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Creative Nepotism?

I had 12 extra seconds today and found that rare opportunity to click over to the Discover link on my reader page. This is what caught my eye.

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Nepotism and I Don't Get Along.

I’m not a fan of favoritism, or nepotism. I feel like it can push people away while praising others to a point it seems like they’re stars. 598 more words


Episode 200


Luke is joined by his father, Larry Norsworthy, for episode number 200 to answer listener questions about the podcast’s effect on pastoral ministry, favorite moments, quirky stories, major themes and the effect the podcast has had on Luke’s relationships.

Newsworthy With Norsworthy Podcast

“Good corruption”

We think the royalist and yellow-hued media we are reading is a reasonably good reflective of the anti-democrat position on corruption. To be blunt, the broad consensus is that the military regime’s nepotism, corruption and its lack of transparency is a “small price” to pay for keeping the hated Thaksin Shinawatra and the feared red shirts at bay. 623 more words

Updated: No investigations allowed

Prachatai has a remarkable report on the military junta’s approach to corruption and regime maintenance.

It reports that the Deputy Director-General of the Department of Public Prosecutor Commission (DPPC) has been removed from his position after “he supported a call to investigate corruption allegations against the junta leader’s brother.” 238 more words

Discrimination accepted?

The climate of prejudice in this country, especially in Stark County,has risen well beyond expected or projected. Trump’s acquiescence of racism,nepotism, sexism and other “isms”, has made it permissible to act on prejudices. 165 more words

Success Is Inevitable

Pushing hard like a pregnant woman, birthing novels,

Fame sucks, I’m here to inspire, get bread, and build with models.

Nepotism is a collision of wise decisions and inner-vision, 262 more words