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Fuji Neopan was one of the first films I tried when I made my first, tentative steps back into analogue pictures some six years ago or so (you can read the full story in… 336 more words


My take on my Reality So Subtle 6x6 pinhole camera

Sometimes the first roll of film through a new camera doesn’t come out exactly as you expected. This was the case with my new Reality So Subtle 6×6 pinhole camera. 260 more words


Spring has sprung. Time for a refresh.

The weather is getting warmer and the sunny days are more than the gray ones. The air smells like blooming flowers!

Springtime is for fresh starts. 41 more words


Acros The Universe

Back to my favourite combination of last year,  the Yashica-Mat 124G and Fujifilm Neopan Acros. I shot this roll on a short walk around Cossington Meadows, the nature reserve… 112 more words


How to create your own black and white photos


Converting a photograph to black and white, is one of the easiest tasks today. You can hit the B&W button that is available in every app, you can apply a monochrome preset or simply reduce all colors to zero (de-saturate them). 339 more words


Bradgate Trees

I had a couple of hours free on Saturday while Emily slept. As usual, I was itching to get out and take pictures and as usual, I wasn’t really sure what to take them of. 437 more words


2017, Roll 12 - Photographing Mikey's Citroën

A couple of Sundays ago, I was lucky enough to be invited by Iain to take pictures of our mutual friend Mikey‘s classic Citroën DS.  281 more words