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Greg (6/26) Nephrology Day 3

Day 3 started off in the outpatient clinic again, before moving to the inpatient wing for rounds.  There were a couple of interesting cases today. 525 more words


Greg (6/25) Nephrology Day 2

Day 2 was a much slower day, compared to day 1.  We started in the morning in the outpatient clinic, where Dr. Zhang saw 24 patients in the span of 4 hours.  545 more words


Vicki -- Week 3, Days 4 and 5 -- Nephrology -- Suicides and Cardiac Arrests

Today I saw a various number of cases that I thought were particularly interesting. Usually, rotating inpatient just includes going around and checking up on people who were very, very sick. 873 more words


Greg (6/24) Nephrology Day 1

I start my time at Taipei Hospital with Dr. Zhang, a nephrologist.  Upon meeting him, he remarked that my first day was lucky, as it was going to be a busier than usual day for him.  1,202 more words


Day 5: Nephrology

On my last day in Nephrology, I observed Dr. Chang during his round of inpatients in the morning and renal ultrasounds in the afternoon.

During his inround of patients, we were able to see many patients that had electrolyte disturbances. 481 more words


Nephrology: Day 5

On my last day in the Nephrology Department, I followed Dr. Chang on his inpatient rounds. I learned multiple important facts. There was a patient with polyuria; polyuria is defined as urine excretion of >3L/day. 459 more words