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Nephrology Report Pearls

Thanks to Chi from nephrology from coming and sharing his vast nephrology knowledge! Great case discussion today.

Take-home pearl: In patients with recurrent kidney stones, you should initiate a metabolic work-up for the cause of the recurrence! 345 more words


What is "myeloma kidney?"

This refers to one type of renal disease caused by multiple myeloma (MM). MM is a surprisingly common disease, occurring especially in older people, and making up about 10% of hematological malignancies. 334 more words


Five situations when you must meet a urologist in Bangalore

Many people think that meeting an expert urologist is not necessary unless there are major symptoms. In reality, people above forty years of age should get an annual checkup done from expert urologists so that problems can be cured in the early stage. 378 more words



Lately life has been quite an exciting whirlwind! I’m now halfway through my training for my new job as a nephrology social worker for an outpatient dialysis center. 1,004 more words

Social Work

What's the best type of venous access for dialysis?

Dialysis is an intensive treatment that involves cycling all of a person’s blood volume through a machine over 1-3 hours. Most veins, even big ones, won’t hold up under this kind of stress and duration. 367 more words


VA M&M Pearl: An approach to proteinuria

Pearl: There are four basic types of proteinuria.

  1. Glomerular
  2. Tubular
  3. Overflow
  4. Reactive/Post-Renal

Hi Everyone!

Yesterday at M&M, nephrologist Dr. Lowell Lo was at it again – dropping serious knowledge. 265 more words


SFGH 8.14 pearls: C. diff, volume exam and HSP!

  • The overwhelming majority of patients (>97%, but varies by study) of patients with C. diff colitis will have watery diarrhea.
  • 25-30% of Henoch-schonlein purpura (HSP, also knows as IgA vasculitis) diagnoses occur in adults, though peak age of onset is 4-6 years old (though these numbers are primarily from European and Korean studies)
  • 222 more words
Infectious Disease