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If only

There’s not enough time

For both my reading habit

And my MMO


GRADUATE SCHOOL: noun, North American. A division of a university offering advanced programs beyond the bachelor's degree.

The real definition should be, “where sadists go to further punish themselves, and eventually suffer from a nervous breakdown or completely lose their ability to relate with anyone else due to the bitterness they have accrued throughout their time in school.” 436 more words

Grad School

The Autonomy of Dancing In The Rain

I walk to the beat of my own musical. But, as much as I pride myself on rejecting the status quo and being a hip-hop lovin’, Doctor Who watchin’, Afro-wearin’ kooky kid, I am human. 272 more words

I hope this is a rental from Enterprise

You have to admire someone this nerdy.  I mean, really.

Phunny Fotos

(PHOTOS) AU2016 Update: via Just Darling™ Gossip

About a week ago London Darling shared some pictures in her Poison Ivy styled glory, however we’ve learned those weren’t LEGIT Arkham Unhinged™ promotional photos…crazy right?!?! 167 more words


The Nerd In Me

“Never apologize for being nerdy, because unnerdy people never apologize for being assholes”
John Barrowman

The Nerd In Me

My Glasses,
A band-aid as quick fix… 133 more words


Vlog Brothers / Jealousy Check

Here’s a brief non-anime related video I made discussing my jealous business with the Vlog Brothers, John and Hank Green.