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A May Day Crisis

If the left celebrates Labour Day will it be accused of class warfare? Does the left dare to re-assert the importance it places on mutual support for one another and collective reasoning above petty individualism? 1,306 more words

The new world of precarious work and its right wing cheerleaders

A few years back I found myself in a training called “Career Development and Planning” (with the implicit subtitle ‘how to sell yourself’) where we were shown a… 2,100 more words


How to Herd your Potential Critics into Fake Communities and Waste their Time (Part 1)

OK, this is one of our absolute favorites here at the Consent Factory. For our money, in terms of distracting and rendering harmless any serious critics of your corporate-controlled global empire, this is definitely one you want to go with. 1,220 more words

Simulation Of Democracy

Teenage Girls Increasingly Requesting Labiaplasty to Get the Perfect Designer Vagina

From Alternet:

“Never underestimate the power of beauty myths to manufacture inadequacies where before there were none. A little over a decade ago, labiaplasty—the partial or wholesale removal of parts of the labia minora, aka the inner vaginal lips—was a relatively obscure plastic surgery, compared with nips, tucks and lifts to various other parts.

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Radical Feminism

genderwipesthefingerprints reblogged this on stop trans chauvinism and commented:

Understanding sex and 'gender' female dysphoria requires viewing them in the context of the increasing hatred of their own bodies which society fosters amongst girls and young women especially. Deciding that they are 'really' male is only one possible direction for this internalised female-hatred to take. More important points raised by Purple Sage.

Half-Heads: A Dominant Force in US Politics

Half-head”: this signifies a way of approaching problems that involves efficient thinking, where efficiency comes from an intensely selective focus. A half-headed approach could be a combination of unspoken or unconscious interests, the accumulation of taboos around certain subjects, the desire to appeal to select audiences, the product of an ideology—some or all of these, and perhaps a few more. 2,978 more words



This is my latest piece of work, called Rot_in_Silence_2016.

It was made in response to being asked to contribute a work to a crowdfunder for an independent film called ‘Dispossession: The Great Social Housing Swindle’, and it will be up for grabs as an A3 original print. 13 more words

Union Breaking

Isn’t it just gas how conspiracy theories are laughed at by the great and the good right up until some whistleblower blows the lid on the conspiracy of the great and the good? 295 more words

Class Struggle