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M Aronnax and Captain Nemo: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

I may be a little late to the party, but I just finished reading Jules Verne classic tale, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. It’s a story I highly suggest for any one interested in the ocean, for his descriptions of the seas and their other worldly inhabitants are wonderful. 479 more words

Just For Fun

La nueva vida de.. Nemo

Esta preciosidad apareció con el chip quitado en una cuneta. El destino quiso que Cristina lo acogiese a este cachorro para darle otra oportunidad.

Pero Nemo no sólo ganó un nombre, consiguió una hermana perruna, Dori, y se ha ganado a pulso un hueco definitivo en su casa. 86 more words


Tarta Buscando a Dory con Nemo

Tarta en la que nos adelantamos al estreno de “Buscando a Dory”, junto a su inseparable amigo Nemo.

Got Eggs?

Eggs: and those are fish eyes. Yup. So, nature, in this case, decided that vision was critical to survival. Look inside the developing fish and it’s all eyes. 254 more words

Red Sea

Just keep 'swimming'

Hello everyone, it is currently 21:25 over here in England and I am so sorry that I did not post up a meal for you guys yesterday, I am going to be posting double tomorrow (I pinky promise you all) -pinky promise-. 916 more words


Tianjin State Grid Company Saves Oriental Stork Nest

Conservationists are used to bad news.  It comes with the territory.  Which means celebrating good news is even sweeter than usual!  Last week something incredible happened in Tianjin, just a few hours from Beijing.   233 more words