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Hegel the consummate Neoplatonist 12c

God is cognised in a perspectival community

A perspectival cultus is Neoplatonism’s end point. In it, the divine as eternal, infinite all-knowing lives amongst (with a Christian patina, is reconciled with) the multitude of a community, finite in their lives and knowledge. 2,372 more words


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Hi Mr. Stanfield,

When I was still a young boy who was convinced by the explanatory power of Science, I had thought that we only need Reason to understand the world. 627 more words



‘Let us then make a mental picture of our universe’ says Plotinus, in view to calling upon the Source of all things so as to behold it as vision. 25 more words


Hegel the consummate Neoplatonist 12b

Hegel’s Intuition

Hegel mocked Romantic intuition1 and Schelling’s black cows of the Absolute.2 He wrote

If…the True exists only in what, or better as what, is sometimes called intuition, sometimes immediate knowledge of the Absolute, religion or being…then what is required in the exposition of philosophy is, from this view-point, rather the opposite of the form of the Notion.

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Hegel the consummate Neoplatonist 12a

Hegel’s cognition of God

Hegel wrote that, contrary to the view of the church and the Enlightenment that we can know neither God nor truth, not only can we know God and truth, to do so is our highest duty… 1,568 more words


CONTEMPLATION - Uniting All Existence

The modern use of the word contemplation is to think seriously about something. It is a mental act of intelligence, often used so as to make an important decision or to ponder the relevance of something significant in which the subject has already deemed essential to his or her life. 74 more words


Platonism and Neoplatonism in Numen

The new issue of Numen (volume 63, issues 2-3) features a number of articles on later Platonism and religion in late antiquity. Looking forward to digging into them. 171 more words