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Neo4j Marvel Social Graph Algorithms Centralities

To top off the Marvel Social Graph series we will look at how to use centralities on a projected graph via cypher queries to find influencers or otherwise important nodes in our network using Neo4j and  1,567 more words


Mutual Fund Benchmarks with Neo4j

Just the other day I had a conversation with an Investment Risk Manager about one of the data problems his team was working on and he was wondering if Neo4j could help. 1,417 more words


Bill of Materials in Neo4j

Where is da BOM? The above question asks, and the obvious answer is right in the middle of your organization. Nestled between Manufacturing, Design, Sales and Supply Chain. 1,381 more words

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Neo4j Marvel Social Graph Algorithms Community Detection

In the first part we infered a Hero to Hero network from a bi-partite graph of heroes and comics. Following was the second part where we got to know some basic network information to help us get a sense of what kind of a network we are dealing with. 1,540 more words


Knolx: Introduction to Neo4j APOC

Hi all,

Knoldus has organized a 1-hour session on 15th September 2017. The topic was “Introduction to Neo4j APOC”. Many people have joined and enjoyed the session, where we have discussed the concept of Neo4j APOC. 56 more words


Neo4j Marvel Social Graph Analysis

This is part 2 of Marvel series. In  previous post  I imported the data from kaggle competition and showed how to project a mono-partite graph from a… 1,444 more words


Counting Nodes with Multiple Labels

We have over 6000 users in our #neo4j-users slack channel and get all kinds of requests. About a month ago Thomas Shields asked:

Should counting the set of things with 2 labels really take so long?

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