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A Dreamer! 😇🌸

With her spectacles on,
Flowing hair, tied in a bun
Pencil twirling between her fingers
Reading books, atleast a ton 79 more words

They Call Me Guero: A Border Kid's Poems

Twelve-year-old Güero is Mexican American, at home with Spanish or English and on both sides of the river. He’s starting 7th grade with a woke English teacher who knows how to make poetry cool. 121 more words


Two posts in two days, what?!?!?

This was going to be just a super quick update to let you know that I got the formatting done for Blue on Redbubble, but also I realized I haven’t shown you my crazy embroidery bullshit in a while either. 134 more words

Why are some people considered cool?

We’ve all seen someone in school or in a public setting and thought that they are “cool”, but why do we consider some people as cool and not others? 535 more words

Know Me

Greetings reader!

I am a student from Kathmandu, Nepal and like every other Nepalese youth, I wish to migrate to a first world country where I can get a degree, a job and lots of money. 798 more words


So for anyone who knows me this will not come as a shock. I like nerdy things. Startling I know, in this day and age of the MCU and Pokemon who would think that I would enjoy things that used to be considered to geeky to be public? 531 more words

Mind Dumps

Your ignorance in the area of health and fitness... What is killing you?

I have a simple, cheap, and accurate report you can order… and I’ll be able to tell you some 20 health measures… and also where your problems are coming from. 141 more words