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Entranced With Darkness: Shedding Light On Modern Day Witchcraft

Hey guys! It’s been on my mind for awhile to write a post about America’s fascination with modern day witchcraft. It’s really surprising to me how the occult is so subtle- yet so apparent in a lot of everyday life. 544 more words


May - Libation to Apollo Reflection

Last night’s libation to Apollo was definitely and interesting one for me. Apollo is the Greek God of the sun, light, music, and prophecy. So with that being said, I decided that along with my normal honoring and meditation for the evening, a bit of divination was in order for the evening. 926 more words


Two Gods - poems by Tim Miller

Two Gods

I. Esus with an Axe

As if he were winter itself
Esus goes at the willow tree,
goes to prune it back for a time, 264 more words

Tim Miller reblogged this on word and silence and commented:

Many thanks to Sarah Law at Amethyst Review, who published two new poems of mine last month. (I forgot to post about them at the time.) Enjoy these glimpses of two of the gods from winter & spring in ancient Gaul.

"the shining days when the world was new": Virgil Greets the Spring

From the second of Virgil’s Georgics, translated by David Ferry:

It’s spring that adorns the woods and groves with leaves;
In spring the soil, desiring seed, is tumid, 239 more words


One or Two - Peter Jones (2010)

One or Two, another important book by Peter Jones contrasts paganism with historic Christianity.  Jones refers to these worldviews as one-ism and two-ism respectively.

One-ism is the erroneous belief that all reality is one. 476 more words


What is Old is New Again: Pseudoarchaeology

In his book Green Man: the Archetype of Our Oneness with the Earth (1990), William Anderson makes a point to say that neo-pagans want “every tradition to be as ancient as possible”. 796 more words


James Merrill: A Poem to Begin Things

Here is how James Merrill begins his 560 page poem, The Changing Light at Sandover, published between 1976 and 1982; it being the record of his conversations with a Ouija board, &  with the spirits of W. 495 more words