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Eichmann and El Camino: The Evil of the Everyman

Today, October 14, is Hannah Arendt’s birthday. Born in 1906, Arendt was a German Jewish philosopher and political theorist who witnessed the rise of the Nazi Party before fleeing to France, and then to America. 1,685 more words

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Germany Gets It, I Think...

Germany Gets It, I Think…

Now I’m not claiming to
be an expert, a pundit, or even someone who has done sufficient homework to
expound on such a topic. 708 more words

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Neo-Nazis and Osama—-are unlikely allies?

Since the little fascist hate anyone with brown skin it is interesting that they have found common ground with Osama… 147 more words


Bomb-plotting extremist American soldier tried to join US-backed neo-Nazi militia in Ukraine

US Army extremist Jarrett William Smith was arrested for plotting bombings after trying to join Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, armed by the American gov
— Read on… 20 more words

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Notes on far-right Sweden in politics and on the streets

While the SÄPO (Swedish National Security) warns that the Nordic Resistance Movement (NMR) represents one of the greatest threats to Sweden’s safety and democracy, the NMR continues to spread its Nazi propaganda unhindered by law enforcement on the streets of Sweden every weekend. 1,084 more words