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Children and Their Training

There seems to be a common tendency to pick one economic system and claim it is the best system, for various reasons. However, there may be no best system at all. 1,488 more words

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Each time we witness an anniversary, it is often laden with celebrations, gifts, merriment, goodies and bounties. It gives us a refreshed feeling, a renewed hope, a rebirth, a season to reflect, ponder and identify latent meanings and messages embedded. 799 more words

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Editorial: State lawmakers shouldn’t lose ability to hire relatives

Oregon allows state lawmakers to hire their relatives, a practice called nepotism. The word itself has come to imply something shady is afoot, although that’s clearly not always the case. 44 more words

Oregon Legislature

Anil Kapoor: People have put Sonam on a pedestal

Nepotism seems to be the topic of 2017. Everyone is talking about it and whenever an interview takes place with anyone, a question on nepotism is inevitable. 171 more words


Here are the Oregon lawmakers who pay a family member as staff

One in four elected Oregon lawmakers pays a family member to be on their staff. The price tag for hiring spouses, children or in-laws is more than $547,000 so far this year, according to state salary data. 34 more words

Oregon Legislature

Nepotism runs rampant in the Oregon Legislature. Here's how.

One out of every four elected state legislators in Oregon has employed a family member at taxpayer expense this year, records show.

The price tag for hiring spouses, children or in-laws is more than $547,000 so far, according to state salary data. 13 more words

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It’s only fair to declare before getting into any discussion that I admire Kangana very much for having balls, sorry I meant vagina. She is one of the few actresses who despite being fair-skinned, declined to endorse fairness creams when her dusky-skinned counterparts like Sonam and Priyanka went on to propagate the fair and lovely agenda. 961 more words