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Figured Usefully

She plucked flower from
the sunny sindoling garden
giving nobody in particular her
candriling chorus of soothing salty
layer of mendacious adamant liniment
of soothing linguistic balm… 170 more words


Less Wacky Than Last Night

Lover flowers implied parwise
has been my merimont rather
affecting me slidentally
one leg south west the other
laughing at the vilt morning
created for birds but havilled… 106 more words



“Trumpence.” What a funny word!
I can’t believe I haven’t heard
The noun before. What can it mean?
The context makes it sound obscene
But that may be a product of… 174 more words





    a person who does not drink alcohol, especially for moral, religious, or health reasons.

Demolution in Turkey

We have all seen the attempted coup which failed because the people reacted to it as being against it. I would like to call the people’s efforts as… 9 more words

Current Affairs

William Shaw for Margate Bookie x Pieced Work

The Sunday Mirror has called William Shaw’s new standalone novel The Birdwatcher, ‘A brilliantly constructed thriller, utterly compulsive’. His Breen and Tozer series, set in the 60s, was hailed as ‘an elegy for an entire alienated generation,’ by… 215 more words


New Word Tuesdays

Graycist (adj.) – Anti-vanilla, someone who discriminates on the basis of sexual kinks….