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Justice League Review (Spoiler Free)

As per the usual with all DC movies except for Wonder Woman, the Rotten Tomatoes critical score for Justice League is, well, unkind.  I think that the critics are being unnecessarily hard on JL, like they were with BVS and Man of Steel.  275 more words

DC Comics

Minecraft: Ardacraft

Minecraft – We all know it at least from youtube videos popping up once in a while with kids playing it but did you know there’s a whole bunch of people dedicating their time to create beautiful fantasy and medieval landscapes in Minecraft? 106 more words


#57- Small Gods- Terry Pratchett

i’d read Pratchett before, and liked his work. It’s tough to secure Nerd-Card credentials without dipping into Discworld at least a little. Here’s my confession though… i’ve only  292 more words

World of Warcraft - They're finally doin' it! (Musings of an Ex-GM xP)

I’m a huge fan of World of Warcraft. Having started playing in late 2005 (12 effing years ago. omgs.) I strongly remember playing with my first warrior, kicking some robo-butts in on the fields of Westfall and stumbling right into Duskwood, which was on a way too high level for me at that time. 570 more words


Metal Clay, the newt, projects

I’m in love with metal clay. So much so, that I started working with it seriously. By now I made a variety of pendants and earrings and I’m currently waiting for my polishing agent and chemicals for patination and I’m dying to experiment with all this stuff! 372 more words


The Witcher - Fan-made short film

As you can imagine I’m a bit in love with the Witcher franchise and I stared in awe at this gemstone of a fanfilm! Behold this epic treasure! :D


#99: The Xanth Series - Piers Anthony

Disclosure: i’ve read the first three books in the series. In a series that currently sits at 41 books (with two more waiting in the wings for release) i felt like reading the whole series would be an undertaking in itself. 226 more words