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The tremendous power of the negative


my name is Philip Stanfield and my purpose in setting up this blog is primarily to explore through my posts the concepts ‘materialism’ and ‘mysticism’ (regarded under capitalist ideology in turn with hostility and suspicion), how they interrelate and how they can and do reflect in creativity. 325 more words


Augustine on Sex

I have been reading back through Augustine’s Confessions recently, and I have noticed an intersection between his thought on sex and my argument regarding contraception… 568 more words


Two mystics advocate flight from the world

‘This is the life of gods and of the godlike and blessed among men, liberation from the alien that besets us here, a life taking no pleasure in the things of earth, the passing of solitary to solitary.’ 445 more words

Capitalist Ideology

We have lost track of the dimensions of philosophical language

‘…we have so little experience in taking metaphorical speech seriously as a carrier of philosophical meaning that we read right past it. …we have become so accustomed to the monotone hum of the abstract concept and the category, the fluorescent buzz of the argument, that we have lost track of the dimensions of philosophical language. 63 more words

Dialectical Materialism

Nicaea and Its Legacy: An Approach to Fourth-Century Trinitarian Theology by Lewis Ayres

12        “Pro-Nicene theologies combined both doctrinal propositions and a complex of intellectual theological strategies. Together these doctrines and the strategies within which those doctrines were intended to be read constitute a theological culture.” 991 more words


Reply to Grimbeau

Hi Grimbeau,

It comes as no surprise to me that an Australian who speaks with the integrity and world-orientation John Pilger does is an ex-pat. 425 more words

Capitalist Ideology