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Huge Success For Campaigners As Rage Against Maximus Explodes Onto The Streets Across The UK

Over 30 towns and cities held protests yesterday against the involvement of sinister US based outsourcing company Maximus in the despised Work Capability Assessments.

Maximus take over from Atos this week carrying out the tests used to strip benefits from sick and disabled people by finding them ‘fit for work’.  399 more words

Fighting Back

On State Strength

Without context, the arguments about development dependency are a more or less identical to the arguments for the ‘small states are virtuous states’ agenda.



Piss-poor Pegida

Some chancers from the social media wing of the far-right decided they would attempt to cash-in on the recent Pegida bubble. Here’s what happened on their first National rally in the UK. 800 more words

Do Jobcentre Staff Know How To Submit People To Jobs? #GE2015 #WOW #DWP #JCP #DWProud #IDS #NeilCouling

As I was on the way out of Department for Work and Pensions (on health grounds), the District Manager for the District in which I worked changed.  1,610 more words

General Election 2015

NIE Wieder

The most interesting aspect of Donald Engels’ 1990 book Roman Corinth: an alternative model for the classical city, and the reason why it’s still worth reading (at least in parts), is not its account of archaeological work at Corinth (very useful then, now outdated), nor its substantive attempt at disproving the ‘consumer city’ model (which, if I recall correctly, included the argument that if the non-producers were in a minority it couldn’t be a consumer city), but his excursus into a historicising intellectual history: Engels sets M.I. 829 more words

Research In Progress

Parasitic Mothers

Uneducated America likes to throw around the term “anchor baby” like it’s an infallible solution for illegal immigrant mothers. In learning about paths to citizenship, it’s horrifyingly clear that having a baby in the United States actually has very little impact on a mothers’s citizenship path for 30-ish years. 646 more words

Maximus protest

Durham and Sunderland Unite Community branch members joined together today to support DPAC’s day of action against Maximus- the new Work Capability assessors.   Maximus is an American company so yet again, British taxpayers’ money will be winging its way abroad to boost a foreign economy, to the detriment of our own. 285 more words