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Tides often bring back what ever treasures we thought were trash and thus, like the short sighted creatures we often are, we find our hands full of seashells and mollusks. 397 more words

What's Brewing in My Cauldron

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Maybe it’s because I’m getting older or just where I am at this point in time, but things don’t feel as urgent and big as they used to do. 346 more words


Am I Trading in Druid Robes for a Witch's Hat?

Once the shopping frenzy of December is over winter seems to drag on forever. The temperatures here in Ohio have been crazy swinging from 19 degrees to 50 and then back down to 30 degrees some times in the same day. 390 more words


A Secular Theology, Part 2

We continue our investigation of the cultural changes taking place in the world around us.  These carry many labels:  political correctness, intersectionality, neo-paganism, cultural Marxism, and social justice religion. 476 more words


The Great Myths #21: Families & Cities in Time of War (To the House of the Sun)

& once in Chattanooga, a vision comes: & he sits there stunned among them: & he watches as families eat & drink or just laugh, as if life lasts forever—& then half drop off & disappear: … 611 more words


A Shoutout to My Pagan Friends on this Dark Solstice

A number of years ago, in the midst of deep struggle, I found myself having to reimagine the holidays. The standard Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year’s movement was filled with painful memories and consequently a sense of trauma. 69 more words

Burning Religion