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Flemming Rose: Why I Published Cartoons of Muhammad and Don't Regret It

Huffington Post: Almost a decade has passed since I commissioned drawings of the Prophet Muhammad to run in Jyllands-Posten. But despite countless op-eds and even a book that laid out my motivation for publishing the drawings, confusion and bizarre conspiracy theories continue to cause controversy about that fateful decision. 84 more words


Why Interventions Make Us Less Safe

It is often said by war hawks and neoconservatives that our enemy–radical Islam and its adherents–must be destroyed. Yet, all too often, these same voices fail to understand just who the enemy is, what exactly motivates them to commit terroristic acts, and why they continue to be successful despite our efforts to combat them. 724 more words

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The Bloodthirsty Nativism of Tom Cotton - Shane Smith

There’s not much to write about Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton that he hasn’t already said himself. His over-the-top war rhetoric is quickly earning him a reputation as chief warmonger on the planet. 337 more words


Difference between you and our leaders is that they would kill you

A large segment of our noble leaders whether religious, political or business are not like most of us.  That’s why there are relatively few of them compared to the teeming masses.   767 more words


US patriotism blinds Americans to their own criminal government

In the eyes of Americans, the United States can do no wrong. She is the indispensable, exceptional nation from where peace and democracy is spread to the four corners of the globe. 720 more words

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Sloppy journalism by Iranian news service gets Weekly Standard in a lather

Daniel Halper, a neocon journo over at the financial failure The Weekly Standard, has attributed an article  226 more words