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Nemetona: Sacred Groves and War-Goddesses

Nemetona, Goddess of the Sacred Grove, had her cult in those dense Germanic forests that the Romans feared so much. Especially after the disaster in 9 CE, when three Roman legions and their auxillaries were ambushed and cut down in the… 1,004 more words


Extract from "Nemetona: Boundaries and Edges"

Here is an extract from the talk that I will be presenting on 28 March at Leaping Hare in Colchester, Essex.  It further explores the goddess Nemetona in her aspect of Lady of Boundaries and Edges as described in my second book, … 511 more words


A good day...

Absobloominglutely stunned.

Thank you all so much for your support! My heartfelt thanks to the community, to the ancestors and to the gods for my many blessings.

May we be the awen!!!


Dancing with Nemetona: A Druid's Exploration of Sanctuary and Sacred Space

Here is a new promotional trailer for my second book, Dancing With Nemetona: A Druid’s Exploration of Sanctuary and Sacred Space.  Nemetona is a goddess that I have worked with since I was a child – I just didn’t have a name for her.  13 more words


Ask the author

From now until 20th December, I am taking questions about any of my books on the GoodReads website – please do feel free to get in touch!

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The Hunt for Magnosus

Tuathal’s Host

Roy and Mick from the local gaming club (Infernal Muppets) decided to launch a slow-growth campaign and I was offered a place in the company of some of Australia’s best players and painters. 882 more words