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Let's call it what it is: a depression

So, place your bets, readers.  How long will it be before some economic guru has the guts to admit that we’re living in the midst of an economic depression? 990 more words

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Ethics, morality and the right's economic arguments

“Greed is good” was the quote attributed to the character Gordon Gekko in the film Wall Street. But he never said those words, this is what he said, 663 more words


Ye Olde Cittie of London: a swindler's paradise

How many times have we heard right-wing economists, supported by our neoliberal  government, claim that if the financial services sector is subjected to tighter regulation, then those institutions will simply move overseas? 649 more words


So what's Miliband got to say?

In a nutshell? Not a lot. Well, nothing that anyone on the left wants to hear. I found this blog in today’s New Statesman, … 1,010 more words

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Ron Paul and "Austrian Economics"

Ron Paul, the self-styled libertarian,  has declared that we’re all Austrians now.

It was a particular strain of Austrian economics that helped to create the global economic situation we’re in today and yet, Paul wants more of the same.  223 more words


Memo to Dissembling Dan and his rich chums

Today in the Torygraph, Dan Hannan has written some pure drivel about #OccupyLSX. Apparently he went down to St Pauls Cathedral to have a “chat” with the camp and to try and convince them that he is right and they were wrong (he’d tell you otherwise). 1,776 more words

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Foghorn Phibbs: to save our economy, we should let our youth work for peanuts

I found this blog from our old friend Harry ‘Foghorn’  Phibbs  on “Right Minds” (it’s a bloody awful name), the new Daily Mail blog site.   Phibbsy reckons he’s gained exclusive insight into the cause of youth unemployment. 649 more words