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Spirituality through Art

I didn’t get to my spirit animal blog today. However! I did finally get around to starting some of my ceramics stuff I plan to sell on my future etsy shop. 238 more words


Learning Tarot

My goal for this blog is to share information to help you (and myself) learn about the art of Magic. A lot of it is going to be me journaling my experiences, but I also want to be sure to share outside sources for you all. 115 more words



In my adult life, I have heard countless of times that I am selfish. I always thought it was weird that the things that made me “selfish” were bad. 401 more words


Neo-Paganism vs Wicca

First off, I feel like I should share my personal view on Paganism, Neopaganism and Wicca. If any of you are like me, I find it challenging to describe my spiritual views to someone. 506 more words


Witches of America | Alex Mar

“Witches are gathering…”

When most people hear the word “witches,” they think of horror films and Halloween, but to the nearly one million Americans who practice Paganism today, witchcraft is a nature worshipping, polytheistic, and very real religion. 245 more words

KDCL Media

The Good News About Thor

In these times of economic woe and political uncertainty, many people have decided there is nothing to believe in. But we know that there is. Faith is its own reward and those who bask in the waters of faith will know its blessings. 436 more words

Comparative Religion

"I wish I had an abortion"

By Tom Quiner

Human abortion is a sacrament for neo paganists.

If you had any doubt, Lena Dunham’s recent quote clarifies the theology of the Left: 270 more words