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Let's Talk About The Last Blade

I feel as though I should immediately point out that the tagline on the front of the box art for this game actually reads ‘Beyond the Distiny’ and a little notice on the back of the box says ‘works excuisivery with NGPC. 1,980 more words


Flashback: Janeiro 1990

Agora que o mês está a acabar, e que tal se olhar-mos para o que se passou de marcante no passado? Vamos lá então recuar 26 anos no tempo, até Janeiro de 1990. 729 more words


Can You Correctly Punctuate, Hyphenate, and/or Capitalize These Video Game Titles, Names, and Terms?

Video game names and titles – not unlike song and movie titles – are often spaced, punctuated, spelled, or otherwise arranged in all manner of ways when we’re writing about them.  112 more words

Video Games

Metal Slug, Nazca Corporation (1996) Neo Geo

I’ve been replaying run and guns, and beat ’em ups a lot recently, and they start to blend into one at some point.

So what does Metal Slug do to start out from a crowded field? 514 more words


Metal Slug Steam PC Review

Metal Slug is the classic arcade run and gun that has always hung its hat on its fantastic and over the top animations. If you’ve played one Metal Slug, you’ve played them all and they’re all worth playing several times. 761 more words

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Good Bye SNK: The King of Fighters 2000

The Fall of SNK

The year 2000, the new millennium has started and it seems we’ve survived the Y2K! Well, most of us of us have. 1,724 more words

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Last stretch

There’s not even two weeks to go. At this point, there’s no reason to quit. Unless Steam ends its holiday sale before the new year. 36 more words