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A Neologism Econocracy

With Globalization and its problems and benefits democracies are eroding politically and becoming Econocracies.



«They really hold these flyers in your face.»
«Not far off that they stickpunch them on your breast.«


All Words are Made-Up

A very good friend of mine has a line of argument that runs thus: “All words are made up though, so why are you complaining?”. 716 more words

False characterization


This is a technique used by psychopaths, and toxic parents, it is a subtle form of emotional abuse in which a person will behave or communicate strategically in order to characterize you falsely to other people or even to yourself.  69 more words

Molly and Polly hit the stands!

The Wondrous Wacky World of Words

Announcing a new essay eloquently written by “Molly Wordmaid” (aka Ben Bennetts) and lavishly illustrated by “Polly Painter” (aka Jenny Bennetts). 216 more words

New Book

Mindprop – when my brain actually works the way it’s supposed to. I can read an article fluidly with comprehension and understand sentences, memory kicks in without consternation, remember the meaning of words I already know. 12 more words