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Point Nemo: Sea Monsters, Spacecraft, and Plastics

Point Nemo also known as the oceanic pole of inaccessibility is the furthest place in the ocean from any land. Even though the point was not officially calculated until 1992, people have wondered for years what could be in the middle of nowhere. 250 more words


Photo of the Day: June 14, 2018

The Japanese take on the Chinese takeout stalwart Crab Rangoons. Rather than heavy clunkers, these were crisp and light. The perfect way to start a meal before digging into some sushi, or even a spicy curry.

Photo Of The Day

Aquacultured Yellow Tangs

Walking around anywhere that has a saltwater aquarium you will hear excited little voices say “Look, I found Nemo” and “There is Dory”! The next fish they will recognize is Bubbles the yellow tang. 228 more words


Nemo speaks in Tongues

Thank you all for the prayers during this long drawn out process. The old man is just fine!  


Finding Nemo Cake

Thursday Treats!

Recently, I made this cake as part of CPC Collaboration – Gone Fishing. A big thank you to Julie Reed for making me part of this wonderful collaboration and giving me the opportunity to work with International cake artists. 115 more words

Adolescenti dietro la maschera


Gli adolescenti raccontano le loro verità, protetti da una maschera, in un mondo in cui le maschere sono una chiave di accesso alla società. 14 more words


Seventh Part: A Psychoanalytic Retrospective of an Ex-Lover

People used to say I looked like Robert Redford or Jon Voight when I was a college chum. No one thought my ex- resembled nor sung like Barbra. 55 more words