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Unseen Realm Q&A (van Dorn)

The book is written in a catechetical Q & A format, at some places very closely resembling the Westminster Shorter Catechism. There is a question, a somewhat detailed answer, and a list of prooftexts.   645 more words

Book Review

1882: Giant Skull Found in Minnesota Mound

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Key Details:

  • “Heroic” sized skull discovered in a Minnesota mound.
  • The mound measured 60 feet in diameter and 12 feet high.
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Angelic Rebellion in the Spirit Realm of Heaven

When God first create the angels, they were all good, including the one we refer to now as Satan the Devil, as well as the demons. 13,066 more words

Biblical Studies

911 - The Deep State...

Commentary & Analysis 


L. A. Marzulli


I show this clip every year on the blog. It’s Building 7 coming down at free-fall speed. Buildings don’t collapse at free-fall speed and there are over 1500 architects and engineers who have stated so as well. 280 more words
L. A. Marzulli

The Mars Secret: Fallen Angels Bound According To CIA Interview!?!

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Truth Or Fiction – Classified!

The Mars Secret: Fallen Angels Bound According To CIA Interview… 913 more words

8 Feet 11 Inch Giant Discovered in Mexico Cave in 1908

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Key Details:

  • Miner Charles C. Clapp discovers 200 skeletons in Mexican cave.
  • All 200 skeletons measure 8 feet long or longer.
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Why are Angels Important?

I got asked this today.  I’m not sure how you respond except along the lines that anything God says is important. As for whether I am overemphasizing angels, emphasis arguments are tricky, subjective, and almost always impossible to prove.  394 more words