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Thanks, Obama, for Avoiding the History We Almost Had

So the Obama era is almost totally over. I don’t really want to get into domestic politics as I have been doing that enough recently on this blog due to the upset election and which is contrary to its main purpose-but it should also be obvious from past entries that I have not always seen eye to eye with this administration on foreign affairs. 360 more words

Aleppo, Putin and Obama's dismal legacy 


In foreign policy, Obama is tragically out of sync with Syria people and much of the Middle East. He is also pathetically out of sync with American people. 30 more words


"Russia Did It" - The Last Stand Of Neoconservatism

Source: Zero Hedge


In 1992, at the end of the Cold War, an American political scientist infamously proclaimed “the end of history:” liberal democracy and the capitalist system has won, the rest of the world will eventually embrace western ideas as superior to theirs because only they are able to provide peace and prosperity. 625 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies

Common Dreams wants donations and will sacrifice progressives to get them.

From here on, for a while (until I’m moved and settled), my posts will be semi drafts. I wouldn’t publish anything truly draft. I just mean to say that where I would ordinarily add more, often from my own library, for now I will not. 3,681 more words


The State of the English Middle Class: An Introduction

This is the first in a series on the English middle class from the perspective of a man raised in an upper middle class family. I would like to, in later pieces, go into detail on the social and economic changes which happened in Britain between the 18th and 21st century, and the effects of modernity upon the middle class, but what I will be consecrating on in this piece and the next few to come is the mindset of the modern, alive middle class and their generations: Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials. 1,963 more words


Donald Trump and Enoch Powell

by Mark English

Contributors to The Electric Agora have – not surprisingly – been giving their reactions to the result of US election. The other contributors are US citizens, so my perspective is different. 1,086 more words

Conservatives Conserving Failure

Sometimes I watch The Five on Fox News. Oddly, the one who raises my blood pressure the most is not the orthodox liberal Juan Williams — there is a soothing predictability to Juan that forces me to like him — but the nominal conservative Dana Perino. 516 more words

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