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Guest Video, "Trump’s Machiavellian Tomahawk Kabuki Theatre"

Today’s Guest Video is a short piece presented by the Black Pigeon, titled “Trump’s Machiavellian Tomahawk Kabuki Theatre”. The recent US President’s actions against the Syrian goverment of Bashar al Assad have brought a great deal of anguish to his dissident right supporters, particularly those who hoped that his presidency would bring the neoconservative and progressive export of US liberal imperialism to a halt. 130 more words

Guest Video

About That Swamp

In another maddening, yet unsurprising move, President Trump has further polluted the swamp by appointing Dr. Scott Gottlieb – a major recipient of opioid industry dollars – to head the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 109 more words

Conservative Values

A Humbled Neoconservatism’s Rebirth? Reading Eliot Cohen’s “The Big Stick”

In the aftermath of the U.S. quagmire in Iraq, many writers proclaimed neoconservatism’s rightful place in “the ash heap of history.” This intellectual movement played a major role in the second Bush administration’s foreign policy with calls for nation-building and democracy promotion, muscular, unilateral United States global leadership, and a ideological and physical struggle against fundamentalist forms of Islam comparable to earlier confrontations with fascism and communism. 2,156 more words


For Muslims, the Condemnation of Atrocities is Step One toward Deformation of Islam

I am currently preparing an article analysing a neocon’s hate against Islam spun as security concerns off the back of the Westminster attacks.  That will be out soon, however, I thought I’d share an interesting comment in an article I came across during my research. 462 more words

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Political Labels

In the recent political upheaval, there is much confusion and consternation over political labels. The classical liberals don’t like the progressives, who don’t like the conservatives, who don’t like the libertarians, and then there are the neoliberals who nobody seems to like (or truly understand). 1,095 more words

Classical Liberalism

Review: Patriot

I’m typically not a fan of ripped-from-the-headlines spy stories (RFTH stories for short). Besides perpetuating the familiar tropes of thriller novels, they usually show the author’s biases in the form of a “what if?” scenario where everything is illogical and cranked up to 11. 2,128 more words

Russian Politics

Unraveling Political Theory: What is Neoconservatism?

Tim Bryant and I discuss the neocons.

In episode 3, Keith and Tim examine what is commonly referred to as neoconservatism, which is an ideology that has come to dominate the politics of the Republican Party for the last couple decades, particularly during the George W. 598 more words

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