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Teaching Nella Larsen's Passing

Teaching Nella Larsen’s Passing 

I have taught Nella Larsen’s Passing many times in my Introduction to American Literature and Introduction to Literature courses. The reasons for teaching Larsen are plenty: the novella is slim and segmented into three parts, each of which fits nicely into a class session; the ambiguous ending is perfect for practicing literary argumentation; Larsen was forgotten for several decades and students appreciate thinking about how texts can be forgotten and recovered; and finally, the novella is host to themes of race, sexuality, beauty, desire, class, and gender that make for energetic and rich classroom discussion. 1,794 more words

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Passing the Angel in the House

I have passed often in my life, usually out of necessity. I have passed as someone who is more like my family members, simply because I know my actual opinions would be the minority and I find it easier to not rock the boat. 877 more words

An Introduction to the Harlem Renaissance: The Complete Fiction of Nella Larsen (1926-29)

I’m fairly ignorant about the Harlem Renaissance, but I do know it’s produced one of my top New York writers from this trip.  I had initially been a little concerned that Larsen’s stories might be famous because of the period they depict, rather than because of her writing skill.   638 more words

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Writer's Quote Wednesday 2015

My interest to search out female African-American authors has been a long-time, though neglected wish, to know more about their contributions to and role in the literary world. 170 more words

Passing - Nella Larsen (1929)

Passing was chosen by my second book group (a lovely new feminist group) for our most recent read, we discuss it on Wednesday evening. It was my suggestion – because I already had the book and it seemed it would make a great book for discussion. 663 more words

Quicksand- Nella Larsen

I read this book with a couple of close friends in mind, good friends from high school with mixed parentage who felt confused about, but have now resolved, their place in society. 666 more words

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