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Nefertiti granted the resurrection of Akhenaten. Part I

Let’s start with that: women were crucial in Ancient Egypt for the dead’s resurrection.

The rite of the professional mourning ritual in ancient Egyptian funerals was based on the Osirian theology. 241 more words


Hymn to Nephthys

To Nephthys, great friend of the dead, I offer my praise.
Daughter of Geb and star-strewn Nuit, beloved of Set
of the shifting sands, mother of careful Anubis, 130 more words


A few Egyptian goddesses

Isis, who is perhaps the most famous of all the Egyptian goddesses, is casting one of her magic spells. According to Egyptian mythology, she apparently got her powers after learning the sun god Ra’s “secret name” (since the Egyptians believed learning a person’s secret name would allow you to control them magically), but for the most part she would use them for benevolent purposes such as healing and protection. 266 more words


Random Facts: Beer

National Beer Day is on 15th June and this year goes on until Father’s Day on June 18th.

The date of June 15 was chosen for National Beer Day as it was the day the Magna Carta was sealed in 1215. 142 more words

Random Facts

New Evolutions: Metatrons, Angels 2, and More - May 18, 2017


7 new split evolutions have been released overnight that breathe significant new life into some older cards. With this article, I wish to explore how these new evolutions fit in the current meta as well as discussing which path you should pursue. 2,022 more words

Mantastic PAD

Loving and Serving "Dark" Deities: My Next Workshop at World Tree Healing

Mark your calendars, Chi-Town readers! My next Polytheist-centric workshop at World Tree Healing metaphysical resource center in Chicago’s Albany Park neighborhood will take place on Saturday, April 15 (the day Venus goes Direct!), from 5 to 7 p.m. 225 more words


Great Ennead

The Great Ennead was a group of nine functions for understanding creation of perception.

The word ‘Ennead’ means the movement between one and another, the soul at its highest point in the dream. 687 more words