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Manifesto for play: The more you play, the bigger your brain?

Manifesto for play

The more you play, the bigger your brain?

I’m here today to start a revolution.  I mean a drastic and far-reaching change in the way we think and behave — the way we think and the way we behave. 3,055 more words



Krikit, a Shebahuahua, was a perfect example!  Here he stares out the window of the new house.  What a character he was; I miss him and would do anything to have him back.


Not Aging Well

These days, if I stand still too long, my (thankfully-still-functional) feet seem to sink noticeably further into that squishy phase of contemporary (North American female human) life when one can no longer ignore the preponderance of pop-ups, adverts, magazines, robocalls, inserts, etc etc re the “Secrets of Living Your Dream Life into the Third Age” & “Secrets of Getting Rid of Disturbing Without Surgery” etc etc. 913 more words

Just An Everyday Life


“From their ‘mature adult’ heights adults only too frequently look down patronizingly upon the ‘childish’ qualities of the child, without any understanding of their real meaning.  25 more words

Mental Illness

From "The Neoteny Society" by Cheyenne Tosiyetto

Taking Stephen Jay Gould to heart, the Neoteny Society was dedicated to the idea that humans, as a species, were just the larval stage of another organism. 172 more words


Social (Experiment) Distortion

There has been a lot of buzz recently about dating websites and the responses that women receive from the men on them. Whether it’s creating social media accounts to share horror stories… 1,157 more words

Social Issues

Human Neoteny - From Tadpole to Salamander

What an incredible phenomenon… this is a must watch! Two minutes of pure hope for humanity.  A very short excerpt from the workshop Terence McKenna presented at Esalen in December 1994.