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Cooke abandons $70 million Nova Scotia farm after deadly virus quarantine - $140 million total loss possible



Abandonment issues?

In a surprising announcement on Friday by the federal government, Cooke Aquaculture subsidiary Kelly Cove Salmon (KCS) has thrown in the towel in the controversial application for a aquaculture license within yards of McNutts Island in Shelburne Harbour, following Cooke’s admission that there is suspicion of the incurable and destructive Infectious Salmon Anemia (ISA) virus at one of the firm’s several industrial farm sites in the harbour. 1,700 more words

Farmed Salmon

Cooke Aquaculture eager to stock Nova Scotia cages

Cooke Aquaculture executive Nell Halse with salmon pesticide


Cooke Aquaculture appears to be turning on the heat in its bid to have its Kelly Cove subsidiary put two industrial-sized salmon farms in Jordan Bay near Shelburne, NS, despite warnings from local lobster fishermen and others that it could damage or destroy a valuable lobster nursery in the Bay. 1,050 more words


Cooke Aquaculture charges for pesticide use provoke flood of media stories

EDITORIAL: The “black cloud” described by Cooke Aquaculture flack Nell Halse as hanging over the head of Cooke and its family of owners has broken in a deluge of media interest as the 33 charges by Environment Canada against Kelly Cove Salmon, Glenn Cook and other executives came to light early Wednesday. 174 more words


More disinformation from Cooke Aquaculture executives

In an interview published the week of June 27 in the Fish Info Services News Line, referring to the community opposition to the ambitious plans by… 477 more words


Lax permitting standards in Nova Scotia more attractive for Cooke Aquaculture, says senior official

The dramatic push in the past 24 months to increase its holdings in Nova Scotia has been made clearer by recent comments from a senior official with the the New Brunswick-based,  multi-national… 537 more words