actually Work) — Blog – Neil Patel

If you have a website, the chances are good that it’s a WordPress site. How do I know that? Because it’s hugely popular. Over 75 million websites… 3,121 more words…

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Neil Patel

You’re a Good Writer But Not a Good Blogger — Blog – Neil Patel

All bloggers are writers, but not all writers are bloggers. That’s a tough reality for many people who want to produce content online because people assume that to be one is to be the other.

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The 80/20 Guide to Troubleshooting Your Onsite SEO — Blog – Neil Patel

These days, there is an enormous amount of marketing information you can read on any topic. Which means there’s also a lot of noise to sift through.

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[WATCH] Entrepreneur - 7 Secrets To Making Millions Of Dollars Online

“With the internet, you have the opportunity to make millions of dollars without investing a ton of cash or being well-connected or being born of privilege.

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How to Write Product Descriptions that Sell — Blog – Neil Patel

How much do product descriptions impact sales? There aren’t that many case studies out there about product descriptions, so it’s hard to say definitively. One e-commerce study found that 20% of purchase failures are potentially a result of missing or unclear product information.

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17 E-commerce Conversion Hacks That’ll Double Your Conversions — Blog – Neil Patel

I want to let you in on a little secret. Your e-commerce site is just one in a sea of 47 billion websites currently swimming around the Internet.

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How to Use Content Scrapers to Automate these 7 SEO Hacks — Blog – Neil Patel

Everyone is looking to get ahead when it comes to SEO. But that can be hard when your competitors are putting out content that ranks better than yours.

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