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The Gospel of Entrepreneurship

As of October 2016, over 20 million men and women in the EU were unemployed. Against the social scourge of mass unemployment, hegemonic neoliberal thought prescribes… 561 more words


Identity Politics and the AltRight

In many ways one can explain the recent rise of the AltRight as a backlash of what might be called a new identity politics. I want to discuss this briefly in this post. 4,336 more words


A Dirge for Libertarians

There is a longstanding, positive conception of what it means to be American. It has gone under many names – Jefferson’s yeoman farmers, rugged individualism – and you see it pour through pop culture in the figure of the cowboy and the pioneer. 1,178 more words

Democrats Have Already Lost The 2020 Presidential Election

After Trump’s win I posted this on Facebook:

When the fake can’t overcome the real thing, its only option is to get real. However the upper echelon of the I Can’t Believe It’s Not The Republican Party has no interest in this kind of analysis. 2,190 more words


Very Serious People Tell us why Hillary Lost

So right now, establishment Dems are blaming Hillary’s loss on the James Comey letter that was released a couple weeks before the election (in addition to all ten of us 3rd party voters and other nonsensical things). 321 more words

Unless we think radically, we will be eaten by the Right

I’m worried. Facebook has returned to normal – and we aren’t even one month on.

Don’t think I’m surprised – I saw it with Brexit. The gray, grim British anguish that punctuated my Manchester office melted into a very faint, dull ache as the weeks and months rolled by. 570 more words


Book Talk: "Magical Thinking, Fantastic Film, and the Illusions of Neoliberalism" by Michael J. Blouin

It’s a little unsettling for me to come across other books that are eerily close to my own work. Having written a PhD dissertation and subsequent monograph on superhero movies and neoliberalism, and more recently completed a book on fantastic fiction and global capitalism, I felt both excited and a little freaked out when I first heard about Michael Blouin’s new book-length publication, titled… 928 more words