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ON THIS DAY: April 13, 2018

April 13th is

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Commonplace Book- Passing by Nella Larsen

The characters in Passing explore the social and cultural world almost entirely in the context of race and ethnicity. It is hard to determine whether Larsen hopes to point out how important ethnic heritage is to one’s life, or how unimportant it is. 405 more words

Underwear analaogies are fun. Content warning: killer abs.

I just read through the first two parts of the book andĀ boy do I have some questions. Clare is a two-faced gal (yes, I get that that’s the whole point. 405 more words

pRivileGe iN ThE tITle

Nella Larsen’s book PassingĀ ambitiously tackles the differences of race in society in the 1920’s. In terms of essentialism and constructivism, there is an awful lot of prejudiced endured by African Americans, including those who do and do not “pass” as white. 415 more words

Green beans are awesome, these fools just don't know it yet

In the novel Passing by Nella Larsen, we get a glimpse of how society constructs the power of racism based on thought rather than actual cultural difference. 460 more words

Can Race Be Constructed Like Gender?

Typically, when we think of race, we think of it as something you are born with, despite it being a social construct. You are born white, black, or any other type of race, and that does not change. 392 more words

Life is In a Spin

Nella Larsen

Fifteen or so years ago I found myself on Main Street in downtown Flushing, NY at midday. The sidewalks were filled with crowds, some jostling their way between errands, some in search of lunch. 1,083 more words