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Sarah joins the TLW Team

The TLW Team is thrilled to be welcoming two new members, Sarah Thomson and Kari Sund, for the 2017/2018 series. For their first post, we’ve asked each of them to write a short blog introducing themselves. 453 more words


That Which We Resist Persists, a commentary on a passage from Nella Larsen's Passing

Today I was reading Nella Larsen’s novella Passing when a particular passage jumped out at me:

“That strange, and to her fantastic, notion of Brian’s of going off to Brazil which, though unmentioned, yet lived within him; how it frightened her, and – yes, angered her!…. 856 more words

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‘Her mind, swaying back to the protection that religion has afforded her, almost she wished that it had not failed her. An illusion. Yes. But better, far better, than this terrible reality.’

– Nella Larsen, Quicksand

‘Yes, life went on precisely as before. It was only she that had changed. Knowing, stumbling on this thing, had changed her. It was as if in a house long dim a match had been struck, showing ghastly shapes where had been only blurred shadows.’

– Nella Larsen, PassingĀ 

‘Irene pressed out her cigarette. While doing so, she saw again the vision of Clare Kendry staring disdainfully down at the face of her father, and thought that it would be like that that she would look at her husband if he lay dead before her.’

– Nella Larsen, PassingĀ 

‘He wondered, as he walked deftly through the impassioned traffic on the Avenue, how she would adjust her life if he were to withdraw from it.

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Passing by Nella Larsen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I discovered this slim volume while perusing UCLA’s list of African-American novels, a dangerous activity since usually I consider myself pretty well read–that is until I stumble across a list of great authors, half of which I’ve never even heard of. 1,022 more words

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