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There is No Honour in "Honour Killings"

This is my third blog and, despite some reluctance,  I am drawn to publish this poem. The poem was written in 2008 and remains, unfortunately, relevant to current events. 669 more words

Spiritual Poetry

The Impact of Politics on Language

If we take the approach that necromancers defile bodies so have forgone their right to be considered people, do those who fight for equality before the law become insuresurrectionists?


Those darn pronouns!

“Each person is entitled to their own opinion.”

WRONG. “Each” is a singular indefinite pronoun, which requires a singular 3rd person possessive pronoun.

“Each person is entitled to his or her own opinion.”

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Victim-Blaming, Supporting Trump, and the Social Pressure of "Silent Decisions"

On election day 2016, the above post appeared in my Facebook feed. It was immediately recognizable as a variation of a meme that gets passed around a lot. 760 more words

Words I Made up to Describe Newcastle

Newcastle are so good at the moment that the English language doesn’t contain a sufficient number of words to truly impart what our amazing run has been like.  268 more words

New word Tuesdays

Actively Uncyclopedic – Someone who has no knowledge about  the topic in question, but won’t hesitate to give an “considered” opinion



I love linguistics, and while this is by no means a political blog, I can’t help but share one thought I had after watching last night’s first presidential “debate” (i.e. 357 more words