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Republicans Need Rand Paul's Foreign Policy

This article was originally published in The Baltimore Zeitgeist.

Many political pundits have argued that Carly Fiorina won the second GOP debate. They’re right—though it depends on how you define “won.” 990 more words

Hillary Clinton


Fox News, the satellite television news channel, has relinquished every pretense of “fair and balanced” reporting to purposely destroy Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. The cable “news” giant now bashes Trump or features Trump haters 24/7. 271 more words

The Musings Of I.M. Kane

I'm a Republican, and I Support the Iran Nuclear Deal

If I was a member of Congress, and if the Iran nuclear deal was before me for my vote this month, I would vote for it. 954 more words

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How AIPAC Lost the Iran Deal Fight

washingtonpost.com – Karoun Demirjian

Not since George H.W. Bush was president has the American Israel Public Affairs Committee sustained such a public defeat on an issue it deemed an existential threat to Israel’s security. 117 more words

The Neocon War Against Peace

Inside Israel’s Bid to Derail Iran Pact

wsj.com – Adam Entous

JERUSALEM—In early August, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stood in front of 22 Democratic U.S. lawmakers. He closed the door and instructed an aide to clear his schedule for the afternoon. 104 more words

The Neocon War Against Peace

AIPAC’s Plan B?

lobelog.com – Jim Lobe

A number of readers have complained that I buried the important news in my last post marking Mikulski’s announcement Wednesday. So I’m reposting below that part of the Mikulski piece that dealt with what appears to be AIPAC’s and the opposition’s most likely “Plan B” for Congressional action, aimed chiefly at those Democrats who feel queasy about their decision to support the White House and vote against the pending resolution to reject the JCPOA. 128 more words

The Neocon War Against Peace

The Attack on the Nuclear Deal, the “Israel Factor”, and the “Iran Peace Scare”

globalresearch.ca – Stephen J. Sniegoski

“…for the Israeli government and Israel’s American lobby, Iran’s alleged nuclear threat has served the same purpose as Saddam’s non-existent WMD—it generates public support against a target that is designated for other reasons… ” 127 more words

The Neocon War Against Peace