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Invitation Accepted

A couple weeks ago I did a reading with Anubis, just a general “conversation” about whatever He wanted to talk about. It ended up being about where I am and the path ahead…and included a pair of cards I’d never drawn before. 446 more words


Round-up of Interesting Links

I have not had as much chance to leave the homestead recently, and since I am lacking internet out there currently, I’m afraid that I have been neglecting this blog more than I would like. 286 more words

Latent Resist Farming - Thoth & Sopdet 5x4 - Yomi Dragon

I decided to take a short break from 10x Goemon to do some latent farming. Thanks to JP YouTubers, this is the most efficient farming team I found. 232 more words

Puzzle & Dragons

Nephthys of the Dead

This is my portrait of Nephthys, protective goddess of the dead in Egyptian mythology. She was sister to Isis and Osiris and sister-wife to Set (who was also Osiris’s brother…what can I say, gods had different family values in that culture), and she was often paired up with her sister as protector of Osiris’s mummified body in funeral rites. 116 more words