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Skills are not the answer: further thoughts on (not) selling history

To pick up where I left off:

  1. Historians, history departments, and historical organizations are — rightly — worried about a decline in the study of history at the undergraduate level.
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IMF economists question neoliberalism

Neoliberalism is a term mostly used by critics to describe the laissez-faire economic ideology which supports privatizing state industries, deregulation, free trade, reducing the role of the government in the economy, promoting private sector ownership and austerity i.e. 424 more words


Erosion of Localism & Neoliberalism

Heywood, L. & Montgomery, M. (2012). Economies of Surf: Evolution, Territorialism, and the Erosion of Localism. In D. L. Andrews and M. L. Silk (eds.), … 257 more words

Cracks in the Leftist Coalition

Being an alt righter who lives in the Bay Area, I’ve spent most of my life alienated from liberals. It’s not like I’ve suffered ostracism or anything that severe; code switching has definitely served me well. 562 more words

Cultural Marxism

Trained Workers As Lost Public Assets

The looting of public assets continues unabated here in Chicago. This time it’s building engineers in the Chicago Public School district.

The unelected, Rahm-appointed school board chose privatization for “efficiency” when existing engineers (i.e. 72 more words

Awakenings: The Shock Doctrine

I am not sure how I missed it, but although Naomi Klein’s third book, The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, was published in September 2007, it was not until eight years later that I finally came across it. 2,701 more words


Is Capitalism the problem?

Every Friday social media is awash with ‘TGIF’ type posts as people (well, some people) look forward to two whole days of FREEDOM.

Then every Monday we get the reverse with the ‘It’s too early for this’ type of shenanegans. 2,580 more words