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Subtle Bodies, a book review.

Although my occasional full bodied roars drew complaints from accountants in the office upstairs, my acupuncturist agreed that it was a good way to release energy.  1,217 more words


Hegel on the Light of Life

…vast tracts of sea break out into phosphorescent light…the whole surface of the sea, too, is partly an infinite shining, partly an immeasurable, immense sea of light which consists purely of points of life lacking any further organisation. 36 more words


Battle of the time lords

Comment for The Philosopher’s Zone 21.06.15

Hi Joe,

Jimena Canales said in your interview of her that she looked at the entry in the SEP… 524 more words


Divinus Plato: Is Plato a Religious Figure?

Divinus Plato: Is Plato a Religious Figure?

SHOULD we view Plato only as a philosopher, or may we also approach him as a religious figure: a prophet, sage, priest, or shaman, who is in some sense divinely inspired, and whom a superintending Providence supplied for the benefit of humanity? 90 more words


The Eclecticism of the Neoplatonists of Alexandria

The aim of Ammonious Saccas, Greek philosopher from Alexandria and founder of the New Platonic Eclectic School, was to reconcile the plethora of sects in Egypt and Palestine at the time; and perhaps all sects, peoples, and nations under one common cause and faith. 623 more words


On Worship: A Pagan Answers the Atheists

“If God is so perfect and needs nothing, then why does he keep demanding that we serve him and pray to him?”

That’s one of the most common arguments given to prove contradictions in theistic religions. 477 more words


Ontological Beginnings

In a previous post, I argued for the Prime Mover as the ontological foundation of existence. This is a pure unity, identical with Being and Existence itself. 1,023 more words