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Neo Geo MVS Label Restoration for 11 New Games

For a good long while now I’ve found a very nice distraction in playing and collection games for the Neo Geo MVS.

**Disclamer** I hope you’re immune to ‘drawn-out’ and boring… because I’m about to get real wordy. 1,248 more words

Collection New Additions

Analogue Interactive CMVS Black Label Review

With a three-month waiting list, Analogue’s CMVS is a highly desirable item with a premium price tag. The price reflects the quality and high level of support on offer, and on arrival, it’s immediately clear why this product has been earmarked as the ‘Bentley of video-game systems” by… 1,169 more words

Retro Reviews

HDMI Audio and Video for Neo Geo MVS

was killing some time hacking on some cheap FPGA dev boards he bought from eBay. Initially, he intended to use them to create HDMI ports for a different project before new inspiration hit him. 363 more words

Video Hacks

Not all is fair in art and appropriation

Appropriation in art is using pre-existing objects or images with little or no change applied to the original. Appropriation means to adopt, borrow, recycle or sample aspects of the human-made visual culture; images that have been appropriated commonly involve famous and recognisable works of art and easily accessible images from the media. 342 more words

Appropriation in Art - is it new and is it right?

To appropriate means taking possession of it. Appropriation in art is where artists intentionally use pre-existing objects or images with little or no transformation of the original to create their own artwork. 710 more words

Changing The Backup Battery ON Neo Geo MVS (1 Slot)

I recently picked up this Neo Geo MV1FZ single slot board off eBay for a reasonable price (So many seem to be up there for £65+ and anything on an auction has a problem). 708 more words