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Tomorrow's Tongue

The words we know are not the only words we need to use,
They’re just the ones that practice makes it likelier we’ll choose.
Our language will be richer with another word or two. 8 more words


Blues Weather – Ecologism

Language shapes reality, though the experience of Earth shapes language. To expand that vocabulary, here’s an environmental neologism – ecologism – to give voice to a particular phenomenon.  52 more words

Muddy Foggy


Art-Key-Types derived from art and archetypes are narratives or developed worldviews of art. In Literature artkeytypes are Streams of consciousness narratives and in art artkeyetypes are surrealism, impressionism and cubism. 6 more words



Litsatsy is from Literature and Ecstasy. Litstasy is a form of intellectual and aesthetic catharsis derived from reading and writing.
Example: Litsatsy is a passion for writing.



Netumer is derived from the internet and consumer. It refers to a person who buys and sells on line.
Example: Netumers are increasing day by day.



Today I was reading the Sunday Newspaper which carried an article on Musli Power an Indian aurvedic medicine the equivalent of Viagra manufactured by Kunnath Pharmaceuticals. 41 more words


Mots nous en català / New words in Catalan [Review]

“New words in Catalan” is the first attempt at publishing outcomes of NEOXOC network data analysis on Catalan neologisms from 2008 to 2010. NEOXOC is a network of different research groups in the field of neology; each group is responsible for collecting data, preparation of textual corpora and extracting new words in a certain Catalan dialect. 1,483 more words