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Zeitgeist Report: Week of 8/16/2015.

On “actin’ black:” Neoteny as a social relic of scientific racism that is still alive and well in the black community.

“Murray! E1C1, 02005602!” I had to report to my cell door before every feeding, 3 times a day, to show my ID and recite my name, location, and what I would later come to realize is literally an invoice number. 932 more words

White Women's Tears

Did you know that white women cry a lot? And that it annoys the crap out of black women? I didn’t, either, but “White women’s tears” is a thing SJWs and anti-racists actually talk about. 1,070 more words

Manifesto for play: The more you play, the bigger your brain?

Manifesto for play

The more you play, the bigger your brain?

I’m here today to start a revolution.  I mean a drastic and far-reaching change in the way we think and behave — the way we think and the way we behave. 3,055 more words



Krikit, a Shebahuahua, was a perfect example!  Here he stares out the window of the new house.  What a character he was; I miss him and would do anything to have him back.


Not Aging Well

These days, if I stand still too long, my (thankfully-still-functional) feet seem to sink noticeably further into that squishy phase of contemporary (North American female human) life when one can no longer ignore the preponderance of pop-ups, adverts, magazines, robocalls, inserts, etc etc re the “Secrets of Living Your Dream Life into the Third Age” & “Secrets of Getting Rid of Disturbing Without Surgery” etc etc. 913 more words

Just An Everyday Life