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Legacy of comissars

Descendants of bolshevik comissars have a predatory lust for human flesh, as well as their ancestors, criminals rotten to the bone. Outrageous results of journalist investigation (led by… 254 more words


Dogs of dictators

Recent protests in Moscow attracted a lot of attention. If you are familiar with my blog, you probably wonder why I had not spoken about them yet. 450 more words


Horde on wheels

On each russian May 9, one can see plenty of cars which are decorated with symbols glorifying communism. With each anniversary of this infamous event number of such cars is growing and modifications become more and more perverted. 646 more words


Neo-soviet unholy day

After some silence I continue regular events overview.

Most of russian population is so pro-soviet that it voluntary resurrects this brutal, criminal and sub-human regime as well as its attributes. 383 more words


At bear's service

Today, as I wrote those words, some showoff event took place in Russia. Horde of neo-soviet power supporters are gathered „in support of russian Orthodox church and its Patriarch Kirill“, who they consider being persecuted by evil Western forces with their vile anti-russian plans (I did not invent this – read russian sources if you do not believe me). 468 more words

Eternal Commie Scum

Dogfight of lackeys

Despicable russian lackey named Edgar Savisaar (mayor of Tallinn) announced the future dogfight of his fellow asslickers. The reason of upcoming mess is easy: who will give the best pleasure to russian orcs, who are about to vote. 187 more words