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The Hypocrisy Of Labour's Anti-SNP Smears

I realize the Labour Party sees Scotland as its natural territory. For decades, Labour has dominated the country politically. However, it has, to use Johann Lamont’s words, treated Scottish Labour as a branch of the party at Westminster. 482 more words


Thoughts on revolution

Revolution is a beautiful word but through the way of how most revolutions have been handled it somewhat fairly has violent connotations.

Although I believe political reform is important in the short run I still ultimately believe in the need for the revolution yet even more so believe this revolution  674 more words


Why I am voting for the Green Party

I guess the short answer to the question is that they’re what I’d characterize as left wing. I like the SNP but I’d say they’re too centrist for me to ever feel comfortable voting for them. 380 more words


ELECTION 2015: Harper suggests backing for mental health treatment sanctions

Reposted from Disability News Service

The Tory minister for disabled people appears to have accidentally admitted what many disabled activists feared: that a Conservative government would cut the out-of-work benefits of people with mental health conditions if they refused treatment. 465 more words


Some Thoughts About The Future of Esther McVey

To be honest, I try not to think about Esther McVey, the television host turned Tory minister-cum-tormentor of the poor and disabled. It’s enough to give me nightmares. 248 more words


ELECTION 2015 - Food banks: 'Most people at the school gates have used them'

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