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An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker (2013) - Danis Tanovic

A neorealist film in which a poor gypsy family (playing themselves) struggle to find medical treatment for the mother. So much is got from so little with careful crafting of real events into story drama (only occasionally a little exaggerated) and the use of the children for pathos, as in Bicycle Thieves. 14 more words

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2015 Blind Spot Series - "The Bicycle Thief"

“The Bicycle Thief” came out during a difficult time of recovery and transition. It was November of 1948 and World War 2 was over. Italy was in political and economic turmoil. 761 more words

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Bicycle Thieves (1948)

Sometimes a quiet voice has more impact than a bellow. For instance, I will never shed any tears watching a Transformers film, yet I was deeply moved after seeing Vittorio De Sica’s   394 more words


Featured Artist : Naive John

20 Questions to Naive John (www.naivejohn.com).

1: Who are you?
I’m a highly unimportant space/time event enjoying an experience that’s called ‘Naive John’.

2: What is your background? 638 more words


I Clowns (1970) - Federico Fellini

A powerful and highly imaginative history of clowning: part mockumentary, part dream-memoir and part loving tribute to a dying art. It’s beautifully constructed and gets at the dark side of clowning, culminating in an elaborate confrontation with mortality in a clown funeral set-piece. 30 more words


Ballast (2008) - Lance Hammer

A mysterious neorealist drama focused on the fallout from a man’s death, as his twin brother attempts suicide while his estranged wife and child escape poverty by setting themselves up at his family’s store. 42 more words

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Video: What is Neorealism in Film? (a five minute answer)

In this fascinating experiment, a film by Vittorio de Sica and a contemporary recut by David O. Selznick are examined side-by-side in order to understand the difference between Sica’s neorealistic style and Hollywood’s more conventional editing. 17 more words

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