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They Called Me a Pedophile So I Became One

If teenage (12-17) pornography and, more generally, sex itself, were legal, I probably would not have created this blog. Because “jailbait” things have been treated as no different than preteen things, relegated to the same… 424 more words


Impossible Historical Ideological Neologism Used in Passing

I’m in the revisions stage now, and going back through an earlier section, I found a parenthetical note to myself that says: “no way, samovoz,” and then the page number in the hard copy. 266 more words

The Russian Universe Vocabulary

I’ve mentioned previously that I like inventing new words. As the 5th anniversary of Russian Universe is in just two months, I’ve decided to publish all the important  1,098 more words

Russian Universe

Attempt: On "Emotional Labor"

Back in the hey-days of October, Haley Swenson wrote a piece called “Please Stop Calling Everything That Frustrates You Emotional Labor.” I missed it because I have found Slate’s contrarianism gradually turn into knee-jerk left-liberalism as Jamelle Bouie became its political editor.  998 more words

Liberal Punditry

Write, For Me.

I set out to write a new collection of poetry and I am thinking about words more than I have in the past. The most difficult thing about writing is trying to find new words that mean the same thing…

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Weight of words

Words are making the news again–this time, the list of seven words that the Centers for Disease Control has been told may make the Center’s research proposals less likely to be approved by the government’s budgeting agencies and which should be avoided in reports to Congress. 288 more words


Poutrageous ( New word )

an adjective used to describe those who pout excessively when facing a camera .