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International Journal of the Platonic Tradition 11:1

Courtesy of the ISNS mailing list – the newest issue of IJPT has been made available. It includes an article on Plotinus and the Gnostics by Zeke Mazur, as well as a tribute to Zeke written by Jean-Marc Narbonne. 284 more words

Defining Platonism

Courtesy of the ISNS mailing list, a notice regarding a new volume of studies of Neoplatonism: Defining Platonism: Essays in Honor of the 75th Birthday of John M. 219 more words



Let it be said from the beginning: If you like alternative histories, then this is the book you want to read right now: The Game of Saturn… 2,335 more words


By Way of Explanation.

I feel the need to explain myself.

This is what happens when a pagan of no fixed tradition tries to craft a daily practice from the following ingredients: 50 more words


Electrical Magic and the Science of the Supernatural

By Owen Davies, University of Hertfordshire

Over the last two millennia, the idea of a world governed by invisible forces has shaped the way people in western cultures have understood the relationship between us, the natural world, and the heavens. 621 more words

Electric Generations

The Birth of Gender: An Allegory

Not long after the dissipation of The One, there arose an especially bright and ethereal creature on earth. By nature, the creature was full of potential and power, but was also a creature that was conflicted in mind and body, for it seemed to love and hate itself, and would often try to harm itself because of this. 1,777 more words

new books in Neoplatonism, spring 2017

Several juicy titles in Neoplatonic Studies are popping up for 2017 already. One is a promising-looking set of studies on Byzantine Perspectives on Neoplatonism, which includes a number of papers on Proclus, Plethon, and the reception of Neoplatonic texts in the Byzantine world. 51 more words