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Neo4j Overview

Neo4j is an open-source NoSQL native graph database which provides an ACID-compliant transactional
backend for your applications.
it implements the Property Graph Model efficiently down to the storage level. 609 more words


Offers with Neo4j

If you have started or are thinking about starting a Graph project, you ought to get in touch with me. I’ve been involved in hundreds of graph database backed projects and chances are I can point you in the right direction. 1,187 more words

Graph Database

Finding Hidden City Flights using Neo4j & Python 🐍 Part #3

If you’d played around with kiwi flight search for a bit you’ll probably have noticed that the flight search is able to find some pretty darn cheap airfares. 832 more words


Neo4j Database - Part 09 – Scalability

In the last blog I discussed transactions. In this blog I want to highlight the scalability and high availability features available in Neo4j.

RDBMS’s are designed to run on big boxes. 328 more words

Neo4j Database - Part 08 – Transactions

In the last blog I showed some sample queries. In this blog I will explain how transactions are used.


NoSQL databases typically follow the BASE principal and RDBMS’s follow the… 348 more words

Finding multi-stop flights using Neo4j & Python 🐍 Part #1

As you’d probably figured out by now, traveling is a big passion of Markus and mine. However, as students, our travel budget has some serious constraints 🤑. 1,030 more words


Neo4j Database - Part 07 – Northwind Queries

In the last blog I took the Northwind database and converted it to a Neo4j graph database model. In this blog I will run some sample Cypher queries. 264 more words