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New Project: Chapter 9


On a hot summer night in 1982, I got a taste of my future. On stage, Jimmy Cliff strummed his guitar wearing a yellow tee-shirt, green pants, and a multicolored headband. 1,110 more words

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Episode 143: Is Effective Altruism Pissing in the Wind?

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Are We All NeoLiberal Now?

In this post I attempt to work through some initial thoughts in response to some of the material I have recently come across. It is not intended to be definitive, and I would be glad of any thoughtful responses in the comments. 821 more words

Gender-based II: The Myth of the "You Can Be Anything"-Society

So, why did I talk earlier about the idea that in our society, everyone can become whatever that persons wants to become? Because it is an illusion many of us cling to as if their lives depended on it (and in a way, at least the perception of our lives does). 919 more words


Please Vote for the Lying Neoliberal Warmonger

The plea of the worthless Democrats…..they have caved on the idea of limited interventionism…..this will NOT make America safer!

Normally I do not pay much attention to the US elections….they are so boring and mundane that it is just a waste of my time….but this year, 2016, has been a completely different horse all together….as the general creeps closer and closer….there are a couple of things that need to be considered. 442 more words


Complaint as Spectacle

“The spectacular dimension of capitalism has a way of defanging and absorbing any form of resistance or dissent which fails to attack it on a mass, material level.

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Neoliberal education is a system of trickle down power: let’s not be diverted by neoliberal stunts

Hekia Parata is making a flurry of pathetic education announcements because she can, and because she needs to: she can in the sense that the achievement performance of schools is good enough – courtesy of all the high stakes inflation provided by you (in a general sense) – so why not parade being on top and in control? 1,675 more words

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