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A mystical tale

Hi Moshe,

You’ve asked me to briefly re-state my position on mysticism, so I’ll begin with a tale.

Long ago (aren’t these always the first words of a tale?), because a conversation I had with a girl seemed to go well, I asked her for a date and she agreed. 438 more words


The Routledge Handbook of Neoplatonism

Courtesy of John F. Finamore, via the ISNS mailing list:

“The Routledge Handbook of Neoplatonism, edited by Svetla Slaveva-Griffin and Pauliina Remes, is now available: 334 more words


Dionysian angelic dynamism

besides his obvious extreme debt to neoplatonism (which in the post-Harnackian world is always extremely suspect, along with all incursions of “hellenism”), there are two major complains about the theology of pseudo-Dionysius. 1,819 more words


First proposal for a course on mysticism and art theory at the Centre for Continuing Education, the University of Sydney, 1999

First proposal for a course on the impact of mysticism on art and art theory at the Centre for Continuing Education, the University of Sydney, 1999  1,263 more words


What is philosophy the love of?

Hi Tach,

thank you for your comment and wishes. Thirty-two years of absolute commitment in pursuit of my intellectual vision (a concept, as Utzon and many others have experienced, which provokes the same response in Australia as daylight does from Dracula) academically in an authoritarian, anti-intellectual, shame-based and servile culture (all elements of the founding convict culture recently celebrated yet again by Abbott’s awarding a knighthood to the English queen’s husband and prior to that, by Obama’s showing his contempt for him – and thereby, for all Australians – at the G20 etc., etc.) have come to an end. 835 more words