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Against the Grain Presents A 2016 Election Post Mortem with Dr. Leo Panitch

LUMPENPROLETARIAT—The Trump Aftermath continues.  On today’s edition of Against the Grain, co-host Sasha Lilley is spoke with Professor of Political Economy Dr. Leo Panitch… 303 more words


Ralph Nader Radio Hour Presents A 2016 Presidential Election Post Mortem

LUMPENPROLETARIAT—On this week’s edition of the Ralph Nader Radio Hour, Dr. Ralph Nader leads a 2016 Presidential Election Post Mortem in roundtable format with Democrat  283 more words


Anti-Trump Aftermath: Student Walkouts & Protests Across the United States

LUMPENPROLETARIAT  Your anger is a gift. -Zack de la Rocha

It’s admirable to see amongst our young people such moral outrage and indignation in the face of the grotesque leadership, to which our nation will be subjected under a Trump presidency.  603 more words

Free Speech

Independent opposition to the IMF

(To be published in Arabic for Arabi21)

On October 9th, the IMF was scheduled to announce the release of the first tranche of money from a $12 billion loan to Egypt.  545 more words

Tory conference: donning a Trumpian mask

Seb Cooke assesses the changes and continuities in Tory policy following Theresa May’s first conference as leader, and what this means for the left.

So there we have it. 1,633 more words