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Dancing Graph

Recently I’ve been exploring Neo4j, a graph database that makes it easy to see the connections between things.  It’s a great way to visualise Twitter data, for example. 494 more words


It’s a fact that NoSQL technologies are growing at a rapid pace. I even heard someone saying NoSQL is old now , NewSQL is the new trend. 244 more words

SQL DB Engine

Work with Neo4j through the built-in REST API using Node.js

To send quires and retrieve data from graph database through the HTTP REST interface of Neo4j , we just have to POST to the HTTP URL. 586 more words


Create a new database in Neo4j

If you have worked with neo4j you know you can work interactively with the database via the built-in neo4j browser application on “localhost:7474/browser/362 more words


How NASA Experiments with Knowledge Discovery

Even in a mature and knowledge-driven organization like NASA, finding an answer to a common business issue can be frustrating.

What, Who, When, Where?

Title … 154 more words
Big Data


What are?

SQL Databases: Commonly called Relational Databases (RDBMS).

NoSQL Databases: Commonly called Non-Relational Databases.

What does that means?

The basic principle of the relational model is that all information is represented by values in tables, which are pre-defined in a schema. 595 more words