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A conversation between two thinkers

Chris Hedges and John Ralston Saul are two thinkers (and both have been journalists) whose work and ideas I admire.

This is a very interesting and valuable conversation:

So There's Just Been a Mass Shooting

So there’s just been a mass shooting. The newsfeed is full of it, the TV can’t stop. Ugly scenes. SWAT cops running around in combat armor like beetles with ballistic shields and submachine guns. 1,528 more words

Take a Stroll...

Hola Everybody…

I happened to glance at one of the many videos showcasing the insanity of “Black Friday.” These spectacles bring to mind the mega-hit series, “The Hunger Games.” These films portray how the powerful and wealthy organize games in which people from poor districts are selected each year to kill each other in a violent media spectacle. 359 more words

Neoliberalism enslaves us

Neoliberalism is very different from an older style of conservative politics, which followed Burke in urging caution about institutional change because institutions may embody the wisdom of previous generations. 733 more words

My environmentalism will be intersectional or it will be bullshit

The environmental movement will never save the planet unless it actively focuses its ire clearly on those who are most to blame for the crisis – the powerful. 2,958 more words


Climate Change as a Crisis of Faith

The ODT published the following piece from me today. I was a bit disappointed with the title they substituted, as I thought it would put people off by being over the top and potentially a caricature.

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White Supremacy at Western, Cultural Chauvinism at Ottawa: Against Identity Politics and Multiculturalism

Against Identity Politics and Multiculturalism

Over the past week or so, we’ve seen some frankly bizarre things coming out of Canadian Universities. I’m talking, of course, of… 1,671 more words