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Leveraging Graph Databases & Analytics for IoT Applications

Graph databases & graph analytics

Most legacy databases were designed for handling well-structured transactional data. Tracking data relationships at multiple levels is expensive to be carried out on RDBMS. 3,540 more words

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Testing graph databases

Neo4j is a beautiful system – you get to express a lot, with so little amount of operations. Stored data is comprised of nodes and relationships, each having a set of dynamic properties.Simple graph operations can compound and give birth to complicated systems, which have special testing needs.  773 more words

Relational vs NoSql Database

What is a NoSql database? and how is different from a relational database? these are some frequent ansewes when somebody start to study the NoSql Database. 211 more words

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Neo4j with Scala : User Defined Procedure and APOC

In the last blog Getting Started Neo4j with Scala : An Introduction which got the overwhelming response from Neo4j and Dzone. We discussed about how to use Neo4j with Scala. 1,106 more words


Summer Data Science activities in Belgium.

We wish you happy holidays, in case you get bored check out our educational channel on youtube.

The European Data Innovation Hub is active during the summer. 115 more words

Brussels Data Science Community

Install Neo4J Database on Ubuntu

  1. Download Latest tar of Neo4J from source and extract it.

  2. Become root:
    sudo su

  3. Move the neo4j folder to /opt
    mv  /Downloads/neo4j*  /opt/

  4. Do you have java installed in your computer ??

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Complex Data Relationships with Neo4j

I found myself facing a dilemma while working on a data model to incorporate medical nomenclature records (body structures, procedures, disorders, etc.), their associated relationships, and additional Healthcare data. 625 more words

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