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breaking silence

Come into my solitude
Though I weary be
Come into my tenderness
Dream along with me

Listen to the whispers sing
Listen to the singers shout…

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The Snowball Effect: Part 5

Sirius: *halts, staring* *glances around, checking to make sure they’re alone* 

Remus: *halts in his tracks* 

Sirius: *eager to speak his mind before Remus runs off again*

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(( OOC: Photos courtesy of my lovely sister Oddoo, who’s really good at making everyone look a lot cooler than they actually are. )) 32 more words

Dear World,

I am grateful no one can hear my thoughts

or know my prayers

I am glad to be alone

That way

when I wake up at 1am… 51 more words

(( OOC: Short-haired Remus anyone? ))