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Charles Krauthammer on "magic promises"

A National Review article by neocon Charles Krauthammer decries Trump and Sanders for promising ‘magic’ with no plan to deliver it. He points to Sanders’ promises of free stuff and Trump’s promises on trade.  395 more words


National Review Rediscovers Sexual Morality

National Review published a symposium dedicated to Trump, you can read the entire issue online here. It’s mostly the typical Trump-bashing but one opinion stood out, that of Russel Moore, a pro-immigration “social conservative.” It attacks Trump for changing his mind on abortion, as well as “racism” and “sexism,” but also for gambling and his own personal life. 789 more words

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Successful Pre-Launch of Neocon Surveillance & Neocon Surveillance Network!

Today, we had a very successful launch of Neocon Surveillance, a general anti-war & pro-peace site. We also launched Neocon Surveillance Network, a general news and free advertisement site on pacifist & non-interventionist mobilization worldwide. 108 more words

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The Palin-Trump Agenda

Palin endorsing Trump has a lot of people scratching their heads asking, “What the hey?” Including me. Which bears reason for looking beneath the surface. The media acknowledges the endorsement, but few can answer – why? 611 more words


The Hilarity of Sarah Palin's Endorsement of Trump

An article in National Review by Charles C Cooke bemoans the endorsement, criticizing both Palin and Trump as displaying a merger of politics and entertainment. He has a point, Palin is at best of average intelligence and Trump is a clown, but he says nothing about… 319 more words

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One Chart to Explain it all


Endorsements for the Republican Party presidential primaries, 2016, Wikipedia, January 19 2016 https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Endorsements_for_the_Republican_Party_presidential_primaries,_2016&oldid=700666998

2016 Republican Presidential Nomination, Real Clear Politics, January 19 2016… 11 more words

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Guest Video: "How the Left Conquered the Right"

This Saturday’s Guest Video is Prof. Paul Gottfried’s address to the Sixth Annual Meeting of the Property and Freedom Society of 23-26 May 2011 at Bodrum Turkey, “How the Left Conquered the Right”. 127 more words

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