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Temporary and part-time jobs surge promotes inequality, says OECD | Business | The Guardian

Temporary and part-time jobs surge promotes inequality, says OECD | Business | The Guardian.

Heather Stewart

A surge in self-employment and temporary or part-time jobs over the past two decades has been a key factor behind the rise in inequality in the world’s industrialised countries, according to a major new study by the… 664 more words


"They're putting me away, but I'll be back someday"

(Blog title: lyrics from The Fall’s Put Away)

A collection of thoughts swilling in my head in the wake of the 2015 UK election outcome… 1,513 more words

21st Century

Britain and Europe after the general election: An interview with John Palmer

John Palmer was a leading member of the International Socialists from 1959 until 1975. He later worked in Brussels as the European editor of the Guardian. 3,921 more words


They're Spitting In Our Faces

No sooner than the new Tory government came to power with 24% of the electorate voting for them, they almost immediately signalled their intention to curtail civil liberties and construct new enemies to convince people of the need to sign away their hard fought freedoms. 1,649 more words

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A graph showing what went wrong with the U.S.

This chart shows the average annual income, year by year, of the bottom 90 percent of income earners (top to bottom scale) and upper 1 percent of income earners (left to right scale). 122 more words

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UMSGI Conference 2015 - Keynote

I have been invited to give a keynote at the 2015 University of Manchester School Governor Initiative (UMSGI) conference due to take place on 30 April at the Chancellors Conference Centre, Manchester.  81 more words


Stuff Neoliberalism

It is my little old belief that Social Democracy is civilisation and Neo-Liberalism is barbarism. It is a harmful creed based upon some of the worst ideas of 19th century Liberal extremism. 870 more words