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Neo Turf Masters (Videogame, 1996)

I know.  The name NEO Turf Masters sounds like a game about modern landscaping rather than golf.  But don’t let that dissuade you.  This NEO GEO game has a great balance between arcade fun and technical skills.   134 more words


VGBS 32 - Nightmare in the Dark - Neo Geo - Voicemail and Text Hotline: (262) 264-VGBS

Part 2 of the Double Creature Feature. The Neo Geo has some amazing treats available for those people fortunate enough to play the expensive system. How does Nightmare in the Dark stack up to the rest? 58 more words


Robotic Sex: To be or to decide not to be ...

Sex with robots. Just another brick in the wall of the iWorld.


It’s every move that you make
And every look that you fake…
137 more words


Retro Game Rotation

Times change, and the games do too.  However, there are key titles that have been able to survive without an issue.  Whether it’s visiting an arcade, wiping-off a cartridge, playing a digital throwback, the classics aren’t going anywhere. 101 more words

Real Talk

The Nth Paradigm - "Cyber Insekt - Yellow Moth Fly (Tracking Session)"

After four hours staring at this thing, I feel all “Jacob’s Ladder”-ey, and a bit “Naked Lunch,” too.


Let's NOT Talk About Magical Drop Pocket

I cannot think of a gaming genre that lives and dies by the sword quite so much as a puzzle game. OK, maybe a samurai simulator – THERE IS A PUN THERE LOOK FOR IT – but realistically, there’s a fine line for puzzle games that separates classic from dreadful. 1,738 more words


Neo Geo Label Restoration for Four Games (Bang Bang Busters...)

About six months ago I discovered a user on the forums at neo-geo.com by the handle shadowkn55 who makes very high quality replacement labels for… 409 more words