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Cross Crafting: Duality between Christianity and Paganism [Lithuania]

Country: Lithuania

In Lithuania, the last European state to abandon paganism officially in 1387, Cross Crafting is referred to the tradition of making crosses and altars. 279 more words


The National Policy Institute is Holding The Largest White Nationalist Conference of the Year November 19th

On Saturday, November 20th, the Ronald Reagan building in Washington D.C. will host the largest white nationalist and Alt Right conference of the year. After a year and a half of… 1,308 more words


The Other World Update

Just got in a story from Kirsten Corby! Getting closer to the point where this project will be completed. There’s still time to get in a submission for… 246 more words


Witchcraft & a shotgun

Now that Donald Trump has made it cool to be a racist again, witch-burnings can’t be far behind. Whether or not he becomes President, he’s left a footprint of fascism and xenophobia so huge it will take America decades to climb out of it. 689 more words


The night before the Orlando massacre, I got into a fight with my best friend and we said some pretty nasty things to one another. The whole thing hinged on her dissing my religion. 591 more words

Am I an Elder?

I recently met up with a friend of mine for many years that I have not seen in some time that got me to thinking about the true meaning of “community” when it comes to Pagan folk. 947 more words