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Glomerular Diseases

Clinical Class 27.04.16: Glomerular Diseases



২৫ বছরের ভার্সিটি স্টুডেন্ট ছেলেটা। তিন থেকে পাঁচ দিনের প্রচণ্ড রকমের জ্বর, দুই দিন পর থেকে শুরু হল প্রস্রাব লাল হওয়া। ডাক্তারের কাছে গেলে ডাক্তার কিছু টেস্ট করে বললেন প্রস্রাবের সাথে প্রোটিন এবং রক্ত যাচ্ছে অনেক বেশি পরিমাণে। 119 more words


World’s First Low Cost Dialysis

It’s an invention that could save millions of lives each year and transform the way kidney disease is treated around the world.

After a year-long global quest, the world’s first low cost dialysis system was unveiled on… 613 more words


Harder, Happier…

For a long time without any post, finally I am back. I have done so many things after midterm break. I have finished my pediatric nephrology retrospective research with friends and we sent the abstract of it to the congress (waiting for the acceptance and then the way to go to Brazil, yayyyy), I have attended 3 congresses and 2 of them completed with poster presentations. 321 more words


AM report pearls 4/11: NSAID nephrotoxicity and more!

NSAID nephrotoxicity

  • NSAIDs cause nephrotoxicity in many ways!
  • *In general, when thinking about intra-renal AKI, can think about it anatomically: tubular, interstitial, glomerular, and vascular. NSAIDs can affect 3 of these!
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AM renal report pearls 4/8: ANCA vasculitides!

A pre-case take-home point on a common misperception! Cardio-renal syndrome is primarily a problem of venous congestion, NOT poor forward flow!

  • Unless the patient is cold and clammy / in shock, it is unlikely for it to be from poor forward flow!
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How is hemodialysis ordered?

There are multiple components to hemodialysis, and each session of dialysis must be tailored to an individual patient’s needs. For example, do they need more fluid taken off because they have heart failure? 359 more words


A few aspects of managing your patients on dialysis

When you encounter a patient who has end-stage renal disease and is on dialysis, there are a few questions you should make sure to answer that will help in your management: 230 more words