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Episode #37 - Trump's "Unpresidented" Unethical Behavior, Baby Photo FB Backlash & Baby Myths


Happy & Healthy New Year listeners of ASP Stuff Radio! Its 2017 and Alberotle, Steveocrates and Paulato are back from their overextended winter break bringing you a brand new episode of non-fake stuff that will surely make your brain buzz; stuff like Donald Drumpf’s illegal and unethical refusal to divest from his Trump Organization (which would include his… 139 more words


Nepotism & ways for the unconnected to fight back: The List

Nepotism, for those that don’t know, is a practice of the powerful and influential in which they favor friends or loved ones for a position or… 603 more words

Trump Poses With Blank Papers at Phony News Conference!

Corrupt idiot Donald Trump staged a rally disguised as a press conference yesterday, packing the audience with staffers who clapped loudly and laughed at his “jokes” while he shouted down reporters who tried to ask questions. 167 more words

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Nepotism Statute: Limits on Appointing, Hiring, and Promoting Relatives

The Federal Anti-Nepotism Statute: Limits on Appointing, Hiring, and Promoting Relatives. Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress & Analysis, Legal Sidebar. December 01,2016.

The process of presidential transition has raised questions about who may be appointed to certain executive posts in the White House, an issue addressed under a federal law commonly known as the anti-nepotism statute. 96 more words

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The Law Does Not Apply to Trump: But It Should

We know that the law does not apply to Donald Trump. He is a self-proclaimed criminal who admitted to bribing public officials in the interest of advancing his businesses. 441 more words

President Camacho Names His Son-In-Law Senior White House Advisor

And why not, America? He checks all the boxes. He’s a multi-millionaire who has no political experience – he’ll fit right in with the rest of the Orange Don’s illustrious cabinet… 421 more words


Jared Kushner, Bobby Kennedy and the history of nepotism

Donald Trump’s campaign was very much a family business, making frequent use of his children and other relatives. It makes sense then that he is attempting to bring his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, into the White House as a special advisor. 489 more words