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Let's Talk About Personal Time

You’ve likely heard or used the phrase “personal time” at some point.  Whether it’s used to explain why you don’t want to go socialize or why you’re going on vacation from work, so on and so forth, “personal time” is a phrase I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.  1,095 more words

Dylan Nordberg

SWANSEA: Council cabinet reshuffle decided by lucky dip

Swansea Council also completed a cabinet reshuffle yesterday by bringing in a big lucky dip into County Hall.

The reshuffle, already heralded as a greater success than Prime Minister Theresa May’s, took place in County Hall after hours at 4:30pm after all the staff had left for the day. 188 more words

Swansea News

The Interview

I read with interest the notice in the office newsletter about a vacancy. I hadn’t been promoted in years. Although, I already had a great job where I was chained to a computer and forced to drink black coffee all day. 604 more words


Tasty Shout-Out / Recipe Click-Bait

It would be very remiss of me to turn down the opportunity for some tasty nepotism:


I can’t say I’ve followed any of these instructions, but I have eaten a lot of it. 33 more words

Nineteenth Century Ownership, Twentieth Century Taxes, Twenty-first Century Products

Laws and traditions change slowly, over the course of centuries. But technology determines many aspects of our social life and economic activities, so we may well have very outmoded laws and traditions, as compared to our economic activities. 1,540 more words


Racing the Machine

December  30, 2017

Racing the Machine

by Robert Skidelsky


Economists have always believed that previous waves of job destruction led to an equilibrium between supply and demand in the labor market at a higher level of both employment and earnings. 1,019 more words


What Should Be Measured in an Economy?

If two economies are to be compared, there has to be some measuring. But what is to be measured? As technology progresses, more and more data is collected about the economic affairs of individuals, companies, corporations and government organizations. 1,509 more words