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The bait and switch of public-private partnerships

This being the age of public relations, the genteel term “public-private partnership” is used instead of corporate plunder. A “partnership” such deals may be, but it isn’t the public who gets the benefits. 3,028 more words


debate 3: Part II

After the interrogation of pluralising activist and artistic practices, Hongwei Bao cautions against an uncritical celebration of pluralising practices without taking into consideration its neoliberal conditions for both academics and cultural workers in his contribution to the second instalment of the “pluralising practices” debate.


Neoliberalism and Populism: A Short Survey by Mahmut Mutman

There are two ways in which we can talk about the relationship between neoliberalism and populism. Populism often emerges as a response to the crisis produced by neoliberalism, or alternatively (and paradoxically) they work in combination, i.e. 928 more words

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Feira Livre

Esta é uma feira livre. Feira livre na maior cidade do Brasil. São Paulo está a venda. O Brasil está a venda. Os pretos e pobres vão voltar aos seus lugares. 271 more words


The governmentality of welfare and the Universal Basic Income

With an ongoing trial in Finland, two councils in Scotland considering the idea, and a Labour Party working group considering whether to make it party policy, the concept of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) seems to be gathering support. 793 more words


Wien, der Soziale Wohnungsbau und die EU

By Laura Giesen, Laima Politajs, Claudia Schredl, Riccarda Sutter

Dieses Video entstand im Rahmen eines Forschungsprojekts im Masterstudiengang Socio-Ecological Economics and Policy (SEEP) an der WU. 273 more words


the ethic of the marketman

the ethic of the marketman

is the subtle promise etched in stone
the nuanced submission
to debt

it is the machination of the machine
the grind of blind horse… 16 more words