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Truth in Spirit or Blood?

Within certain segments of the Neo-Pagan community there is a deeply held belief that perception is reality. I have myself, on occasion, expressed this idea in the pages of this blog. 1,473 more words

Modern Life

Wheel of the Year Tonight

Florence will be teaching on the Wheel of the Year tonight. It can be challenging for folks new to the modern Pagan path to get in sync with the holidays — especially since our society is so strongly built on the Christian holiday schedule & that’s when we get time off work etc. 61 more words


Resurrecting old religions

My latest piece at MercatorNet is a brief reflection on the neo-pagan temple planned in Iceland, and some of the complexity in seeking to recreate long-dead religious beliefs and practices: 82 more words


The Indiana smokescreen

By Tom Quiner

The game has changed.

Why is the Left so infuriated by Indiana’s passage of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act? After all, a liberal Democrat, President Bill Clinton, signed a very similar bill into law at the federal level back in 1993. 445 more words


The Modern Myth of Eostre (or: no, the Christians didn't nick it from the Pagans)

Over on Patheos there’s a wonderful interview with an old friend of mine, Adrian Bott – better known online as Cavalorn. Cavalorn is a children’s author (responsible for, amongst other things, the… 475 more words


AAWS Stance On Neo-Paganism

All in all, the Alraun Academy will be open to religious study and open to all students regardless of their religious views unless, of course, there’s a reason to turn them down such as threatening other students etc. 951 more words

From goddess to saint and back again

From goddess to saint and back again. A piece in the Irish Times about the renaissance of St. Brigit thanks to the interest in Celtic paganism and goddess religions.