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OpenDataNI Relaunch and some fun projects. #opendatani #opendata #dataissexy

As the Open Data NI portal is having a relaunch this morning (a bit early for anyone outside of Belfast to get to if you don’t mind me saying). 136 more words


Bidirectional Traversals in Space

If you have never watched Firefly, then stop whatever you are doing and get to it, you can come back and read this post later. 2,058 more words

Graph Database

Neo4j Commands

Neo4J Commands
1. Example: Matrix
Graph Setup:

CREATE (Neo:Crew { name:'Neo' }),(Morpheus:Crew { name: 'Morpheus' }),(Trinity:Crew { name: 'Trinity' }),
(Cypher:Crew:Matrix { name: 'Cypher' }),(Smith:Matrix { name: 'Agent Smith' }),
(Architect:Matrix { name:'The Architect' }),(Neo)-[:KNOWS]->(Morpheus),(Neo)-[:LOVES]->(Trinity),
… 440 more words

Meteor Js: The shortest path between points project with Neo4J + Meteor JS

About Solution

This is a solution for finding the shortest path between points using a graph database (Neo4J) with Meteor JS. You can clone my project and use to study and learn.  16 more words


Connect R and cloud-based Neo4j via Graphenedb

Xin chào các bạn,

New tradition: I’m going to start each blog with a hello from the languages my readers are from. Today is Vietnam, just because I’m from there so it gets first pick :) 129 more words


Benchmarks and Superchargers

For the most part, I hate competitive benchmarks. The vendor who publishes them always seems to come out on top regardless. The numbers are always amazing, but once you start digging in a little bit you start to see faults in what is actually being measured and it never applies to real world workloads. 1,394 more words

Graph Database