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Operation Mizen, The Irish Stasi And The Risen People

I remember well, others will too, that 30 years ago our political class – politicians, media owners and operatives, professionals, the wealthy, the clergy, senior civil servants and senior army and police officers, etc., would regularly point to the East German Stasi state security service, and proudly remind us plebs how lucky we were to live in a democracy and not under an atheistic communistic dictatorship. 476 more words

8/27: Today I Learned...

  • Without Allah (swt), I am nothing. (Kinda cheated here, because I didn’t actually learn this for the first time today. Rather, I re-learn it every single day.)
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SIONR: The Last Airbender Sequel is Happening...

I have only one question – who keeps giving M. Night money?!¬† This man is a shit director who can’t make a good movie to save his life!¬† 892 more words


Isa Mustafa's Nepotism Continues Now he is Prime Minister, Awarding Contracts to His Son

How much longer do the citizens of Kosovo have to put up with the USA and EU protecting criminals like Isa Mustafa and Hashim Thaci. 473 more words


Top 5 Common Leadership Mistakes

All of us are leaders. On a daily basis we  exercise leadership within our family, our team at work, and our community. Like it or not, all of us carry obligation to and shared responsibility for the common good. 771 more words



This article speaks to more than one painful truth, among them the level of corruption, cronyism, and nepotism that exists within too many tribal governments. 484 more words

Some of the Pitfalls of Nepotism

By definition, nepotism is the practice of working with or for family members and friends. If your family owns a business. it is a benefit to family members who want a job.

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