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Neo4j 2.2 Authentication and adding extra users

Token-based authentication is new in Neo4j 2.2, but how does it work?
The first thing to know is that it is enabled by default in… 554 more words


Attribute-Based Access Control with a graph database

Traditional access control relies on the identity of a user, their role or their group memberships. This can become awkward to manage, particularly when other factors such as time of day, or network location come into play. 519 more words


Exploring a UK Open Government Dataset with Neo4j

In my first job I was working for a company that developed a management information system for UK Police Forces; this system produced the statutory HMIC (Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary) reports and allowed OLAP exploration of the datasets loaded into cubes from the data warehouse tables. 793 more words


How to Connect Hive and Neo4j? How to load Hive Data into Neo4j database?

I have Hortonworks Sandbox Hive Server2 up and running. So, please download Hortonworks Sandbox if you have not already.

1. Select * from xademo.customer_details (Hive table in Hortonworks Sandbox under xademo schema) 1,607 more words

Getting started with Neo4j and Python

This article is a brief introduction to Neo4j, one of the most popular graph databases, and its integration with Python.

Graph Databases

Graph databases are a family of NoSQL databases, based on the concept of modelling your data as a graph, i.e. 895 more words


Triggers in Neo4j

One of the often overlooked features in Neo4j is the “TransactionEventHandler” capabilities… better known in the database world as “Triggers“. When a transaction occurs, we can analyze that event and decide to take some action. 1,069 more words

Graph Database

How to create Neo4j Graph Database Nodes and Relationship using Java API.

How to create Neo4j Graph Database Nodes and Relationship using Java API:

1. Download Neo4j Community Edition and place in a Root Folder (Ex. C:\Program Files (X86)\Neo4j Community\) 418 more words