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Analyzing Aamir

I’m pushing this out a bit early. Hopefully NA announces it later today.

Aamir is very straightforward. He’s the best farmable bind healer, ignoring element. He’s particularly valuable to devil teams, being the only unbindable, dark devil with an active bind heal in the game. 1,054 more words

Puzzle & Dragons

Buy...All the Egyptian Things?

I went into my local spiritual/metaphysical store this afternoon and was attacked by most of the ancient Egyptian shelf. I’ve been looking at these for months but never bought any of them. 270 more words


Make It Rain

The screech was ear splitting. The anguished scream of the goddess. It tore the sky into ragged black shreds of woe. Isis had thrown back her white hair, her naked breasts heaving with exertion. 864 more words


Birthing the Initiator

It was requested of me by my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa, to create a Starseed Birthing Temple upon island of the New Earth Star Sanctuary in the virtual world of Second Life. 698 more words

Crystal Skulls

Reflection Crone

Oh incertitude!

You are a rampant torturer.

Hindering the natural flow,

I glance backwards.

Without confidence,

Impeding what moves forwards.

Its reconciliation,

Reflecting tarot’s Star card. 333 more words

Witchcraft Writings


Chubby witch here and this post is dedicated to Nephthys.

She’s an Egyptian goddess best known for being the wife of Set mother of Anubis, and sister of Isis. 227 more words


The Raven.

The Raven

Make Prayers to the Raven.
Raven that is,
Raven that was,
Raven that always will be.
Make prayers to the Raven.
Raven, bring us luck. 2,621 more words