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How The God Of War Kill

This is something of a love letter to God of War. This is a fan edit made for fun. I do not own the music.


Beyond Recognition #2: Mysterio

I know that Mysterio is not that obscure, especially not as obscure as Arm-Fall-Off Boy. (I really went to intense for a first episode and screwed my self for whatever would follow.) However, I have a reason for picking Mysterio. 370 more words

Spark Prompts 20 - Magic Skills

It’s true that magicians hide their secrets. This week’s prompt is all about those characters that are able to do the unthinkable all while leaving us with our jaws dropped. 748 more words


Iron Throne Experience

I’m a big fan of the series ‘Game of Thrones’ and I have seen the Iron Throne multiple times now, mostly during conventions, but somehow never really took the time to actually sit down and get a picture taken. 371 more words


I’ve always been a square, a nerd. Kind of odd, kind of awkward. I still am to this day. People just think I’m a lot cooler ’cause I play football.

Richard Sherman, athlete/nerd


Luke Cage (Netflix) Fan Theories

On this episode of FTW, Erik and James explore the theories surrounding the Luke Cage Netflix series.  Join them as they discuss theories such as Mariah Dillard’s deception in Civil War, Luke Cage’s possible connection to weapon x, the Defenders mirroring the Avengers, and even Pop’s key role in Coming to America. 60 more words


Fan Art

I don’t normally draw a lot of fan art. However, I couldn’t get this idea out of my head, as simple as it is. Here we have Marvel’s Loki with a character I created a long time ago named Aura. 46 more words

My Art