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"[...] Houston’s gospel message appears to have as much gospel as the movie Noah"

Christians seemed have expressed concern that Brian Houston endorsed the pagan (and rather demonic) film Noah.

Truth With Snare writes,

In Time Magazine – Senior Pastor Brian Houston Gives “Stamp of Approval” to Noah – Why!? 457 more words


Augustus Sol Invictus Coming to Chicago

For those who have been watching this saga unfold, things are becoming more and more difficult for neo-fascist politician Augustus Sol Invictus.  Running for Marko Rubio’s seat in the Senate, this candidate is running with the Florida Libertarian Party(against their general wishes).   301 more words


Book Review: Witches of America

I have conflicting feelings about this book and the ethics of it, but a book review is first and foremost about the book, and in the case of the book, I quite liked it. 989 more words

Book Review

NeoFascist: Heathen Harvest, Neofolk, and Fascist Subcultural Entryism

The post-industrial, black metal, and neofolk music scene has been defined by fascist plausible deniability.  The earliest days of the black metal scene were defined by iconoclastic misanthropic malaise, a generalized anger against everyone and everything.  2,826 more words

Releasing Stress

Today for some reason I was feeling an overwhelming amount of stress for the day, which normally doesn’t occur for me. I think it may be because I have focused extremely hard on achieving my goal of not biting my fingernails for the next month, so the stress was actually manifesting in my life. 396 more words


Christians are under assault at home and abroad

By Tom Quiner

“Have you ever been assaulted for being Christian?”

The Quiner’s Diner reader posing this question suggests that Christian persecution is nothing compared to transgender persecution.

396 more words