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Nailing Neoteny Boop on the Nose

Current timeline has this Betty Boop Cosplay on point.

Jbunzie not only nails the image of #BettyBoop with her make-up application but her acting and subtle Boop characteristics are SPOT ON!!

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Why The Fuck Do Baby Animals Make Us So Fucking Stupid?

Squeeeee! We’ve all done it. We have spent an entire day looking at GIF’s of baby animals falling down. We have turned down dinner plans and sexual opportunities because we were too far entrenched in the YouTube rabbit hole that follows watching a baby panda sneeze. 589 more words


Weird how cultural perceptions change over time. When I was a kid, axolotls were really freaky looking, almost science fiction, even scary, like aliens. As bizarre looking a creature as you could find in earth. 216 more words


Is Neoteny the Problem in the West?

We’ve got a lot of 30-something males still living at home with mommy and daddy today.  They don’t work and aren’t married and basically all they do is sit in the basement playing video games endlessly or engaging in some other recreational activity that one would expect to see a teenage boy doing.   1,425 more words


Neoteny and Females

By definition, neoteny means “the retention of juvenile features in the adult animal.”

Let’s Discuss.

*Women who are without strong father figures usually have negative female figures, and are more inclined to be low-energy, low-incentive, and albeit lazy. 510 more words

Forever Young

Who among us hasn’t looked at the big round eyes of a child or a puppy gazing up at us and wished that they’d always stay young and cute like that? 845 more words


The New 'Old' Fashioned Way

‘Insert genre here’ now sounds like ‘insert genre here’ then.

Claims like this get bounced off modern artists all the time. Often it is in lament, a cry for the creative to replace redundancy. 382 more words