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The Democrats' Davos ideology won't win back the midwest

The party has harmed millions of their own former constituents. If they change course, they can reverse their losses

By Thomas Frank

The tragedy of the 2016 election is connected closely, at least for me, to the larger tragedy of the industrial midwest.

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April 27, 2017 Sebastian Budgen on the French election: the neoliberal vs. the neofascist • Sofia Japaridze on how foreign NGOs turned Georgia (the country) into a broke libertarian paradise

Six considerations on the French elections

  1. The exhaustion of traditional parties.

The absence of both mainstream political parties that have dominated French political life for the last decades from the 2nd round of the elections mirror the current period of rapid political reshuffling, of disintegration of old categories and schemes of understanding, and of great uncertainty and volatility, across the West. 1,439 more words

“Black Privilege” And The Twilight Of The Negro Whisperer

At first I thought “black privilege” was some kind of joke, a Chapelle-esque riff on the absurdities of how we talk about race in America. Indeed, reading about it in articles by… 1,046 more words


The Establishment vs. The Nationalists Round 2: Europe's fate balances on a knife's edge

And so we come to the great battle of our time – again. Déjà vu, as the French say; we have been here before, and the results last time were rather disconcerting. 1,691 more words


Globalisation, France, USA, Brexit and Trump

At the heart of Guilluy’s inquiry is globalization. Internationalizing the division of labor has brought significant economic efficiencies. But it has also brought inequalities unseen for a century, demographic upheaval, and cultural disruption.

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Emmanuel Macron is France's Clinton and Obama, bringing it more neoliberalism

Summary: Emmanuel Macron will soon become President of France. He is their Bill Clinton and Obama, leading them into the next phase of the neoliberal revolution. 1,881 more words