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Trek's 50th in Famous Monsters #286, and guess who?

:: Reviews Bucket List ::

:: Crosses out “Write for Famous Monsters magazine” ::

Awwwwwww, yeah.

When I was a kid, Famous Monsters of Filmland… 299 more words


2016 Edition! Marvel Movie Tip: Stay for the credits, yo.

All right, movie peeps! It’s almost time to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Now, after all these years, you’d think some of the basic protocols would be all but engrained into our collective consciousness, but we all know someone who’s going to drop the ball on this.  450 more words


Take a peek inside my Vulcan Travel Guide!

Well, it seems StarTrek.com has been busy.

Yesterday, they published an exclusive first look inside my forthcoming Star Trek book Hidden Universe: Star Trek – A Travel Guide to Vulcan… 302 more words


Boogers are logical...and profitable.

I can’t be entirely certain, of course, but it’s very possible that I committed a Star Trek first, by having Mr. Spock utter the word “booger.” 493 more words


Vulcan Travel Guide - the final cover!

Unless there’s been a massive derailing somewhere in the production pipeline, my forthcoming book Hidden Universe – Star Trek: A Travel Guide to Vulcan is now at the printers, barreling merrily along toward its impending… 249 more words


New presents from the Book Fairy!

It doesn’t matter how long I’ve been doing this. Getting the author copies for a new book is still one of those things I anticipate, and I grin like a goofy kid whenever I get to open up a box. 357 more words


Officially Official(tm): Kevin and me @ Kansas City Comic Con!

The headline pretty much says it all, folks.

Adding to our list of appearances during 2016 is one right here in our home town. The… 244 more words