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I asked my mom for help finding a poem

Like Miss M said.

(A poem containing neologisms, or spoonerisms, or a pun).

But try as we might, it just couldn’t be done. 29 more words


New Word Tuesdays

Dick-saster /dɪkˈzɑːstə/ (n.) – A big tragedy, the result of someone acting like a total dick (see also: cock-tastrophe)


Oh The Places They'll Stick

When my son was younger, he would substitute any word he didn’t know with “hmm.” He’d say things like, “Cat have nose and mouth and hmm and eyes.” He would point to the thing he called, “hmm,” and I would give him the word. 147 more words


Verbal Intention

Verbal Intention
by Michael Romani

The word is miserable and flimsy
But I cannot help stealing the word
The word that speaks is mimsy
A word that was two and then blurred
At Lewis Carroll's sharp whimsy
It's a looking glass world filled with whimsy

It doesn't take a kleptomaniac
Nor even a wayward neophile
It sometimes just takes the knack
Of a weary bibliophile
Who somehow cannot find the right word
And suddenly, in a snap, it has occurred

It only takes a few well placed proto-logisms
Scattered around to grow into the neologism
That help foment the thoughts
Which become the memes that yesterday brought
There within our semantic extensions 
Is the beginning of all verbal inventions

(c) October 23, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved
Poetry And Poems

The Words C.S. Lewis Made Up: Part 1: Bulverism

As far as I know, Lewis never used the phrase, “wordsmith.” When it comes to writing, he preferred images of stone, greenery, and song to metaphors of fire and steel. 650 more words

C.S. Lewis

Keptomaniac ( new word)

A person addicted to borrowing stuff and not giving it back .


Tomorrow's Tongue

The words we know are not the only words we need to use,
They’re just the ones that practice makes it likelier we’ll choose.
Our language will be richer with another word or two. 8 more words