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Becoming Vision: The Video Series

Please visit Metaphysical Reflections, where Jason Youngman has begun making a video series in conjunction with my book-in-progress.  Each video will follow the commentary of the… 13 more words


Commentary on the Enneads of Plotinus

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Join us for a chapter-by-chapter commentary on The Enneads of Plotinus. But first things first, we must seek to understand the philosophical foundation of this work.  68 more words


An Introduction to Plotinus, Part 2: Beings and Being

Before proceeding any further, a we must seek to understand the philosophical foundation of the Enneads.  Plotinus inquires into the nature of existence itself, rather than any of the various particular… 1,504 more words


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In his discussion of Plotinus’ philosophy in his Lectures on the History of Philosophy, having written of nothing other than the One and unity with it, Hegel wrote: 418 more words


Hegel, Neoplatonist

Progress of my thesis 18.11.15

In my thesis I will argue that Hegel’s philosophy was clearly the result of his overlay of Christianity on Neoplatonism, that he was a Neoplatonist, that the connections between his philosophy and Neoplatonism are so numerous, consistent and profound, it should be a test of philosophers to argue not that Hegel was a Neoplatonist but that he wasn’t. 429 more words


Energy runs through the universe without end

’…Life streaming from Life; for energy runs through the Universe and there is no extremity at which it dwindles out.’

Plotinus, The Enneads III.8.5 (‘Nature, Contemplation, and the One’), Trans., Stephen MacKenna, Penguin, London, 1991

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An Introduction to Plotinus, Part 1: Seeking the Good

Plotinus represents the philosopher of integration par excellence.  He sought to articulate an integration of the human being within herself, and, at the same time, an integration of the human being with the… 1,016 more words