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Using Archaic Words is as Bad as Using Made-Up New Ones (Aulus Gellius, Attics Nights 11.7)

“One Should Avoid Very Archaic Words That Have Become Antiquated and Fallen Out of Use”

“Using words that are obsolete and worn down seems as affected as using uncustomary or new ones of harsh or unpleasant character. 487 more words


"Extinctify" Should be a Thing

It was in Population and Community Ecology course that I first heard the word. My professor, Brent Smith, was lecturing on some aspect of… 653 more words

Move over Plato, this one's sticky

If you are friends with a man, and just friends, and only friends, we say that it is a platonic relationship. I believe the word comes from Plato, the Greek philosopher. 268 more words

Humor Writing

Mark's Neologisms #2

“Never trust a computer you can’t throw out the window.”–Steve Wozniak

computus interruptus– n. the spontaneous unwanted shutdown of a program or app on a computer, tablet or smart phone.

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We are each little stars, burning
Bright and brimming with hope,
Life and prosperity. Wonderful
Dreams, discovered in those
Magical moonbeams that dance
Through the night. 94 more words