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AM renal report pearls 5/27: renal disease and sarcoidosis!

Renal disease and sarcoidosis – a short list of ddx

  • Hypercalcemia-related are the most common! (remember, for sarcoid, the mechanism of hypercalcemia is from granulomas and elevated 1,25-OH vitamin D.
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Knowmedge Tweets - Nephrology (March 7-13, 2016)

Q1: Abnormal kidney function or structure for greater than how long will help establish the diagnosis of CKD? #ABIM #MedEd

A1: Abnormal kidney function or structure for greater than 3 months helps establish the diagnosis of CKD #ABIM #USMLE #MedEd… 1,207 more words

What is the bicarbonate deficit and why does it matter?

The time will come when you have a patient whose serum bicarbonate level is 7 (normal is 24). Usually, this happens in acute renal failure or septic shock associated with a serious metabolic acidosis. 247 more words


Knowmedge Tweets - Nephrology (Dec 14-20,2015)

Q1: Besides NSAIDS, what other class of medications can cause allergic interstitial nephritis WITHOUT eosinophils? #ABIM #MedEd

A1: Besides NSAIDS, PPIs can cause allergic interstitial nephritis WITHOUT eosinophils #ABIM #USMLE… 706 more words

AM renal report pearls 5/13: AKI in the hospital!

A few take-home points from Chi:

  • Pre-renal AKI and ATN are probably on a spectrum!
    • Patients with pre-existing CKD or proteinuria are more likely to develop ATN…
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AM report PEARLS 5/2: obstructive kidney stones and ileal conduits!

Take-home point #1: urgent decompression is indicated for obstruction of a solitary kidney or obstructive pyelo!

Take-home point #2: when admitting patients for pyelo, think about risk factors for ESBL (eg SNF resident) and cover early with a penem for these patients! 301 more words