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Cognitive Capitalism: What Is It, If Anything?

For decades, scholars, activists and social critics have grappled with how to characterize the economic shift that has transformed the United States—and, indeed, the world—since the 1960s.  2,233 more words


Islam Evolving, by Taner Edis, Prometheus Books, June 2016

(Reposted from 3 Quarks Daily)  This is an excellent review of an important but difficult subject, and a welcome change from the ill-informed bluster of a Sam Harris,* or the limp apologetics of a Karen Armstrong. 5,901 more words


The madness in the world

A few days ago I wrote  about how I thought that the world was going mad in ways, or to an extent that I had not experienced before. 1,561 more words

South Africa

Rehabilitating the Left

With the Republican Party imploding from the weight of Trump’s explicit bigotry and astounding stupidity, it has never been more clear that Democrats are on the right side of history this election cycle. 645 more words


Nothing about us without us? Are you bonkers?

In May this year, I joined members of the Mental Health Resistance Network at an event at the Old Vic. It was a panel debate on the state of mental health provision in the UK, one of their Voices Off events linked to the production of Harold Pinter’s The Caretaker. 1,200 more words


Best defence of Employment Contracts Act is a @FairnessNZ graphic

Source: Low Wage Economy | New Zealand Council of Trade Unions – Te Kauae Kaimahi, with extra annotations by this blogger.

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