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St. Charles Borromeo (1538-84)

Charles Borromeo was born into a rich powerful northern Italian family in 1538. His uncle was Pope Pius IV. Nepotism was customary at the papal court in those days, so having the pope as your uncle was a sure way to get ahead. 436 more words


Only double standards I

We have pointed to the double standards that operate in Thailand hundreds of times. So many times, that it seems that double standards are the only standards used by the military dictatorship and its puppet agencies, including the judiciary. 515 more words

Recipes for disaster.

I mentioned in a previous blog about just how many people are leaving town and some of the reasons why. One of the main problems that people cite is that a few people with very little talent but with grandiose ideas about themselves cast a shadow over the town and make it nigh on impossible for anything different to happen and succeed on its own term. 838 more words


Meechai the nepotist

Since the 2014 military coup, there have been several cases of nepotism involving the junta and its various puppet bodies.

Back in 2016, The Dictator was defending his brother General Preecha Chan-ocha against allegations of nepotism after a leaked memo revealed that the permanent secretary for defense had secured a military post for his son Patipat (see… 329 more words

Sneaking behind our backs? Civil Servants? Ha!

Tuesday night, as many Americans were preparing for bed,

 The Old Boys Network- Senate -voted to give broad lawsuit immunity

to The  Credit Card Companies, 55 more words

What is wrong with this Picture?!


A Two-man company, in tiny town Montana

 got a $300 million Puerto Rico Contract

…directly connected  to Trump officials and  GOP donors.

Can you spell Zinke? 171 more words