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One or Two - Peter Jones (2010)

One or Two, another important book by Peter Jones contrasts paganism with historic Christianity.  Jones refers to these worldviews as one-ism and two-ism respectively.

One-ism is the erroneous belief that all reality is one. 476 more words


James Merrill: A Poem to Begin Things

Here is how James Merrill begins his 560 page poem, The Changing Light at Sandover, published between 1976 and 1982; it being the record of his conversations with a Ouija board, &  with the spirits of W. 495 more words


“the wordless, most unassembled spread of oak”: new poem at Amethyst

Many thanks to Sarah Law over at Amethyst, a journal focusing on poetry and the sacred, for publishing my poem on the sanctuaries of the Gauls in ancient France. You can read it here.


commentary: conceptions of God in a post-modern world

How do you envision God?  Do we humans build our conception of God in our own image (anthropomorphism)?  In other words, do we project on to God our own likes and dislikes? 993 more words



Tides often bring back what ever treasures we thought were trash and thus, like the short sighted creatures we often are, we find our hands full of seashells and mollusks. 397 more words

What's Brewing in My Cauldron

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Maybe it’s because I’m getting older or just where I am at this point in time, but things don’t feel as urgent and big as they used to do. 346 more words