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Abortion and the "Mainstream" Right.

Lion has a good point about Abortion:

I personally am mystified by why white people put being anti-abortion over other more important issues. It’s not like anyone is being forced to have an abortion.

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The Three Goals of the Republican Elite

  1. The GOP must look out for the interests of the ethno-state of Israel.
  2. The GOP must support the “Westernization” of the globe, so long as it does not conflict with the first Goal.
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National Review's Dishonest Attack on Margaret Sanger

Ian Tuttle is a National Review writer and cuckservative. Today he published an article about abortion. The article reads like a $PLC hit piece. The article begins with the usual… 1,066 more words


"The Problem of Military Intervention," By Karl Walling

Much of American military and diplomatic history can be told in terms of military intervention and counter intervention, as well as debates about the justice and prudence of using force this way. 1,821 more words

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