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What "Qualified" Means

At the library with two tired little boys yesterday, I happened to see Brittney Cooper’s Eloquent Rage: A Black Feminist Discovers Her Superpower. While I hadn’t heard of it, the title alone caught my eye. 1,819 more words


Angela Nagle: What the Right Understood That the Left Didn't

The quality of my writing has decreased the last several days.

I’m aware and I respect your opinion regarding that.

But I’ve been distracted. You see, I’ve been doing research. 224 more words

Income Inequality is Detrimental to Political and Civil Equality

“Money provides power and power provides freedom”, asserted C. Wright Mills in his masterpiece The Power Elite sixty years ago (1956: 162). In shadow of recent several decades of globalization and neoliberalism, University of Utah researcher Wade Cole took Mills’ argument a step further and conducted an extensive study to actually probe the relationship between political, civil, and economic inequality around the world. 176 more words


Homelessness; why are we failing as a society?

Last month I walked down Victoria Street West and Queen Street, one of the main drags heading towards the Britomart in Auckland on a Friday night. 2,089 more words


Economics cannot solve politics

I recently read William Clare Roberts’ book Marx’s Inferno. I was attracted by the notion that Marx structured his work according to Dante’s poem, but that connection proved to be a framing device for Roberts’ attempt to recontextualize Capital within the socialist debates of his own time. 612 more words


Episode 205: The Personal is Political – Reflections on Disability

You can listen to this episode above and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes. You can also listen to this episode on Stitcher 173 more words