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New word Tuesdays

Euphewmism – the better sounding word that you think of just in time to avoid an unpleasant situation…..


Neologisms in the English Language

New words that haven’t quite yet been accepted into mainstream vocabulary are commonly referred to as ‘neologisms’.  The term neologism comes from the Greek words ‘neo’ (new) and ‘logo’ (speech or utterance). 974 more words

New Word Tuesdays

Scotch lass/lad – (not to be confused with a bonnie Scottish lass/lad). Someone who only looks beautiful through something more warped than beer goggles…


#40 Create a New Word

It wasn’t until 1977 that two psychologists introduced the phrase ‘Flashbulb Memory’ to explain the vivid and enduring recall many of us have of the circumstances in which we first heard stunning and emotionally arousing news. 576 more words

Try Something Different

Capitalysis - An Experiment in Anti-authoritarian Neologism



  • the process on a social scale by which accumulated wealth, capital, is released through the breakdown of societal structures of exploitation.

capitalyse or capitalyze… 39 more words

New word Tuesdays

Rossing – sticking to the lame excuse you’ve already made.