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Enabling Legacy Automatic Full Text Search on Neo4j 3.x

Neo4j 3.x has made inroads toward Full Text Search capabilities using Cypher keywords “STARTS WITH”, “ENDS WITH” and “CONTAINS”. However this search capability is limited to a single Schema Index and can be a problem when you need a very flexible search interface. 368 more words

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Neo4j - Introduction

What is Neo4j?

  • Neo4J is an open-source, schema-free, NoSQL, popular graph database which saves data structure in graph rather than in tables.
  • Neo4J is written and implemented in Java language.
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12 Steps for a Performant Graph, with Neo4j

In recent posts, I wrote about data stores, specifically, about choosing the right one for the right problem domain. I also wrote about modelling data in graphs… 2,460 more words


Getting Started With Neo4j and Companies House OpenData

One of the things that’s been on my to do list for ages has been to start playing with the neo4j graph database. I finally got round to having a dabble last night, and made a start trying to figure out how to load some sample data in. 1,112 more words


Installing Neo4j Cluster in Ubuntu 16 LTS

Today i’d been busy working on my cluster… its a 3 node running in Ubuntu.
this is a basic configuration of Neo4j cluster… on my next time let try anvance feature including backup and recovery. 808 more words