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Fallen Angels and Spirit Rape: A Strong Illusion

The Lord said that the last times would be like the days of Noah.

What distinguishes Noah’s day from any other period in human history is the ability of the spirits to communicate and physically interact with flesh.  813 more words

Giants That fell From the Sky (Giant Primer part 5)

Last of a five part Primer on Giants (which starts here).

The religious mysteries of the various cultures that surrounded the Mediterranean Sea basically start with some sky god knocking up the earth goddess. 673 more words



Three hundred feet deep, Alex could hear the rush of air entering his helmet. It startled him at first. He heard his counterpart cursing through the mic. 1,253 more words


A Rebuttal...

I have led several different teams to Peru in order to validate one way or the other whether or not the Paracas Elongated Skulls (see picture to the left) are genetic, or the results of cradle boarding. 3,135 more words
The Supernatural

Shadowed Embers - NSFW

Why hello again. This post is special as it highlights two very gorgeous items from the upcoming Circle of Embers charity event. What is this event, you ask? 310 more words