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The Next Step in My Journey

For the past four years I’ve had a dream. It’s one of those dreams that feels so wild and unimaginable that I tuck it in my back pocket and only take it out on days when I’m feeling especially hopeful, or willing to believe that God has a good plan for my life. 925 more words

Nepal-style black lentil soup

In my previous home town of Madison, Wisconsin, we had a surprising number of Nepali restaurants per capita. That isn’t to say I understand “authentic” Nepali food better than anyone else, but at least there was some exposure to uniquely flavored dals, momos, and chutneys. 488 more words

Featured Food Discoveries


I love Quora. The wealth of authentic answers that I read from intelligentsia users has broadened my knowledge to a great extent. But lately, I have come across some disturbing questions that question the national integrity of Nepal and hence that has made me mad enough to report such stupid questions to the Quora team. 1,049 more words


India to Nepal: A 2-Day Journey

You know that feeling in the morning after a big night out? Your head is going doosh, doosh, doosh…your stomach is like you’ve been on the ferries wheel a ride too long, your legs hurt in places you didn’t know you had muscles and you just want to die. 1,430 more words


Just From Chevron (Or Paradise Might Laugh When at Last It Falls)

Greetings Friends,

We have had quite the week over here in Sauraha. Throughout the course of the week, we have forged rivers, brought pizzas into being from scratch, travelled into and advanced through Chitwan National Park and community forests while bareback upon elephants. 951 more words