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Jenkins+Nexus for database backup restore


Backup and Restore of databases is generally an operations domain and folks who might have worked in that space know how critical BCDR (Business Continuity Disaster Recovery) plans are – planning for the worst. 1,408 more words

CI Server

Degrees of Rudi Völler - Neo4j Edition

Graph databases are the new hot thing. Actually not so new. IBM, among others, has been toying with them since the 1960s. In recent years they have been popularized through… 620 more words

Data Adventures

Big Data (I)

Hadoop -> Hadoop can handle big batches of distributed information butmost often there’s a need for a real time processing.

Apache Storm / Apache Spark… 113 more words

Big Data

Neo4j With Scala: Awesome Experience with Spark

Lets start our journey again in this series. In the last blog we have discussed about the Data Migration from the Other Database to the Neo4j. 885 more words


Delivering a Graph Based Search solution to slightly wrong data

When it comes to databases, having good clean data is always important. More so with Graphs which deal with concepts as nodes and their relationships between them. 902 more words

Graph Database