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Post 10 (Week 13) - Roma Citta Aperta (1945) and The Bicycle Thief (1948)

ORIGINAL DATE: 28th of January, 2015

Winter vacations. Back for the new term.

The first screening of the new term was ‘Roma Citta Aperta… 236 more words


The Italian star system of the 1950s and 60s

The Beginning of the Italian Star System

The postwar cinema in Italy brought the rise of many great actors and directors as the Neorealism movement put Italy on the map for filmmakers worldwide. 1,344 more words

Triumph Of Talkies (1931-)

Gaze and Pasolini

When viewing film, presentation gets understood and scrutinized the fastest. The style of a film sets the tone outright, solidifying the piece to exist through a certain lens imposed upon the viewer and creating a gaze for which all information gets understood through. 682 more words


The Existential Noir of Michelangelo Antonioni

“On how Italian modernist Michelangelo Antonioni fashioned his first film, ‘Story of a Love Affair,’ after 1940s Hollywood noir” By Kevin B. Lee

Or perhaps to put it another way, the marriage of neorealism with noir.


Academy Awards Reading! Cinema Studies at Johns Hopkins Press

Thanks to Johns Hopkins University Press for posting on my Italian film book, A CINEMA OF POETRY – check out their fantastic list in Cinema Studies… 12 more words

Default Setting: Bored

Just last week I read Jakob Boer’s interesting paper “As Slow As Possible: An Enquiry Into the Redeeming Power of Boredom for Slow Film Viewers” (2015). 782 more words

Slow Cinema

the place as narrative phenomena

Society perpetuates that we, as individuals, must find “our place” with in our construction. That, inherently, being born into society gives us a place we must find for, or create for, ourselves. 686 more words