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State Monopoly

State-controlled companies accounted for 70% of Russia's GDP in 2015. In 2005, it was 35%. pic.twitter.com/Upjltmcl4U

— RFE/RL (@RFERL) September 29, 2016

The Moscow Times reports…

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Snouts in search of the senate trough

In our last post, PPT indicated how observers think the future of “big” parties is limited. Indeed, we happen to think that the future of all political parties – except, perhaps, a military party – is limited. 282 more words

What drives the junta?

We know that the military junta is driven by 19th century notions of monarchism, Thainess and hierarchy. Those beliefs have led to several murderous attacks on civilians and years of degenerate military rule. 301 more words

The Party of Dirty Tricks

This post has been updated. 9/22/16

The joke that’s been going around for a while is that our politicians should have to sport logos like Nascar vehicles, showing who owns them. 1,013 more words


Corruption, nepotism and dictatorship

Dictatorships invariably descend into a mire of corruption. They come to power through illegal means, operate on the “principle” of “might is right,” and usually decide that what they want is theirs. 268 more words

Communism, monarchism and the mysterious prevalence of nepotism on the left


The last remaining communist countries are all personal monarchical fiefdoms of their leading families. ┬áIn Zimbabwe, Grace Mugabe is seen as a possible successor to her husband Robert Mugabe, who has been in… 621 more words

Green Mansions in WV

I’m hiking with my dog, on our 45 acres in Ritchie County, WV. The beautiful acreage is why we moved here: for the acreage, certainly not for the tumbledown house. 2,383 more words