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Working-Class Pride: Promise or Peril?

Pride in something seems to be a good thing to have. But pride can lead to prejudice. And it can also lead to displacement and erasure. 1,126 more words


Of course open borders. The alternative is too ugly to bear.

The question of immigration is the question of our times. Over 65 million people fled their homes in 2017, due to war, gang violence, political repression, environmental catastrophe, or economic difficulty, and that number will rise. 912 more words

Serco, government contracts and the new minister for justice: what could possibly go right?

Serco holds contracts with the Ministry of Justice worth £3,600,000,000

The new Minister of Justice held a senior post at Serco.

Serco is under investigation by the Serious Fraud Office for overcharging the Ministry of Justice…

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10 ways 2 B mor successful @ work

I have 2 biz degreees from yale so I kno wat im talkin abt. People want 2 b haters on u bc u will b so successful. 148 more words

Does opposing U.S. imperialism and wars mean you're not really an anarchist?

Does opposing US imperialism and wars mean you’re not really an anarchist?

The answer is obviously “no”, but you wouldn’t think so if you took seriously a most peculiar attack which has been made against us, following on from recent articles on our site. 1,331 more words


80s Rehash: Fine Young Cannibals

No one ever reads this shit…

And I know that there are terrible things going on in the world. Unfortunately, it was the neoliberal triumph of the 1980s that we have to thank for most of these troubles. 218 more words


Since the 1980s Conservatism has become irreconcilably associated with neoliberalism that they have become almost indistinguishable.