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An offering of incense at an altar during a religious ritual, Roman, 2nd century. Collection of the Roman-Germanic Museum, Cologne.

Attic Red-Figure Cup Fragment… 30 more words

A Thought for Today - Have You Thought to Thank Your Health Care Team?

In this time of uncertainty, stress, and worry about the possibility of you, a loved one, friend, neighbor, co-workers, etc getting the COVID-19 virus that we may forget our own health care team we see for whatever ailments we get or chronic conditions we may have. 226 more words

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Happy Equinox

The Three Cranes Grove , ADF did a vitual ritual for the Equinox. The video is a little over an long. But if you’re been curious about this ADF druid thing I keep talking about here is a good introduction.

Have a Blessed Equinox everyone


Whose fault?

I’m very uncomfortable with speculation that Apollo the Far-Shooter or some form of divine retribution is responsible for the COVID 19 virus global outbreak.

This epidemic is striking hardest on those made vulnerable by disability, age, underlying medical conditions, and poverty – clearly, those who are least able to effect change against global problems. 268 more words

Earth Magic Oracle Cards

I bought this oracle deck because it called to me as a way to bring Mother Earther or Gaia or any other name of names we know this wonderful planet we live on. 347 more words

Cicero on worshiping the gods

“But the best and also the purest, holiest and most pious way of worshipping the gods is ever to venerate them with purity, sincerity and innocence both of thought and of speech. 56 more words

What to expect at a Pagan festival – Grove and Grotto by Michelle Gruben

Thinking about attending a Pagan festival? Great! Festivals are a fabulous way to meet like-minded friends, nurture the mind and spirit, and be part of a vibrant, celebratory community. 178 more words