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Sol 6399: "Adulting"

Well, it’s official. In the eyes of the law, I’m an “adult” now. After years of childhood, I’ve hit the beginning of the end: eighteen years old. 615 more words


Guys and Dolls: First Post

In the wake of RealDolls and robots gaining citizenship the war between humans and machines is heating up. The commentary surrounding Artificial Intelligence and objects coming to life is as old as the tale of Pygmalion whose sculpture was brought to life by the gods due to his…devotion deemed as love. 1,085 more words

The Magical Girl Tag

I really love magical girls, like really love them. I’ve wanted to be a magical girl for so long and when I saw this tag I knew I had to do this!! 495 more words


The Fervor of Black Panther

Well hello there strangers, well I guess that’s actually my fault.

See I started a new job, and with it came new hours. Said hours are draining, as is the job. 457 more words