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President Orange, Part III

I am aware – oh so aware – of Godwin’s Law. You know: the longer an argument takes place on the internet, the greater the likelihood that something or somebody will be compared to Hitler. 1,057 more words


Meryl vs. MAGA

Meryl Streep may not be overrated, but the Hollywood Left surely is. The very idea of a Hollywood Left at a time when the war on… 915 more words


It’s the end of the world as we know it

Apart from excited Trump supporters, there are few in the United States and elsewhere anticipating his inauguration with hope for the future and gratitude over his success. 1,034 more words


The Enemy of Our Enemy is Not Always Our Friend

With the ascendancy of Donald Trump to the throne of the American Empire there has been mounting opposition from what has been referred to as the… 1,118 more words


The Politics of Relationality: Ethical Contentions

“It is immoral to feel at home in one’s own home.”
Theodor Adorno

“What constitutes a prostitute is the pursuit of profit.”
Lupe Fiasco

T… 816 more words


To sleep is our last act of resistance

Our experience of cities are shaped by Neoliberalism and our options are to succumb or find possibilities for resistance.

It is controversial to suggest that inactivity, tuning out or turning off are possible forms of resistance, but as the interests of the 24/7 economy – production and consumption – are prioritised, sleeping may soon become the only viable option to disrupt its impact. 242 more words


Eight people own as much as half the world

Just when it seemed we might be running out of superlatives to demonstrate the monstrous inequality of today’s capitalism, Oxfam has provided the most dramatic example yet: Eight individuals, all men, possess as much wealth as the poorest 50 percent of humanity. 1,450 more words