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a thousand seems quaint
we teem, they teem
they pry your eyes open
burrow into your ears
don’t resist; it’s airborne
quick, call me a neo-luddite… 59 more words


Re-Reading Plato's Phaedrus

The concern for how technology will change how we communicate is ancient; in The Phaedrus, Plato recounts the myth of Theuth who brings writing Thamus, king of Egypt. 406 more words


The 1985 MOVE bombing

MOVE is a black liberation group which advocates a return to a more “natural” state, along the lines of Anarcho-primitivism. They also have neo-luddite tendencies. This year, 2015, is the 30 year anniversary of the 1985 MOVE bombing in Philadelphia. 196 more words

La Lucha

Neo-Luddites vs those plugged into The Matrix

It’s been 6 months since I last blogged here, purely out of nothing to add. Early on I once stated that I’d cease blogging but changed my mind that I’d do it when I felt like it, and finally I feel like it. 676 more words

Nicholas Carr: Brief Response to 'The Glass Cage'

Nicholas Carr is the former Executive Editor of Harvard Business Review, as well as a Pulitzer Prize finalist, and has recently published a book entitled “The Glass Cage”. 248 more words

Technological Uncertainty

Start up

Fig. 1 Glenn Rickwood, Am I a Real Piece of Paper? (2014),
digital image of A4 analog artwork

I’m now trying to familiarise myself with the technical aspects of this course, so that I can make the requisite contributions on WordPress, Pinterest, StudyNet and Skype. 223 more words

Reflective Journal

A Neo-Luddite's Guide to the 21st Century

This was originally posted on Hellogiggles.com several months ago. But as I enjoyed writing it so much and find myself to be terribly amusing, I am reposting here. 1,517 more words