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Review: Green Room

Green Room is one of those rare horrors that does one thing, but does it very well. It is an Eli Roth film, only good. 375 more words


Regime Change in the U.S.: Proposal from a Concerned Citizen

The use of spies, covert CIA operatives and other agents, as well as a barrage of propaganda, which seeks to weaken, overthrow and exploit the sovereign nations of the world, primarily for the sake of installing pro-U.S.-corporate puppets who will do Washington’s bidding. 2,009 more words

World At War

Captivating Positive Media: Tess Asplund

On Sunday, photographer David Lagerlof took a photo of a woman standing in defiance of a Neo Nazi movement called the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) rally in Borlange, Sweden. 126 more words


The GOP Gets What It Deserves

If one were to believe his hype Donald J Trump invented America first. In fact a rampant anti-semite named Lindberg, yes the guy who flew across the ocean, started the movement in the 19 thirties to bolster Hitler’s regime and make sure that the United States would not go into war defending England and France. 63 more words

Walker Nazi worshipper exposed as paedophile

HATE filled Nazi nut Michael Cowen strutted the streets as a tattooed hardman…

But today the Sunday Sun exposes him as nothing but a vile paedophile. 1,024 more words


Green Room Made Me Green

I’ve never been a punk, or a punk rocker, or really much of a punk rock fan, so maybe I’m not the audience for this movie. 793 more words