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Just Me Monday - - Nemetona and Magic Beans

So, I guess Mondays can be for me to talk about myself for a bit, try to connect as a person, and not just a lecturer with a variety of subjects (and a sense of humour like a dry martini). 1,148 more words

A Faustinian item, and a day to honour Mars Loucetius and Victoria Nemetona

One of Diva Faustina Augusta’s most important cultic aspects is that of ‘New Ceres’ (Noua Ceres in Latin, Νέα Δημήτηρ in Greek). Faustina the Elder was certainly not the only imperial lady likened to Ceres, but Cererean imagery is unusually pervasive with Faustina; we also learn from the Fasti Ostienses that Antoninus Pius, Faustina, and their household observed the Fast of Ceres on 20 October. 438 more words