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Long Distance Call

Relationships. Ugh. Just the sound of this word in a cinematic context makes some people roll their eyes. What else can be said about relationships in movies? 1,470 more words



For Leeds Cineforum’s next screening, our co-director Rachel Johnson will present Gomorrah (Matteo Garrone, 2008). The screening will take place at 18:30-21:30 on Wednesday the 9th of May at  142 more words

Ossessione: is it Neorealism?

The movement known as the Italian Neorealism is widely considered to be the birth of modern cinema. In a time in which the world was in the midst of the cruelest war witnessed by humanity, and Italy found itself under the rule of fascist leaser Benito Mussolini, a group of young filmmakers came to the forefront and defied conventions and the established norm. 1,028 more words


Film Review - Ladri di Biciclette

It’s incredible that after 70 years, a film can still have such a powerful impact on a contemporary audience. When I first watched “Ladri di Biciclette” (Vittorio De Sica), I cried. 349 more words


Killer of Sheep

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Charles Burnett’s 1978 indie film, ‘Killer of Sheep,’ was created over the course of five years as his MA thesis at UCLA Film School. 1,129 more words


The Exiles

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The Exiles is an independent American film directed by the British-born filmmaker Kent Mackenzie who also produced and edited the picture, gathered the story and shaped it into a script form. 1,085 more words


Shanty Tramp: Exploitation and The American South

Shanty Tramp was a 1967 exploitation film directed by Joseph W. Maura. A Queens, New York native, he began the first phase of his directing career in the Big Apple where he directed half a dozen films before becoming financially secure enough to make the move to Long Island where he produced the remainder of his 14 total films as an exploitation independent filmmaker. 1,287 more words