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Lady Death

Falcon wing woman

Dust time guide

Demon bane

Bringer of happy babies

Beer gift festival

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More commonly known as Set today, he was the Egyptian god of desert storms, foreingers, and chaos.

His siblings were Isis, … 240 more words


There was a pause in the heartbeat of the earth.

The god of the sun exhaled for the last time and for a moment everything stopped. 776 more words


Isis and Nephthys rising Osiris-Re in the XX Dynasty of Ancient Egypt.

The religion of Ancient Egypt developed during the New Kingdom sophisticated religious texts, which combined the solar theology with the Myth of Osiris. As a consequence, the art of ancient Egypt included in its corpus of images a new solar-Osirian iconography. 157 more words



Rome, 31 A.D.

Tuccia pulled her veil firmly around her head. She didn’t want to attract any more attention than necessary. She prayed for the respect of the citizens as she descended the steep steps of the Atrium Vestiae. 1,798 more words


In Praise of Anubis, Neb-ta-djeser: Lord of the Sacred Land

What an auspicious and delicious Friday the 13th this has been, and I haven’t even left the office yet to begin my lovely and leisurely three-day Valentine’s Day/Presidents’ Day holiday weekend!  2,733 more words


Pantheon Review - Egypt 2

Unbelievably underrated, Egypt 2 may be be the largest leap in power creep by a pantheon since the game’s inception. While they don’t have flashy ATK multipliers, the small boosts to HP and RCV addresses combo gods’ biggest weakness: the ability to tank hits. 802 more words

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