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David Duke and the Klan and the NAAWP are deplorable

It’s not that hard to just say it. While Mike Pence feels that it crosses some line of civility to say that people who work for the destruction of black and Jewish Americans through terror and legal oppression are deplorable, we know that it doesn’t. 662 more words


Readings - Robert Parry: New York Times and the New McCarthyism

Robert Parry of consortiumnews.com writes about a “New McCarthyism” fomented by the New York Times and other media in furtherance of a “New Cold War.” 207 more words


National Review goes fully anti-White

The neoconservatives at National Review are again advising the Republican Party to ditch the rising tide of White identity politics in its ranks and instead embrace globalism and White guilt over slavery and segregation. 91 more words


Donald Trump's Views on Foreign Policy Become a Vision For "America First"

The Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump spoke with The New York Times about his “America First” Foreign Policy vision, in the second half of a two-part interview that was… 591 more words

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Trident - Don't Let The Hawks Bowl You Over

First and foremost, apologies for lack of new posts. After a week long flurry of daily pieces, undergraduate studies, work (and our old friend, lethargy!) caught up with me.  764 more words

Neoconservative No More? Trump Signals a Shift in Foreign Policy

The Republican Party Platform of the 2016 election cycle was released last week as the first major, joint document requiring the Party and the Trump campaign, … 476 more words

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The Greater Evil

Readers accuse me of being a Trump supporter.

I’m not a supporter, I’m just making the case that Hillary Clinton is the greater evil.

I know, hear me out. 374 more words

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