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Review: Green Room [2016]


a (quick) review by the Crow.


I watched Green Room on a whim. nu-Chekov (Anton Yelchin; RIP) and Picard (Patrick Stewart)? Together? 918 more words

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4 German Police Officers Wounded in Raid on Anti-Gov't Extremist

The Associated Press

October 19, 2016

BERLIN — An anti-government extremist opened fire on police in southern Germany during a raid Wednesday in which they had planned to confiscate his weapons, wounding four officers, authorities said. 285 more words

Green Room (2015)

From the writer-director of Murder Party & Blue Ruin, Green Room is a neatly envisioned, extremely effective & unabashedly violent horror thriller that’s absolutely remorseless with its content, brims with charged tension & makes excellent use of its foreboding ambience to finish as a bone-chilling, machete-sharp cinema that offers no respite from the slaughter that ensues once things go south, and will effortlessly manage to keep its viewers on the edge of their seats throughout its runtime. 503 more words

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Ukrainian far-right far-right nationalist group creating a political party -- which has reportedly attracted neo-Nazi fighters from Europe


Delegates sing the Ukrainian national anthem in Kiev, on October 14, 2016, during the first congress of the new political party “National Corps”, created from members of “Azov” civil corps and veterans of the “Azov” regiment. 435 more words


13 September 1942

 Semua Ketua Kematian berdiri tegak di hadapan Oberfuhrer. Di jari masing-masing sudah tersarung SS-Ehrenring (Cincin Penghormatan SS), yang sudah disarung Reichsfuhrer sebentar tadi. 4,974 more words


Dead neo-Nazi's blood found near child's remains in Germany

BERLIN – German authorities say DNA recovered from the site where a child’s remains were found has been linked to a dead neo-Nazi suspected in a string of killings. 115 more words


Glasgow Neo-Nazi Group Runs Whites-Only Food Bank

The neo-Nazi group National Action Scotland received widespread attention and condemnation after conducting an action where they ran a white-only food bank for homeless people in central Glasgow. 429 more words

University Of Glasgow