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What Is Neoliberalism?

Last month Mike Konczal penned this smart, incisive column about the controversial idea of neoliberalism. Not only did he attempt to disentangle the various meanings of the term, but he also illuminated their common roots. 786 more words

The rot in our public discourse is neoliberalism's fault

Whenever I picture talking to my Republican parents about Trump, I always anticipate an “I know you are but what am I”-style response. Obama was narcissistic, too. 685 more words

Politics Of The Absurd

To Confront China, The West Must First Repudiate Neoliberalism

Neoliberalism, understood as the doctrine of a self-regulating market separate from government intervention, is the root of the West’s political and economic weakness. Ever since it emerged in the 1970s, neoliberal ideology has undermined the achievements of the Golden Age of Capitalism (1950-1970), when Western countries grew at a rapid pace, successfully reduced unemployment and inequality, and consolidated democracy as a political system. 1,791 more words

Friday Smorgasbord: Neoliberalism, Charters, & Glasses

A friendly reminder: Schools are complex

“More interventions might not always be better and may have unintended consequences that impact a school’s long term ability to improve,” write Dougherty and Weiner.

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Nothing very "centrist” about that.

Less fair
Fewer fare

Nothing very “centrist” about that. I remember when the common complaint of the Left was that Labour had moved to the right; that it was ‘Blue Labour’ and I remember how the Conservatives had the nerve to claim that they held the Centre when it had clearly shifted the country to the Right. 239 more words