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Orient DB and Neo4J comparison [Graph DB]

I have compared both the graph database on few things.

1. Add Vertex

2. Fetch Vertex

3. Delete Vertex

4. Add Edge

5. Fetch Edge… 59 more words


IBM Enters Spark Ecosystem - What Does It Mean To Spark Community?

The plot thickens in Apache Spark ecosystem as IBM enters Spark ecosystem at full speed. IBM dedicates 3500 developers to Apache Spark and has announced a number of partnerships with analytics companies. 353 more words


Neo4j - First Steps | Installation | Example - Basic Queries

Graph Data base..

download :
URL     : http://neo4j.com/download/
package  : neo4j-community-2.3.0-M01-unix.tar.gz

unZip :

tar -xf neo4j-community-2.3.0-M01-unix.tar.gz

Change config values :
———————- 1,211 more words


Setting up MonoDevelop MVC Project to work with Neo4j

I have settled on learning Neo4j and how to use .NET to interact with it. When I opened MonoDevelop on my Ubuntu machine and setup an MVC project, there were a few adjustments I needed to make. 338 more words


Apache Spark Ecosystem Grows Rapidly - Has Hadoop Met Its Match?

Hadoop ecosystem dominates big data landscape, though its strong position appears to change. Apache Spark has drawn attention by professionals around the world. Prominent big data companies like IBM and Cloudera have recently announced their support for Spark. 521 more words


How SQL GROUP BY Should Have Been Designed - Like Neo4j's Implicit GROUP BY

In the recent past, we’ve explained the syntactic implications of the SQL GROUP BY clause. If you haven’t already, you should read our article “ 792 more words


Catch-up with No-SQL experts

Once again an evening with No SQL, another great meet-up in hall of awesomeness, it was interesting and useful like always, and we had chance to meet some experts from MongoDB, DynamoDB and neo4j. 14 more words