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Dear World,

Visiting Aurora

We are a motley crew.

We are a band of sad, stricken faces. An unremarkable crowd except for the remarkable ability we posses to appear ebullient, even as we drown. 228 more words

Dear World

Dear World,

Collector, Curator, Mermaid

I am, as a writer, a collector of things. Words I like. Phrases turned particularly well. Ideas that proliferate like grapes on the vine, little buds of fruit that burst forth, lighting the shade behind green leaves to become a bunch, and then a barrel-full, and then a vineyard of possibility in my mind. 278 more words

Dear World

Dear World,


(prompt: write a story that includes a broken mirror, a clown, and the phrase it’s not you, it’s me)

It was no use trying to smile anymore. 1,780 more words

Dear World

Kylie Jenner Flaunts Her Goodies & Her Lack of Rhythm #TygaWho

While her BF, Tyga, was having the worst week ever, Kylie Jenner, hopped on snapchat to show off her non transgender goodies. The odd part is she’s not saying or really doing too much…Just the signature, sexy pose+ blank stare combo, a little lip syncing and the worst Stanky Leg the world has ever seen.   88 more words

News & Gossip

Dear X,

c/o the World:

I go through periods sometimes when I think of you a lot and others when I can’t bear to think of you at all. 1,652 more words

Dear World

Dayum Girl!

It might surprise you to know that I have about one hundred partial posts drafted.  Sometimes I get distracted, sometimes I’m looking for the perfect quote or I’m trying to find a photo to add and sometimes I just feel that my writing isn’t up to snuff and I pause to find my voice.   31 more words


Ohmigosh, she’s NAKED!

There are lovely things about having a friend from across the pond, regardless of which side of that pond you reside. It’s a keyhole view into another world, where cultural norms may differ. 834 more words

Dah Fuh?