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The Rise Of The Finnish Far-Right Soldiers Of Odin

Yesterday’s Daily Mail (4 February)carries a worrying article regarding the rise of the far-right Soldiers of Odin in Finland, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3426685/Nazi-daggers-SS-hats-hangman-s-noose-night-patrol-Soldiers-Odin-neo-Nazi-led-vigilantes-vowing-Europe-s-women-safe-migrant-sex-attacks.html. The group patrol the streets of Finland at night and there is evidence their presence is causing fear within the immigrant community.

No, Nazis didn't set out to attack children

Between 70 to 100 men stormed the central station in Stockholm and created noise. (video here) They handed out flyers before, urging people to put an end to the criminal immigrants roaming the streets of Stockholm. 1,987 more words

EDL/NWI Doing what they do best

Here at EBF we abhor violence. So do most of our supporters. We always advocate peaceful protest as part of normal, representative democracy. But don’t be fooled. 362 more words


Santa claus was invented by Hitler and Russia used to be made out of foreign cheese

Maybe it isn’t ignorance as much as a deliberate effort to wake old ideas and old feelings. (And I oppose the attempt to make me feel something I’ve already felt unless the point is to bore me to death) I understand holding on onto some old good things and words, but why drag the bad things along. 216 more words

Before, During And After War

Demo, Distraction, Destruction

In Leipzig 200 to 300 right-wing hooligans attack retails shops, a restaurant, several bars while police distracted with Pegida/Legida demo in other part of town. 235 more words


GREEN ROOM (2015): New Trailer Starring Patrick Stewart & Imogen Poots

I like my sleep far too much to watch most horror movies, but something about the new teaser trailer for Green Room, the latest film starring Imogen Poots, Patrick Stewart and Anton Yelchin might just be too intriguing… 53 more words