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Mission Impossible 2 Review

Mission Impossible 2 is the one disappointing Mission Impossible movie. I had only seen the original until last night and compared to the first one, it was a bit disappointing. 417 more words

WCFB - You Don't Call Chicks Broads

“You Don’t Call Chicks Broads”
Recorded 6/21/2018

James Classic is back after an extended break to take care of a pain in the butt, and since he’s the only one with the recording equipment we just now get a new episode of Will Code For Beer! 34 more words

USA "Whiskey" is actually spelled "Whisky"

What? Nah! Dude! You must be wrong! We know USA “Whisky” is spelled “Whiskey”. You are wrong! Let’s look into this some more ok!

To find out what the “correct” spelling of “Whisky” from the USA is I did not do any searching. 456 more words


What In The Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom?! A Requiem In One Review

Has this been one of the most controversial movie seasons or what? And it’s not slowing down anytime soon. I realize that it’s kind of a mute point to post a movie review during opening weekend especially if you already have your tickets, after 5pm on a Friday. 576 more words


Go, women filmmakers. I hope teen girls are inspired by this delightful read.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Review - The Park Is Still Open For This Franchise

Written by Caitlin Elam

Twitter- @SuperCaity

This past Thursday evening, I took my father (who was in town visiting) and my daughter, Abigail, to see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. 1,232 more words


Escape Room Reviews in San Diego

I’ve been an avid fan of Escape Rooms since the summer of 2017. If you don’t know what escape rooms are, click the link above to find out more about it. 1,086 more words