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Neoteny / The Big Babies

The obesity epidemic/ Example 1: a physical manifestation of psychological neoteny. Paedogenesis – the retention of juvenile traits in mature adults – is one aspect of neoteny.  107 more words

Asperger's Human Experience

Brain frontal lobes not sole center of human intelligence

Brain frontal lobes not sole center of human intelligence, comparative research suggests

Source: Durham University

Human intelligence cannot be explained by the size of the brain’s frontal lobes, say researchers. 443 more words

Asperger's Human Experience


“From their ‘mature adult’ heights adults only too frequently look down patronizingly upon the ‘childish’ qualities of the child, without any understanding of their real meaning.  25 more words

Mental Illness

From "The Neoteny Society" by Cheyenne Tosiyetto

Taking Stephen Jay Gould to heart, the Neoteny Society was dedicated to the idea that humans, as a species, were just the larval stage of another organism. 172 more words


Social (Experiment) Distortion

There has been a lot of buzz recently about dating websites and the responses that women receive from the men on them. Whether it’s creating social media accounts to share horror stories… 1,157 more words


Human Neoteny - From Tadpole to Salamander

What an incredible phenomenon… this is a must watch! Two minutes of pure hope for humanity.  A very short excerpt from the workshop Terence McKenna presented at Esalen in December 1994.

Terence Mckenna