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Using Archaic Words is as Bad as Using Made-Up New Ones

Aulus Gellius, Attics Nights 11.7

“One Should Avoid Very Archaic Words That Have Become Antiquated and Fallen Out of Use”

“Using words that are obsolete and worn down seems as affected as using uncustomary or new ones of harsh or unpleasant character. 487 more words


New word Tuesdays

Omnicure (n.) – Someone who will eat just about anything no matter how badly cooked.



I luvz me some neologisms.  My latest:  odibiquitous.  O-di-BIK-wit-us Adj.  the property of being foul, loathsome, reprehensible… and everywhere!

“Donald Trump’s odibiquitous presence is taxing, in this extended campaign for President.”


The Rise of Birtherism

Written by Ariama Long

Our country has created some interesting and unassuming neologisms, most notably the addition of words like ‘hashtag‘ or ‘ 654 more words

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New Word Tuesdays

Gluteate (v.) /ˈɡluːtɪt/ – To talk through your ass



The idea to give new meaning to this word came to me in serendipity. (Sharks) here is a verb and it means to be exploitative, ruthless and manipulative. 16 more words

New Word Tuesdays

Carboxymorons – Really toxic idiots…..