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Don't get all butthurt over it: a new crop of words enters the dictionary

Maybe you missed it late last month (I almost did), but Oxford Dictionaries, the umbrella organization for a slew of English language reference works (among them the… 649 more words


New word Tuesdays

In keeping with the book theme coz I’m in a rut

Polybookamist- someone who can’t commit to one book at a time


New word Tuesdays

Bibendobibuli – Someone who gets drunk on books, and can actually pronounce that word.


Slutesque a Neologism

Slutesque a noun pronounced (SLUTESQ) is derived from slut and means to flatter someone without being sincere.
Example: Her behavior towards me was slutesque.

English Language

"Most, if not all, people can relate to Don during this troubling moment."

First let me admit that one of my current crusades is to stamp out the phrase “relate to.” Particularly in literature classes, its use is pervasive and daunting: “I can relate to Hamlet.” “ 885 more words

Student Writing

chaostory (n)

A better word for “history,” or as I like to call it, “stories.”

According to Istvan Csicsery-Ronay, Jr., a man with a very complicated name, and the best Sci-Fi theoriest around: 98 more words


New word Tuesdays

“Nonmultiply – a vow of celibacy, see also – monkhood”

(@Abyssbrain – I told you I’d get to it! :D)