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Finding Nemo: Parallels of Job and Marlin

I know what you’re thinking: is he writing about another animated movie? The answer is, OF COURSE I AM! This time we’re looking at Pixar’s… 963 more words


Forget Nemo. Just go to "The Seas"

I’m not against the movie “Finding Nemo,” and I think that the ride in EPCOT is quite cute. However, the real gem is what happens when you get off the ride, and it’s often sadly overlooked. 226 more words


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I love Finding Nemo. Really, I do. The movie is brilliant. But the dark ride at the Seas pavilion in Epcot has never been one of my favorites. Most likely that is because I once had to ride it (at the request of someone in my traveling party) approximately eight times in a row - and it even broke down for about ten minutes while I was on it. But I digress. I love Leah's perspective on the Seas pavilion in her post, because it has so much more to offer than a Nemo invasion.

Cape Town Tales

Newlands – Stormers vs Chiefs

This is more for Lloyd’s rugby mates… being the jammy little buggers that we are, we managed to get invited to watch the last Stormers match in Newlands Stadium before they went on tour……..and we got to watch it in one of the boxes!!!!!!! 122 more words


The original "clown fish" Mac and iPhone wallpaper

Ah, the nostalgia! Those days where I could never thought of getting a Mac or an iPhone because I could not afford them. Which makes them precious. 26 more words


10,000 Relict Gulls

It was as recently as 1970 that RELICT GULL (Larus relictus, 遗鸥) was confirmed as a valid species.  Before that it was thought to be either an eastern race of Mediterranean Gull ( 1,165 more words

The Great Barrier Reef

Dag mijn allerliefste duikvriendjes en -vriendinnetjes,

We zijn weer enkele maanden verder en ik heb iets te veel tijd boven water doorgebracht, maar dat heb ik intussen ook alweer ruimschoots goedgemaakt. 1,089 more words


Dracula vs Nemo

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This is a tribute to Dracula Untold! Dracula was certainly formidable in this film. He probably should have won the final battle with greater ease, but he still did a pretty good job during most of the film. 33 more words