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    Richard Linklater’s neorealistic Slacker (1991), which is considered a film that launched a slew of films, such as Kevin Smith’s Clerks (1994), is an anthology film unlike most others of that particular genre (Pierson,  219 more words

No, a nuclear armed Ukraine would not have been able to keep Crimea

As the Crimea crisis was beginning, at least a few people made the claim that, if only Ukraine had kept it’s nuclear weapons, then Russia would not have dared to annex Crimea. 965 more words

What to Make of American Hegemony

In American political rhetoric, they are the good guys: the policemen of the world, the indispensable nation, the cowboys in white hats stopping the evil sheriff. 1,082 more words

Global Trends

Trump, Putin, and the New World Order

Donald Trump likes Vladimir Putin, and the sentiment is returned. Trump says Putin is “a real leader,” and Putin says Trump is “brilliant.” There are two central reasons for this mutual admiration of Trump to Putin and vice-versa. 1,210 more words

Riso Amaro (1949): De Santis and the feminine body

De Santis’ Riso Amaro, with its masses of mondine continuously populating the screen, definitely proves David MacDougall’s thesis that “Films… are littered with bodies”[1] 2,016 more words


Why do civil wars tend to defy traditional approaches to ‘conflict resolution’?

There is agreement in the field of conflict studies that intrastate wars are different from interstate wars. The literature, however, is largely inconsistent when it comes to the study of civil wars, in that while some scholars analyse civil war as a whole, others prefer to analyse ethnic civil war in particular. 2,461 more words


Rocco e I Suoi Fratelli

If, like me, you are frequently disappointed by the current crop of films – the endless franchises, sequels, remakes and the playing down to the audience – take heart, because we have other options in our cinematic travails. 498 more words