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Eusocial insects

“Great point about insects. Spooky levels of selflessness.”

Not all insects. Social insects. Or eusocial insects, in the parlance of the trade. I am not sure if there has been altruism observed among other insects, but among social insects a selfless sort of altruism, to the point of suicide, makes perfect sense because  reproduction is typically done via…

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Insects And Other Arthropods

My First Salamander

Salamanders are really, really cool. I mean-they are one of the earliest lineages of quadruped vertebrates, and they are capable of breathing through their skin, and many species are… 239 more words

Harnessing Heritage

The following is based on a talk that I gave recently with Rising Minds in London…

As a historian – by training and quite possibly by nature – who researches and lectures on the subject of fashion and who works with luxury fashion companies, I sometimes feel like a pilgrim in an unholy land. 1,063 more words

Fashion Commentary

Writing Through

This morning I’m filled with doubt. I doubt my skill at writing dialogue. I don’t feel included or capable of anything approaching the awesomeness of my compadres in the business of wordsmithing.  425 more words


Mindful Play Time: Why Adult Humans Are Really Giant Toddlers

While researching for my play workshop, I came across an interesting concept called neoteny.  According to the Scientific American article “Being More Infantile Might Have Led to Bigger Brains… 797 more words


Why College Students Are So Childish

Would you believe it? As of April of this year, more than 17 million Americans were enrolled in college ( http://www.statisticbrain.com/college-enrollment-statistics/ ).

That’s way, way too many people in college. 150 more words

Pop Culture

Zeitgeist Report: Week of 8/16/2015.

On “actin’ black:” Neoteny as a social relic of scientific racism that is still alive and well in the black community.

“Murray! E1C1, 02005602!” I had to report to my cell door before every feeding, 3 times a day, to show my ID and recite my name, location, and what I would later come to realize is literally an invoice number. 932 more words