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Dr. Paul Craig Roberts explains the geopolitical facts of life

This video featuring Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is a “must view.” Roberts, who was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy under Ronald Reagan, explains very clearly how Greece was lured into its present predicament and made a “colony of the EU.” 152 more words


What is Henry Kissinger Up To? — Paul Craig Roberts

This new post by Paul Craig Roberts is the best, most authoritative assessment I’ve seen of the current geopolitical situation and explains how the Trump administration is shaping up to possibly be in opposition to the neoconservative agenda and what Roberts refers to as The “military/security complex.” 53 more words


Americans Voted Not FOR A Candidate But Against One

If the powers that be had opened their ears, or cared at all, they would have seen their end coming. In 08, we took out the NEOcon repub party with the Tea Party, and now we are taking out the NEOliberal dems with our “NOT HILLARY” vote. 777 more words

World Matters

Trump Names Neocon as Senior Adviser on National Security?

When Trump supporters chanted “Drain The Swamp,” one naturally comes to the conclusion that they were looking for a change. They wanted Trump to dismiss the failed ideas and political players who espoused them. 336 more words


David Duke and the Klan and the NAAWP are deplorable

It’s not that hard to just say it. While Mike Pence feels that it crosses some line of civility to say that people who work for the destruction of black and Jewish Americans through terror and legal oppression are deplorable, we know that it doesn’t. 662 more words


Readings - Robert Parry: New York Times and the New McCarthyism

Robert Parry of consortiumnews.com writes about a “New McCarthyism” fomented by the New York Times and other media in furtherance of a “New Cold War.” 207 more words