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Nintendo Switches It Up With the Switch! 

The Nintendo company never ceases to surprise us with their distinctive, new features and toys! The new system combines the mobility of a handheld with the power of a home gaming system that will enable to game playing styles! 128 more words


A Relative Newbie to Geeks

This is a place where I’m going to rant about geek things because… well, mostly because I just want to.

How’s that for a forward, direct, and awkward opening to a post? 593 more words


Why Weird is Not so Weird

I’ve heard many a nerd say “I would rather be weird than normal.”There’s a bottomless pit of quotes just like that one detailing and defending nerd culture and what it means to be a fan, an author, an artist or a performer. 960 more words


A Science Convention

First off, going to this convention was like a slim look into hell. I decided that I made the best decision by not being a scientist. 362 more words

Part-Time Klingon

Qapla’! Welcome to my Star Trek obsession.

For those of you who don’t know: No, that does not mean ‘hello’. Klingons don’t overburden themselves with formalities. 247 more words

Star Trek

A Jock/Nerd's Philosophy of Sport

A few years ago, I came across this tank top in a facebook advertisement. The instant I saw it, I burst out laughing and just about hugged the phone. 1,674 more words

I am sure many of us have dreamed of being a superhero, fighting the forces of crime, evil and helping the elderly across the road. The allure of saving the world yet remaining humble and unassuming resonates strongly with adventurous nerds.

932 more words