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Easy to catch the Corrupt,says Citizen Nades

December 3, 2016

Easy to catch the Corrupt,says Citizen Nades


Citizen Nades

UNTIL October 2006, few people outside political circles knew him. He rose from an obscure railway gatekeeper staying in a one-room quarters at the railway crossing where he was required to raise the barriers to allow vehicular traffic to flow after the trains had passed by. 859 more words


Why the WV DEP is failing WVians

Because, politics. That’s the short answer.

For the long answer, let’s have a look at the actual WV Code and see what protections we as West Virginians… 2,140 more words


On #AuditTheVote

The 11/22/16 re:act newsletter included an item about #AuditTheVote and linked to the following USA Today article: Still time for an election audit by 2 professors who were members of the U.S. 997 more words


Shades of Sadam

One need not squint too hard to see eerie resemblances between the megalomaniacal actions of Trump the Usurper and the height of Saddam Hussein’s tyrannical reign. 67 more words


BERSIH brought out the best in Malaysians

November 24, 2016

BERSIH brought out the best in Malaysians

by Ambassador Dennis Ignatius


BERSIH brought out the best in us; it renewed our hope to believe that change is possible. 1,320 more words


Victoria's Secret, the Presidential Election, and How Nepotism Rules the World

by Guy Walker

Winter is coming. Trees rustle their last stolid leaves. Four-year-olds wear huge mittens, preventing them from Snapchatting their BFF’s. Cats gnaw on mice innards by the fire as old men sip whiskey for months on end. 1,181 more words

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