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#91: The Illustrated Man -Ray Bradbury

i like to read older Sci-Fi. i think it gives us a glimpse into the zeitgeist of our recent past in ways other media don’t. 228 more words

#96: Sunshine -Robin McKinley

Let me be concise: Don’t.

Sunshine was a longish read that never really hooked me. Heroine that i never really could root for (and i’m practically addicted to strong heroines). 231 more words

#97: Doomsday Book: Connie Willis

Still plowing through my Book Club of One! Reading through the NPR top 100 Fantasy/Sci Fi novel list!

First observation about Doomsday Book: It’s lengthy! 

413 more words

i love D&D! (and the best lesson i've learned from it)

i LOVE table-top RPGs!

i played them when i was young (often in secret, since the evangelical backlash against them had instilled a dread terror of them in the hearts of many who were authority figures in my life at the time) 833 more words

The MS-DOS User's Guide, Version 5.0

I was invited to speak at a local event called Fish Tales last night. Fish Tales is a recurring storytelling night put on by the… 1,071 more words