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Thor and the Modern Age

A group of pagans in Iceland will be building a temple to the Norse gods, Thor, Odin, and Frigg. You can read about it here… 836 more words

A star made from wood because that’s the closest we’ll get to an actual yule log. Because I don’t plan ahead and forget to buy things. 51 more words

Defining Paganism : Paleo-, Meso-, and Neo- (Version 2.5.1) Copyright © 1979, 2007 c.e., Isaac Bonewits

The term “Pagan” comes originally from the Latin “paganus,” which appears to have originally had such meanings as “villager,” “country dweller,” or “hick.” The Roman army used it to refer to civilians. 1,368 more words


Similar Patterns:Santo Daime, Native American, and Roman Catholic Traditions

Sacred ceremonies are containers within which psychic forces and people are held.  The form of the ceremony might differ, but there are essential elements in all traditions.  1,041 more words

Native American Traditions

A Need to Be Special

A Wiccan teenager walked into the store today.  He wore a large pentacle around his neck, he had dyed his hair black and purple, and he wore black fingerless gloves.   299 more words


Out from under the Umbrella

The rain falls with a steady hiss.  It makes distant objects and people indistinct, isolating us, driving us into our own little worlds that extend no further than the reach of our fingers.  1,019 more words