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A few years ago I wrote a musical featuring the great songs of Kirby Krackle, a nerd rock band from Seattle. The show is called “The Geekening” and it’s a pop culture nerd variation on “My Fair Lady.” 665 more words

Musical Theatre

Summon the Kraken Not Stirred

Kraken Not Stirred is a nerd music act which plays various genres and write songs that cover many nerdy topics.  This minion of a deep sea monstrous creator sings songs about science fiction, fantasy, computers, conventions, and general weirdness.   216 more words


10 Other Nerd Rock Bands You Should Know

It’s almost a given that any listing of nerd rock bands will begin with a naval-gazing debate over semantics. I, however, am mostly uninterested in sussing out the finer points of what distinguishes a nerd from a geek, a dork from a dweeb, and so on. 1,742 more words

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