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Neoliberalism and the Crisis in Higher Education in South Africa

By IFAA’s Student and Youth Department

The Institute for African Alternatives’ research team is Alexander Pennington, ’Manapo Mokose, Michael Nassen Smith and Zimpande Kawanu


 The socio-economic conditions that sparked the student protests – fee increases, student debt, labour outsourcing and racial inequality – can all be traced to neoliberal ideology and policies. 2,921 more words

New Agenda

Psychoanalysis, Liberalism, and Trump - AAP After Dark 3

Join James, John, and Emily for another installment of Always Already After Dark. In this episode we (accidentally?) discuss the Twilight franchise before delving into an… 236 more words


Magic Money Tree

Magic me a money tree
So I can eat its nimble fruit
A bonsai for my patio
Would be so cool and look so cute… 92 more words


Videos: The Adventures of the Master Class Reconsidered

Here we return to the theme of the previous feature on “reality tourism,” and the promotional materials produced by the Razor’s Edge company. With this, we complete our collection of such videos from 1999. 304 more words


Alien Technology

The question of technology and our relationship to it is one that has preoccupied me for some time now. It is separate from us as a concept – technology is not, so to speak, human – and yet it is deeply intimate in so many ways, so much as to make us think that our existence is dependent on it, as is our identity; Winner’s formulation of technology as a Wittgensteinian… 932 more words


Grenfell Tower - Profits before Safety?

This truly horrific, and avoidable tragedy seems to be a perfect illustration of the downsides of neoliberal policies – deregulation, cutting public services (such as social housing) and outsourcing to private companies are the three cornerstones of neoliberal economic policy – and the conflation of these three things together seem to be directly responsible for the deaths in Grenfell Tower. 1,050 more words