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Delivering a Graph Based Search solution to slightly wrong data

When it comes to databases, having good clean data is always important. More so with Graphs which deal with concepts as nodes and their relationships between them. 902 more words

Graph Database

Custom Importers

When it comes to getting data into Neo4j, you have a ton of options. You can use LOAD CSV from Cypher, you can use the… 971 more words

Graph Database

About Neo4j Paris Graph Day 2015

In two weeks in Paris will be the Neo4j Paris GraphDay. That’s quite an event, and if you didn’t, you should register. Remember that GraphApps products are supporting the two leading graph databases in the market: … 441 more words

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Neo4j With Scala : Migrate Data From Other Database to Neo4j

Hello Folks;

Lets continue the Neo4j with Scala. We have earlier discuss about the use of Neo4j with Scala and Neo4j APOC with Scala. In this blog we are going to discuss about how we can migrate data from the other database like MYSQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and Cassandra. 1,367 more words


Solving Airline problems using Neo4j Traversal Framework

Liked the post Flight Search with the @Neo4j Traversal API on Twitter by Max De Marzi (@maxdemarzi https://twitter.com/maxdemarzi). Very well done.


I think the Neo4J Traversal Framework can help solve multiple Airline problems that we work on for our partners at NIIT Technologies. 30 more words


Leveraging Graph Databases & Analytics for IoT Applications

Graph databases & graph analytics

Most legacy databases were designed for handling well-structured transactional data. Tracking data relationships at multiple levels is expensive to be carried out on RDBMS. 3,540 more words

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Testing graph databases

Neo4j is a beautiful system – you get to express a lot, with so little amount of operations. Stored data is comprised of nodes and relationships, each having a set of dynamic properties.Simple graph operations can compound and give birth to complicated systems, which have special testing needs.  773 more words