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Time for nephrology!

Renal excretion is an important pharmacokinetic parameter for many drugs. Clinical pharmacists carefully monitor patient’s renal function to assess if changes in drug dosing are required to avoid toxicity or maximum efficacy.  235 more words

Hyponatremia: Primary polydipsia

Hyponatremia is excess of water relative to sodium and almost always due to increased ADH.

  • SIADH: inappropriate increase (Conrad: any lung, brain, drugs and cancer)
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Osmotic Demyelination Syndrome

Thank you Teja, for presenting a case during our Renal Report today – a middle aged woman with post-operative hyponatremia. We discussed the basics of hyponatremia work-up/management, with an interesting discussion on osmotic demyelination syndrome. 396 more words

Morning Report

Special issue – "Management of Acute and Chronic Gout – The Nephrology Perspective"

Journal: The Open Urology & Nephrology Journal

Author(s): Syed M. Ahmed, James L. Bailey


Background: Gout and its treatment pose a greater burden on patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). 216 more words

Bentham Open

Talk about your obstacle courses!

August 29, 2015. Dad’s day started around 5:00 A.M. when he was visited by Mary, a wound care nurse. The CCH wound care nurses not only tended to wounds, which you might expect, they also trimmed nails and would give Dad a shave. 1,923 more words

Kidney Transplant Center in Nigeria

Nephrology, Kidney Transplant, Dialysis Department

•    Primus Kidney transplant and Dialysis Center is a leading center for innovative treatments.
•    Our center is dedicated to highest standards of patient care with human touch, offering pioneering procedures that minimize risk and hasten recovery. 535 more words


Waxing and waning cognition

August 25, 2015.  Dad had a good night, and by “good,” I mean that he stayed in bed and didn’t try to pull out any vital devices. 2,237 more words