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Protecting war crimes will not make a safer world


The recent government announcement that British soldiers would be protected from lawsuits launched under European Court of Human Rights is a heavy blow to the rule of law, and will make it ever more difficult to seek accountability for abuse. 864 more words

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American Foreign Policy in a Changing World

by Mark English

I have previously drawn attention to the neo-conservative elements of Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy orientation and spoken of the dangers (as I see them) of a resurgence of such policies. 1,571 more words


The final answer to conservative problems is Donald Trump

Ever since 1998, when I wrote an essay titled How the Earth Was Forgotten Since Creation, I’ve been conducting a personal campaign against less-than-compassionate conservatism and how it damages the world of politics, religion and the environment. 2,507 more words

Analyzing National Security Theories

The first priority of any nation is to defend itself. Threats to national security can come from both inside a country and from outside a county. 574 more words

Dangerous Times: Thoughts on the US Presidential Election

by Mark English

“Could fear of Trump rattle Stoics, while fear of death finds no purchase?”

Dwayne Holmes was alluding to self-styled Stoic Massimo Pigliucci’s readiness – in the face of the possibility of a Trump presidency – to endorse over-the-top, emotion-driven political analysis. 1,782 more words


How Britain Bypassed Justice to become a Counter-Terrorism State

An excellent overview by Dr Maria Norris on how Britain has become an on-edge security state.  For further reading on the ideologues and philosophy driving the “closed society” see: 1,100 more words

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How has the Republican Party viewed Globalization over time?

Globalization is an issue of palpable political importance. It has swayed economic policy, foreign policy and social policy within most countries. It is also an issue that does not fit neatly onto the political spectrum. 888 more words