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Workshop: Neoplatonist Theology

Courtesy of Earl Fontainelle:

Advance Notice of a

Workshop on Neoplatonist Theology


The Castle, Durham.

4 p.m. on 16th to 1 p.m. on 18th May. 156 more words


Medicine in the Middle Ages: Rare Books in the Burns Library

While working in the library catalog, I set to searching one of my favorite topics, the Medieval period. Trying to narrow the search results, I added the term medicine to see what would come up. 591 more words

Student Posts

What Is Consciousness? Science Moves Towards a Theory of Graduated Interaction Between the Mind & Body

What is consciousness?  What differentiates between the mind and the brain?

The work of Dr Mashour and his team at the University of Michigan offer an interesting study which suggests that rather than consciousness having binary on/off states, there is a gradual process of integration/seperation which occurs as we gain/lose consciousness. 166 more words


New book: Timotin, La prière dans la tradition platonicienne, de Platon à Proclus

Andrei Timotin’s latest has just been published – a comprehensive treatment of prayer in the Platonic Tradition. His book on demonology in Platonism is the definitive treatment on the subject, and really a must-read for anyone interested in demons and divine intermediaries in late ancient Mediterranean literature, so this one promises to be worthwhile as well. 786 more words


New Book: Origenes der Christ und Origenes der Platoniker

The question of whether the massively important early Christian theologian Origen of Alexandria was one and the same person as the Origen mentioned by the later Platonists as Plotinus’s colleague, a fellow student of Ammonias Saccas in Alexandria, remains one of the hottest issues of contention in the study of Patristic theology and late ancient philosophy. 254 more words


The Prometheus Trust - "Living philosophic traditions"

Call for Abstracts:  The Prometheus Trust – 13th Annual conference: “Living philosophic traditions”   

June 29th – July 1st, 2018  – Mancetter, Warwickshire, UK

What does it mean to live within a philosophic tradition?  411 more words

Science searches for consciousness... finds Plotinus and the Qabalah

A new study of brain activity has researchers considering the possibility that entropy is the cause of the mysterious phenomenon of human consciousness.

Source: New Study Links Human Consciousness to a Law That Governs the Universe… 89 more words