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Mindprop – when my brain actually works the way it’s supposed to. I can read an article fluidly with comprehension and understand sentences, memory kicks in without consternation, remember the meaning of words I already know. 12 more words


Koin — foreflounderer

A foreflounderer refers to a physically, intellectually, or spiritually abortive predecessor.

Renan would be an example of this, for instance. Richard Dawkins might be another, but only time will tell. 406 more words


My beef with Steven Pinker

Now, I am very much a fan of Steven Pinker, I enjoy reading him very much, my problem is with one particular chapter in his book THE LANGUAGE INSTINCT.   1,525 more words


Portamanteau, n. A word that slides into another.

YAY! LA Magazine

Alright, so here‘s a very recent one, written in the miserable weather at the start of the month, and newly published by the very cheerful… 19 more words