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Self-dealing by @LindaKatehi knew no bounds

UC Davis Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi has spoken with pride about her family’s involvement with the university. Now UC President Janet Napolitano considers them a potential liability. 92 more words

Sacramento Update

Manipulating law

When The Dictator was asked about the recent abductions of 10 persons for something they may have done to annoy him and the rest of the junta, General Prayuth Chan-ocha stated: “Did they commit a wrongdoing? 302 more words


I look at the painting
and I sigh at the masterpiece
and I marvel at the human spirit.
Genius contained in a square! White oils and swirling brush strokes for the clouds. 93 more words

Report from the Field: Struggling with Creative Nepotism

At Vida, writer Dallas Athent confronts one of the thorniest issues plaguing the literary scene: the unspoken nepotism-fueled culture of connections and reciprocal favors that determines who gets published where.


Political Governance

It is the quality of governance and policy-making that determine a country’s prospects. China will be no exception. In this respect, recent political developments are not particularly encouraging. 147 more words

Cultural Insight

My Americana..Part 2

Everyday travel in my Americana was always simple. The car. Did I have one, could I borrow one, or could someone please pick me up? Growing up, my family owned just one car, and depending on what time my Minor League or Little League baseball games or practices started, my parents work schedules sometimes made it hard to get there. 2,244 more words

Looking after the family’s interests III

One of the unfortunate consequences of the junta running down and keeping him in custody for a couple of days has been that attention has been diverted from the ruling family’s nepotism (see… 520 more words