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Former Neo-Nazi Says It’s On White People To Fight White Supremacy

“White people need to solve the problem of white supremacy.”

Christian Picciolini doing a Nazi salute outside the gates of Dachau, a former concentration camp in Nazi Germany, in 1992… 1,852 more words


Everyone has a plan

Until they get punched in the face


He should have punched her twice


4th World Radyo: Overstanding a Manufactured Hysteria: Or, Why Witnessing Afro-Revisionists Sip Nazi Kool-Aid is Ideologically Painful

Summary: This spoken word dispatch features FWR host @TheAngryindian addressing the prevalence of nonsensical conspiracy theories circulating within the American Afro-Urban community due to the dissemination of false information spread by misinformed, Afrocentrist extremists who routinely (and ignorantly) pluck their ‘research notes’ from the very same… 486 more words

Steven Wright was at SDL demo Wishaw

Racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic Neo-Nazi Steven Wright

One other point to make that i forgot to make in the last post, Steven Wright was at the SDL demo in Wishaw. 104 more words


ny times and on est chez nous

the new york times’ reporter roger cohen gets his entire article wrong as he has badly translated a slogan of the far right in france. “on est chez nous” does not me “we are at home.” it actually means “this is our home.” which is what the fascists and hooligans chanted in belgium last year after the attacks in brussels and what the neo-nazis last fall shouted in… 9 more words

Concerning The Vulgarian

Editorial Note: We republish here a November 2016 article which makes some good – and heretical – points regarding both the election of The Vulgarian and the ideology of National Socialism. 759 more words

Order Of The Nine Angles