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Why We Fight III: A History of Violence

As we continue to feel the pain of Dylan Roof´s massacre, followed by other racially motivated shootings such as the Umqua Community College mass killing in Oregon, another story echoes out from the past. 5,137 more words


Daniel Radcliffe to star in new drama on Neo-Nazi's

By Mandela Wells



Daniel Radcliffe who is set to star in this November’s Victor Frankenstein alongside James McAvoy has a new movie he is working on about Neo Nazi’s. 136 more words

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In Greek elections, neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party sees slight gain

ATHENS, Greece (JTA) — The neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party made slight gains in Greek elections, remaining the country’s third largest party.

In Sunday’s balloting, the fifth general election in the last six years and second since January, Golden Dawn received 6.9 percent of the vote, giving it 18 seats in the 300-member national parliament, with nearly all of the votes counted. 123 more words

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PEGIDA Gets Chased Away.

PEGIDA Canada, a racist anti-immigrant group from Europe has been trying to establish itself in Canada. Much like Your Ward News, they also claim not to be racists and Nazis, and make appeals to liberal notions of free speech in defense of their hateful views.  121 more words

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The Ten Best Books on Neo-Fascism for Anti-Fascists

For anti-fascists in the 21st Century, we are in strange times.  One of the things that is difficult about Antifa organizing specifically is that its existence is in direct negation of an opponent.  1,694 more words


Another day in paradise.

It rained today for the first time since I moved down here. As a good a time as any to get the finger out and actually post something. 181 more words