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Teaching in Nepal

Volunteering is a very large industry in Nepal. Whilst staying in backpacker hostels, you will easily lose count of the numbers of fellow travellers who either have been or will be engaged in some kind of voluntary work. 1,212 more words


Kathmandu Episode 2

My first stop was going to be Pasupatinath. I was to meet my friends there. Abhishek and Vibhuti, childhood buddies and my forever partners in crime. 495 more words


Peace Perspectives Official T-Shirt

We are happy to share some of the photos of our volunteer models, Pragya and Robin, wearing our official Peace Perspectives t-shirt and taken by our Public Relations Officer, Sudeep. 24 more words


Crave On!

“Hi, I’m Jud,” he said, extending a hand. “I don’t believe we’ve met.”

“Hi, I’m Jeff.” It was all I could think of to say, thrown off by his spontaneous manifestation as I sat reading the book he’d just published. 819 more words

Diorali to Siprong

The lodge is already being warmed by the sun when I get up shortly after seven but by the time Nathalie and I are on our way it’s after nine. 303 more words


நேபாள முஸ்லிம்கள்...

நேபாள சமஷ்டி ஜனநாயகக் குடியரசு

தலைநகரம்: காத்மண்டு

சனத்தொகை: 26,494,504 (சது.கி.மீட்டருக்கு 180 பேர்)

இனக்குழுமங்கள்: Chhettri 15.5%, Brahman-Hill 12.5%, Magar 7%, Tharu 6.6%, Tamang 5.5%, Newar 5.4%, Muslim 4.2%, Kami 3.9%, Yadav 3.9% 33 more words

மற்றவை அனைத்தும்

Bending, Tenting and Constructing

Every day I wake up in a tent, yawn my way out of the thin mattresses and sleeping bags I call my bed and wander towards the common area to make tea and put some jam on bread. 786 more words