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Alt Box Analysis: My Friend's Rank 428 Non-IAP Account


I inherited this account from one of my IRL friends. His interest in the game seemed to be waning, so he’s letting me take care of his account while he takes a break of indeterminate duration. 2,486 more words

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Invitation Accepted

A couple weeks ago I did a reading with Anubis, just a general “conversation” about whatever He wanted to talk about. It ended up being about where I am and the path ahead…and included a pair of cards I’d never drawn before. 446 more words


Round-up of Interesting Links

I have not had as much chance to leave the homestead recently, and since I am lacking internet out there currently, I’m afraid that I have been neglecting this blog more than I would like. 286 more words

A Meroitic offering table, showing Anubis and Nephthys pouring libations (liquid offerings). Meroitic writing runs round the border and down the spout. The table would have been used to make libations on behalf of the deceased. 7 more words

Latent Resist Farming - Thoth & Sopdet 5x4 - Yomi Dragon

I decided to take a short break from 10x Goemon to do some latent farming. Thanks to JP YouTubers, this is the most efficient farming team I found. 232 more words

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Nephthys of the Dead

This is my portrait of Nephthys, protective goddess of the dead in Egyptian mythology. She was sister to Isis and Osiris and sister-wife to Set (who was also Osiris’s brother…what can I say, gods had different family values in that culture), and she was often paired up with her sister as protector of Osiris’s mummified body in funeral rites. 116 more words