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Autism and the Neanderthal (and Denisovan and other apes) Connection

There is a cluster of genes that is found in Homo sapiens, but which is not found in any other ape, including Neanderthals. It turns out that the deletion of this segment (essentially, reversion of the genome to pre-Homo sapiens, at least in this section) can result in… 243 more words

Unlike Dogs, Cat Resemble Their Wild Ancestor

Dogs don’t look like they evolved from wolves (though they did). Cats still closely resemble their African wildcat ancestor both in form and behavior. 864 more words

Wild Cats

Ana Taylor-Joy | Neoteny

A woman’s best friend is Neoteny, I have wondered why this certain look is as eye-catching as it is. Will be posting links of people with neotenous features as it is a topic I often refer to. 46 more words


Human Intentions, Animal Threats, and Autism

Temple Grandin points out that autistic people tend to live in a state of anxiety and fear much like a prey animal does (as do people with PTSD, who have also been made to feel like they’re constantly being hunted). 296 more words

Child's Play

I just love it when I discover that we share things with others. That we are not the sole custodians of our genes is cause for celebration, don’t you think? 1,025 more words

Land of the Lustrous: Mine Eyes Have Seen Much

Management: This essay is meant to be less of a review and more of analysis of the show being examined. It contains plot spoilers for the Land of the Lustrous anime. 1,884 more words

Research Sheds Light on Mysteries of the 'Shadow Ghost' Firefly

As a species of firefly, Phausis inaccensa doesn’t quite live up to the popular perception of glowing flyers lighting up summer nights. P. inaccensa males lack lanterns, and females, meanwhile, do glow, but they lack wings. 567 more words