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Nephthys of the Dead

This is my portrait of Nephthys, protective goddess of the dead in Egyptian mythology. She was sister to Isis and Osiris and sister-wife to Set (who was also Osiris’s brother…what can I say, gods had different family values in that culture), and she was often paired up with her sister as protector of Osiris’s mummified body in funeral rites. 116 more words


My Annual Year-Wheel Tarot Divination

So we’re immersed in a bit of a cosmic paradox, eh? Here we are, just out of the starting gate of a brand new year, eager to implement all the grand plans we’ve resolved to weave into the tapestries of our life stories in 2016…and along comes a series of astrological events that are the equivalent of STOP signs: a Mercury Retrograde (first in Aquarius for all of two days, then backtracking into Capricorn–in fact, all four Mercury Retrograde periods this year will occur in Earth Signs), starting today; also starting today, the Capricorn Sun conjuncts powerful Pluto, and this aspect seeks to destroy and rebuild foundational structures in our lives, individually and at the collective level (a legacy of the messiness that we’ve inherited in the past four years of the potent and painful Uranus-Pluto square, … 1,879 more words


Homemade Nephthys Statue

Homemade Nephthys statue made out of clay, it was fun to make :)


Nephthys and Astaroth Stats Revealed

Check out the translations¬†at PDX. I wasn’t expecting much from Nephthys (reducing her cooldown to 10 turns is a great change, though), but Astaroth is really disappointing. 100 more words

Puzzle & Dragons

Uevo Nephthys and Awoken Astaroth Art

It’s hard to beat the original toast art, but this is right up there. I don’t anticipate any non-toast complaints. Socks are an interesting addition. 129 more words

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Nephthys is the goddess of night, mourning, transition, and death.


Nephthys Skill Ups

With 1.5x normal drops being preempted by 1.5x EXP, now’s a good time as any to work on Nephthys skill ups.

Monster Tries Success Rate… 130 more words
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