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NaPoWriMo18 - #16 Phaneality

Today’s prompt is an interesting one given by YourQuote. Coin a term and describe it. Use it in the poem.

She is free, fierce,
flawed yet beautiful,

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The paradise that is spring.

Within a week, everything went from pale green to bright green, the magnolias and the azaleas burst out into splendour, the apple blossoms overcame their basic shyness, they’re not yet in full white bloom, they’re just peeking, all pink buds, but blushing is very becoming, that’s at least what Oscar Wilde once said and he should know, all while the camellias try to outbloom everything else. 138 more words


'Timmle' - a new word

From a ‘thing in my life’ to ‘TIML’ to ‘timmle’.

I’ve often had to say that “I have to contend with a bipolar disorder” instead of saying “I have a bipolar disorder.” If I have this disorder, perhaps it will go away? 220 more words

Critical Thinking

“The Word Detective – A Memoir – Searching for the Meaning of it All at the Oxford English Dictionary” by John Simpson

This book sounds dry, but it’s not! John Simpson worked for/on the Oxford English Dictionary for 40 years, but never got bored, and his autobiography, likewise, is consistently interesting. 331 more words


– a new expression or word
– a coined expression

Every time I hear the neologism ‘YOLO’ I want to punch the person who said it in the face.’

Suburban Dictionary

Linguistics is for shimonrikbliks

This morning, my six-year-old decided he would come up with a new word. The word he invented was shimonrikblik [ ʃimoʊnɹɪkblɪk ]. I asked him what it meant and he thought for a while and said, “It’s another word for linguistics.” I love him. 549 more words


Why Isn't There a Word for This?

For a hot minute in the late aughts, I taught community college composition classes. As you might expect, the experience had some definite lowlights.  643 more words