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Waku Waku 7 Nintendo Switch Footage (with commentary)

I recorded some footage of the Sunsoft-developed Neo Geo Arcade Archive title Waku Waku 7 on Switch! WARNING: includes my voice and my face.


Nintendo Switch Games Can Offer Vertical Mode

Developers have the option of including a vertical mode in their Nintendo Switch games. The mode is offered in the first batch of Neo Geo titles released on the console, as shown in the image below with Neo Turf Masters, which is now available for download via the Nintendo eShop. 28 more words


Neo Geo Arcade Archives Switch Footage

Ryan here, I captured some Neo Geo Arcade Archives footage on Switch with my cool new Elgato Game Capture HD!

King of Fighters ’98 (no talking)

Neo Turf Masters (with commentary)


Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is the latest from Nintendo, coming only four years after the Wii U, and this time offering a concept everyone can get behind. 772 more words