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The Goddess

As mentioned about the God, the Goddess is an entity that can be found in certain neo-pagan traditions. Introduced through Wicca, the Goddess works very much the same way the God does, leaving humanity to make their own decisions and take the following responsibility. 574 more words


The God

In certain neo-pagan traditions is a figure called the God. This is not to be confused with the god of Abrahamic faiths. This God is not one who makes a lot of demands of His followers or imposes a long list of rules. 589 more words


The Modern Myth of Eostre (or: no, the Christians didn't nick it from the Pagans)

Over on Patheos there’s a wonderful interview with an old friend of mine, Adrian Bott – better known online as Cavalorn. Cavalorn is a children’s author (responsible for, amongst other things, the… 475 more words



So let’s talk about paganism and its numerous religious branches. Let’s discuss this umbrella term that includes modern and ancient nature religious practices around the world. 1,099 more words


AAWS Stance On Neo-Paganism

All in all, the Alraun Academy will be open to religious study and open to all students regardless of their religious views unless, of course, there’s a reason to turn them down such as threatening other students etc. 951 more words

From goddess to saint and back again

From goddess to saint and back again. A piece in the Irish Times about the renaissance of St. Brigit thanks to the interest in Celtic paganism and goddess religions.


Thor and the Modern Age

A group of pagans in Iceland will be building a temple to the Norse gods, Thor, Odin, and Frigg. You can read about it here… 836 more words