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Modeling Airline Flights in Neo4j

If you’ve come to any of the Neo4j Data Modeling classes I’ve taught, you’ve must have heard me say “your model depends on both your data and your queries” about a million times. 1,202 more words

Graph Database

MeteorJs : How to use meteor Js + Neo4J database ?

Install Neo4j :

$ brew install neo4j

Start the Neo4j in your machine :

$ neo4j start

Go to console and configure your user :

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Neo4j: WHERE Clause vs Curly Braces in MATCH Clause


With Cypher Query Language, you can write similar queries that yield the same result.

For example:-

MATCH (p:Person)-[:loves]->(b:Beverage) 
WHERE b.name = 'Dark Roast' 
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Neo4j: Playing with Cypher Query Language


Every week, my shitty coworkers struggle to reach consensus on where to go for lunches and what beverages to order in the morning.

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Spring Data Neo4J: Requested a entity of type 'X', but the entity is of type 'Y'


Let’s assume we have a node entity like this:-

public final class Person {
    private Long id;

    private String name;

    @RelatedTo(type = "likes", direction = OUTGOING)
    public Set<Restaurant> likesRestaurants;

    @RelatedTo(type = "likes", direction = OUTGOING)
    public Set<Beverage> likesBeverages;

    public Person() {

    public Person(final String name,
                  final Set<Restaurant> likesRestaurants,
                  final Set<Beverage> likesBeverages) {
        this.name = name;
        this.likesRestaurants = likesRestaurants;
        this.likesBeverages = likesBeverages;
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Graph Databases II: Routing

I wrote a previous post on graph databases that did little more than add some nodes and a relationship. The post required me to install neo4j and python py2neo. 463 more words


A case for Graph DB

I know this is quite late, but I had almost forgotten to jot this down on my blog as a post when I presented at… 23 more words