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Flight Search with Neo4j

I think I am going to take the opportunity to explain why I love graphs in this blog post. I’m going to try to explain why looking at problems from the graph point of view opens you up to creative solutions and makes back-end development fun again. 2,479 more words

Graph Database


NoSQL is a popular buzzword these days. Let’s demystify it and discuss why your engineer might be talking about using a NoSQL database.

WTF is SQL? 2,982 more words

GraphConnect - a Neo4j conference

We were in London to attend GraphConnect, the annual conference organised by Neo4j.
It was fantastic to meet so many people around the world enthusiastic about graph databases, and a lot of people that, like us, are prototyping/exploring Neo4j as possible alternative to relational databases. 351 more words


Building a Twitter Clone with Neo4j – Part Eight

In our last post we started the front end of our Twitter Clone application and managed to register and login a user. Now we need to build the actual functionality of our application. 1,757 more words

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Building a Twitter Clone with Neo4j – Part Seven

Alright, we’ve had enough back-end work on our Twitter Clone. Let’s switch gears and get to work on the front end. I’ve decided I’m going to use a Java micro framework for my front end, but if your language of choice is Ruby, Python, Go, or whatever, find an alternative library and follow along. 1,397 more words

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QuickGraph#6 Building the Wikipedia Knowledge Graph in Neo4j (QG#2 revisited)

After last week’s Neo4j online meetup, I thought I’d revisit QuickGraph#2 and update it a bit to include a couple new things:

  • How to load not only categories but also pages (as in Wikipedia articles) and enrich the graph by querying DBpedia.
  • 1,502 more words

Update node property neo4j

start n = node(171)
set n.Fname = ‘Student 11A’
return n