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Nephthys and Astaroth Stats Revealed

Check out the translations at PDX. I wasn’t expecting much from Nephthys (reducing her cooldown to 10 turns is a great change, though), but Astaroth is really disappointing. 100 more words

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Uevo Nephthys and Awoken Astaroth Art

It’s hard to beat the original toast art, but this is right up there. I don’t anticipate any non-toast complaints. Socks are an interesting addition. 129 more words

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Nephthys is the goddess of night, mourning, transition, and death.


Nephthys Skill Ups

With 1.5x normal drops being preempted by 1.5x EXP, now’s a good time as any to work on Nephthys skill ups.

Monster Tries Success Rate… 130 more words
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Avalon 3.11: part 5 of 5, Wedding Day

Hathor sat in the front on the aisle next to Teti, Anak, and Mother Nephthys. Mingus sat beside Nephthys and left a seat empty for Decker, the best man, if he should need it. 1,145 more words


Avalon 3.11: part 2 of 5, Evening

Two hours later, the travelers came to her front yard. Teti went out to face them, and she caused them to stop and face her. Her hand was still up to shade her eyes, and with her other hand on her hip, she spoke sharply. 897 more words


Avalon 3.11: Festival of Marriage, part 1 of 5

After 2563 BC, Egypt. Kairos lifetime 44: Teti, the Lion in the Sky Recording …

“Egypt,” Lincoln said. “Definitely Egypt.”

“I think even the horses could have told you that much,” Lockhart said. 853 more words