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Engels on materialism: part 9 - ‘What is man? - Half beast, half angel’

…Starcke looks for Feuerbach’s idealism in the wrong place.

“Feuerbach is an idealist; he believes in the progress of mankind.” (p.19)

“The foundation, the substructure of the whole, remains nevertheless idealism. 632 more words


Regarding Hypatia #2

Sorry, again, for the irrelevance of this post. Same tactics as last time, don’t hit “read more” if Hypatia is of no interest to you. For those interested, this post will be centered on her work as a philosopher and a mathematician. 2,501 more words

Random Thoughts

Dr. Scott on the Development of Sacramentalism and Monasticism

Dr. Hugh M. Scott (1848-1909), Professor of Church History at Chicago Theological Seminary, writes in Origin and Development of the Nicene Theology: with Some Reference to the Ritschlian View of Theology and History of Doctrine… 896 more words


Commentary and invitation to experience the synergy between Alcibiades & Socrates.

(Click on the image above to see video – 3 mins)

An introduction and personal invite to experience the unifying essence of a Platonic Dialog. 279 more words


Writing while taking a dump: Part 6

I would like to acknowledge those thinkers, scholars, artists, scientists, theorists, writers, social and historical figures who remain unknown to me, whose ideas have shaped my own without either of us realizing it. 23 more words

Writing While Taking A Dump

Charles Hodge on Mysticism vs. Orthodox Spirituality

The following are excerpts from Hodge’s Systematic Theology, vol. I (NY: Scribner, Armstrong, and Co., 1877), pages 63-86, in which he defines Mysticism and differentiates it from Evangelical spirituality.  3,318 more words


Mantras as Spells

I spent a lot of time yelling “Expelliarmus!” and “Petrificus Totalus!” while pointing my finger at people after watching the Harry Potter movies. Filled with excitement, it really felt like my will could turn anything into stone. 714 more words

Magical Power