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To fight corruption, Barzani needs to clean house

Masrour Barzani

Against the backdrop of the Arab Spring protests and corollary demonstrations in Iraqi Kurdistan, regional president Masud Barzani promised to crack down on corruption. 1,037 more words



I’m a tolerant type of person
So, I try to look at others leniently.
You sent the fox to guard the hen house,
That kind of thinking doesn’t makes no sense to me. 174 more words


@UKLabour @Conservatives @UKIP @NHAParty Why is the Graduate tax accepted as reasonable?

When I did my degree, I received a means-tested grant to cover my living expenses.

Post-War, it was seen as an investment in the Nation’s assets. 300 more words


PTI: Turning Vices to Virtues

When Maryam Nawaz Sharif was appointed Chairman Prime Minister’s Youth Program, the act reeked of nepotism, despotism, cronyism and all other vile isms. Maryam was appointed, in all probability, because of being the Prime Minister’s daughter. 788 more words



This was the reason I went on benefits…I was a precariat, or a desperate economically insecure person underemployed in an unfair job market.  I had been fired 30 times or more by age 33.  131 more words

Job Insecurity