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The Buck Stops at the Ballot Box

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What follows is an honest, unvarnished, curse filled, first amendment protected personal opinion. If it angers or offends you, GOOD.

Come back another day and we’ll get back to the usual topics. 1,277 more words

Lens, The Blog

We made the end of year highlights for Savage Minds.

As many, or at least some of you, are aware. I’m involved with an awesome and ever changing group of archaeologists in a really open ended project of introducing a type of theoretical perspective into our discipline that has been ignored for a very long time. 696 more words

On Man And Machine

Neo-Nazi Paramilitary Resistance Groups Now Forming in Germany! (VERY VERY VERY GOOD!!!!)


I’m not sure how they imagined that every single young German man would be okay with simply handing over his women to the filthy apes that Merkel has flooded their country with. 595 more words

Daily News

Retrospective Review: Green Room

A new year and a new series of posts. If you’ve been keeping an eye on our site since the new year you will have noticed an increase in articles and a variation in our content. 1,414 more words


Neo Nazi Movement

The last 8 years with Obama as President has lulled this country into a false sense that the racial discrimination which existed on the day Martin Luther King Jr first said I have a dream could ever return. 424 more words