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Gold Goats 'n Guns Live - Tillerson Out at State / Italeave is Back on the Table

Livestreaming about the Tillerson firing and prospective Italian Premier Matteo Salvini’s revelation that he and this party already have a Plan B in place to pull Italy out of the euro. 94 more words

Raw Ugly Truth: Your government knows you exist; that doesn't mean being an asshole is helping.

The season of revolution, over 500 years strong, is in it’s blooming season. Revolutions are like newborn flowers in the hearts and minds of the populace standard, the short reached participants of the standard and graces always just out of reach for people like me. 40 more words


Raw Ugly Truth: My obstinate comfort with experienced vicious...

Some days, I don’t ask how important I ought to be. What a wonderful world it would be were that everyday.

I’m a person with difficult opinions to hold. 324 more words


Raw Ugly Truth: I don't care any more than I did before Donald Trump made it to the...

Do I repeat myself? I don’t.

How often have you met someone? Do I?

Must we do the dance? I want to be honest with you; this world is fully of a-lot of things, but things I want do not amount to many of them. 464 more words


Exposing Zionist Control Over Aggressive U.S. Foreign Policy

Please Consider Purchasing A Copy Of White, Right, and Libertarian

Here’s the mainstream foreign policy narrative:

Anyone who believes that America should pursue an America First foreign policy and not an Israel First foreign policy is an… 3,242 more words


Why the Hush on Neoconservative Links to Trump Dossier? | The American Conservative

Because neocon columnists like Michael Gerson, David Inatius and Jonah Goldberg are an integral part of the soft coup d’etat.


For example, Byron York’s investigative work for the Washington Examiner, … 278 more words