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The Existential Noir of Michelangelo Antonioni

“On how Italian modernist Michelangelo Antonioni fashioned his first film, ‘Story of a Love Affair,’ after 1940s Hollywood noir” By Kevin B. Lee

Or perhaps to put it another way, the marriage of neorealism with noir.


Academy Awards Reading! Cinema Studies at Johns Hopkins Press

Thanks to Johns Hopkins University Press for posting on my Italian film book, A CINEMA OF POETRY – check out their fantastic list in Cinema Studies… 12 more words

Default Setting: Bored

Just last week I read Jakob Boer’s interesting paper “As Slow As Possible: An Enquiry Into the Redeeming Power of Boredom for Slow Film Viewers” (2015). 782 more words

Slow Cinema

Fellini's Tragedy: Romantic Narrative

Culture has instilled sense of the romantic narrative. Audiences view love as something to be fulfilled in storytelling and automatically search for a happy conclusion, often disregarding that real world romance will usually be fraught with negative emotions of pain or loneliness. 698 more words


Filmmaking versus Hollywood

If you’re like me, you hate today’s Hollywood movies. If you’ve recently turned your back on the multiplex and are seeking better films to watch, may I recommend neorealism? 607 more words


Mid-Century Photos Capture Slices of Postwar Italy Life

After the end of World War II and the downfall of dictator Benito Mussolini, a new movement was born in Italy:

Neorealism, which realistically portrayed the desperate conditions of the poor and the working class after the war. 240 more words


Award-winning Bulgarian feature The Lesson a contemporary take on Italian neorealism

In the first film history class that I took I learned the word “verisimilitude” and was introduced to, and fell in love with, Italian neorealism. Films like Vittorio De Sica’s… 684 more words

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