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 A Daring Prediction “New Labour is Finished”

By Martin Odoni:

Previously Published here:  The Great Critique

I am reminded of Genady Yenaev.

If that name is unfamiliar to you, twenty-five years ago, during the dying months of the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics, President Mikhail Gorbachev was briefly overthrown in a coup, or ‘putsch’, by hardline Communists.

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Jeremy Corbyn’s new politics is about mutual respect, open debate and inclusivity.

The problem is that MPs of all parties have become so out of touch with public opinion, which is why the referendum result took them all by surprise.

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Britons want to exit Austerity, not the EU

(to be published in Arabic for Arabi21)

Da’esh supporters are celebrating the Brexit vote, and claiming that the “rise of the Islamic State” is bringing about the disintegration of the European Union.  711 more words


The EU Referendum: Turkeys have voted for Christmas

SARA has come to stay. That’s Shock, Anger, Rejection, Acceptance.  – it’s a model to explain the process of grief.

Yesterday we experienced the shock that the country had voted to leave the EU. 1,584 more words


ما هي النيوليبرالية؟                             What is Neoliberalism?

نتحدث كثيرًا عن النيوليبرالية، فهي النظرية الاقتصادية السائدة في العالم اليوم، وأكثر من كونها نظرية، فقد أصبحت القوة المهيمنة فيم وراء السياسة الاقتصادية، ولكن ما هي النيوليبرالية تحديدًا؟


Green Party Presidential Candidate Dr. Jill Stein Joins Rally Against Privatisation of the U.S. Postal Service

LUMPENPROLETARIAT—A central feature of neoliberalism involves privatisation of the public sector.  One salient example of this transformation within American capitalist modes of production is the ongoing attempts to privatise our post offices.  2,702 more words

Presidential Election 2016

Kingdom of pawns

(To be published in Arabic for Arrabi21)

Saudi Arabia is in the Neoliberal crosshairs.  I remember when the US invaded Iraq in 2003, I remarked that they will not stop until they fly the American flag on top of the Ka’abah.  550 more words