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Valle de Arriba

After three posts (1, 2 and 3) and five rolls of film, I’m sure you’re losing patience with my holiday pictures of Tenerife. 494 more words


Magma Arte & Congresos, Adeje, Tenerife

I’ve already added a couple of posts with shots taken on our holiday to Tenerife (here and here) and haven’t been boo-ed off yet, so I’ll keep going.  326 more words


Week 15: Acros The Universe

Roll 28 of the year and it’s back to my new favourite combination of the Yashica-Mat 124G and Fujifilm Neopan Acros. I shot this roll on a short walk around Cossington Meadows, the nature reserve… 227 more words


Film Wasting in Newcastle

Another post from my 52 Rolls project – shooting film 52 weeks a year…

Two rolls for the price of one in this post (numbers 14 and 15 of the year already) but shot over the course of a couple of days and on a single trip, so I though I’d combine them. 939 more words


68 Miles.

Another post re-blogged from my 52Rolls project. The idea as you might have guessed is to shoot 52 rolls of film in a year, and write about the experience on… 682 more words


Week 5 continued: Bronica SQ-A

For the first time this year, I dragged out the handsome bulk of my Bronica SQ-A. It’s an early model that is very manual and my particular camera looks to have had a hard life. 413 more words


52 Rolls Week 4 - Farewell Lubitel

This payday saw a few extra pounds (and I mean a few) in my bank account. I decided to celebrate by buying a Yashica 124, a camera I’ve always wanted but never quite got around to. 447 more words