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Hodgson on behalf of Hegel, the concealed priesthood in Western philosophy and the supremacist lie of Western ‘reason’ 

‘Our age is like that of the Roman Empire in its abandonment of the question of truth, its smug conviction that no cognitive knowledge of God can be had, its reduction of everything to merely historical questions, its privatism, subjectivism, and moralism, and the failure of its teachers and clergy to lead the people. 151 more words


The Oracle of Delphi on Plotinus

OME time after his death, one of Plotinus’ pupils consulted the oracle at the Temple of Apollo at Delphi concerning the fate of his master’s soul. 1,168 more words


Engels on materialism: part 1

The great basic question of all philosophy, especially of more recent philosophy, is that concerning the relation of thinking and being. From the very early times when men, still completely ignorant of the structure of their own bodies, under the stimulus of dream apparitions… 545 more words


Engels on Hegel: part 3 The end of philosophy?

With all philosophers it is precisely the “system” which is perishable; and for the simple reason that it springs from an imperishable desire of the human mind — the desire to overcome all contradictions. 238 more words


The Return to Union - Plotinus' Mystical Rapture

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“Often have I woken up to myself out of the body and entered into myself,
outside of other things, seeing a beauty of great wonder and trusting that then… 101 more words


Engels on Hegel: part 2

Both capital’s learned philosophers and Marxists would do well to pay attention to the following words. Or perhaps they are for all but the above, whose ideologies are equally… 461 more words


A Sensational Figure in Irish History: Maybe You Know This Face ... Do You Remember?

Neoplatonist philosopher, theologian, and scientific pioneer who influenced Hegel: John Scotus Eriugena embodied the golden age of Irish culture.

Scotus Eriugena’s face bedecked the old currency of Ireland. 629 more words