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Opera Neon : un nouveau navigateur qui pourrait bien être le futur du navigateur

Opera lance aujourd’hui Neon, un nouveau navigateur aux allures futuristes qui propose quelques fonctionnalitas intaressantes.

Anne Hathaway is a city-crushing, dancing Kaiju in "Colossal"

Yes you read that headline correctly – Anne Hathaway is a city-crushing, dancing Kaiju in Neon’s upcoming film “Colossal”. Those are words, I never though I’d ever utter. 49 more words


Public Market

I love the neon light market sign at night.


The Avengers

This is the almighty Avengers! Its a simple version of the team. Poor Hawkeye can’t fly. Leave a comment down below of what you think of this art piece!

Zombee Apocalypse

Carolyn Court Sign Closeup - Selma, North Carolina

A few weeks back I posted a photograph showing the whole sign … a sign which has, for as long as I can remember, haunted my thoughts. 31 more words