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Anna Magnani as Pina: The Making of an Unforgettable Scene

She imitates nobody. Nobody imitates her. (Barzini 52)

On Monday December 19 1955, Time Magazine referred to Anna Magnani as the world’s greatest actress. The article focused on her role of Serafina delle Rose in the movie… 2,014 more words

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The Battle of Algiers Film Review

If there was ever a film that truly brought its viewers into the midst of the drama, it is Gillo Pontecorvo’s 1965, The Battle of Algiers… 892 more words

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Green Square Urban Renewal Area and The Ideal City

Graham Hammill’s Sexuality and Form: Caravaggio, Marlowe, and Bacon features an analysis of ‘The Baltimore Panel,’ a painting also known as ‘The Ideal City’ and usually attributed to Fra Carnevale. 1,352 more words


Victoria (Sebastian Schipper, Germany: 2015)

A couple of weeks ago, Spotlight (Tom McCarthy, US: 2015) won the 88th Academy Award for Best Picture. It was a safe choice, guaranteed not to offend – at least in part because Spotlight is the type of film that derives its worth in large part from its subject matter. 1,475 more words

History, Theory, and the Iraq War

By James A. Chisem

There is a famous scene in the popular television show Family Guy in which the main characters, Brian the dog and Peter Griffin, take time out of a road trip across America to visit Ground Zero in New York City. 4,956 more words

International Relations

The English School: ideas, traditions and theory

Central ideas in the English School

The ‘English School’ label was first written down by Roy Jones in 1981. According to Hall, Dunne and Wheeler’s commitment to solidarism and constructivism eschew some of the English School’s foundational ideas such as the centrality of states, importance of power politics and a deep skepticism about the possibility of different political communities reaching agreement on substantive political matters. 2,406 more words

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