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Nepotism: When You Disregard the Workplace's Foundations

Favoritism is a phenomenon in many aspects of our lives. At one point or another, we end up being part of some situation creating bias, whether it’s in our favor or against us. 481 more words



I think every workplace has at least one employee who cannot be gotten ridden of. They’re virtually a fixture, unable to advance and yet refusing to leave, even though they serve no visible purpose in the work place – like that time you stepped in cat shit and the stink follows you even long after you power washed it from the underside of your Doc Martens. 1,007 more words


It's the Quicker Sucker-Upper!

Last week, I wrote about the meeting on the latest engagement survey for Sarah’s organization.  In that article, I mentioned that the results were not the item most people focused on, but rather how those results were interpreted by Sarah and her leadership team.  505 more words


Updated: Family snouts in the trough

The Bangkok Post refers to a Isara News Agency report that list all of the leeches in the puppet National Legislative Assembly who have decided to make loot while they are having their strings pulled. 470 more words

The Truth behind Nepotism, Bribery & Disregard in CDF, Parliament and recruitments.

If I say it’s only the few who have been through the above then I will be lying. If statistics were to be taken then the number of people who are lifeless, unemployed, homeless and uneducated are incredibly many, I am certain that many hate this reality but what can I say, it’s a fact and we must accept it and try to use all the channels we can afford, to eliminate the callous nepotism, the so called inexorable bribery and the intentional disregard. 644 more words


By Nick Arvis

“Why am I doing this?”   That’s the question dominating a President’s Advisory Committee board meeting (PAC).  None of the members—all business owners— 465 more words


Nepotism and Meritocracy

The Farnese family was an influential family in Renaissance Italy. Its most important members included Pope Paul III and Cardinal Alessandro Farnese, while, while the titles of Duke of Parma and… 28 more words

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