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Treatment of Aneurysms

  • Clipping Most aneurysms
  • Coiling Most aneurysms
  • Flow diversion Large proximal ICA aneurysms, blister aneurysms
  • Flow diversion with adjunctive coiling Large and giant aneurysms with wide necks…
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Moffitt AM Renal Report Pearls 12/2/16: Membranous Nephropathy

Today, we discussed the case of an elderly man with remote history of treated TB, who presented with new nephrotic syndrome. We had an interesting discussion on approach to nephrotic syndrome in general, with a specific emphasis on membranous nephropathy. 270 more words

Morning Report

The good, the bad, and the sad

August 3, 2015. It had now been 90 days since Dad first entered the hospital for his seven-to-ten day stay. When Mom and I arrived at 7:45 A.M., Dad’s room was a hubbub of activity. 1,570 more words

Know Thy Renal Function

I’m going to start off with giving a metaphorical head nod to the nephrology elective I took in the last year of my pharmacy degree – thank you, Dr. 1,245 more words

3.4 Manage One's Practice Of Pharmacy

Renal Artery Doppler

Renal artery doppler is a powerful tool for the diagnosis of Renal Artery Stenosis (RAS). One of the more involved exams in the sonographers arsenal, learning the proper anatomy and techniques can make the process a challenging yet pleasurable one. 934 more words


Nephrology quiz

  1. Nephron is a single cellular structure.
    1. True
    2. False
  2. Urea, uric acid and bilirubin are the metabolic products mainly produced from ___, ___ and ____ respectively. …
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