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New word Tuesdays

For the first time, not my own creation but something by Sir Walter Scott. Read more interesting facts about the man here. It’s a nice site and you can spend a lot of time browsing through the odds and ends of authors, books and the language there. 9 more words


Retronyms: We Only Get 'Em When We Need 'Em

I learned a new word this weekend. Retronym. For me, learning new words is simultaneously exciting and depressing; exciting because it’s something new, but depressing because it serves to remind me of how much I don’t know. 1,011 more words


"As a kid growing up with split parents…"

Usually I tease you, gentle reader, with the ellipsis in a post title: “wait till you read the rest!” I implicitly promise.

This time the three dots are all I have; they end what I wrote down on a back page of my gradebook. 469 more words

Student Writing


I dreamt I was fighting with a woman. We wrestled on the floor. It was not anymore clear who was who. Until, I realized the other woman was me – a barbie. 16 more words


Obama-speak Drone Warfare Lexicon and the meaning of “near certainty”

For years now, the Obama administration has been following in the grand tradition of the George W. Bush administration by giving old words and expressions new meanings and basing institutional killing policy upon their neologisms and redefinitions. 560 more words


New word Tuesdays

Thanks to Sabiscuit for bringing this up, or brickbats from those with gentler constitutions…

Twos-day – The day after the night you ate from that dirty diner that gave you Salmonella…


Psychitecture? Dig it, baby!

Psychitecture is one of those coinages enabled by the word architecture. The word psychotecture springs immediately to mind, and there’s a blog called Architorture, which is brilliant, except that it is by a coed, Celina, at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo who is bored to death by her experience at its school of architecture. 339 more words

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