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Gamer Culture

Why have gamers always been thought of or considered as nerds? In my own personal experience when I tell people that I am an avid gamer, their first reaction is to usually mumble “nerd” under their breath. 542 more words


Pitch Perfect 2: An Update

Back in October I shared with you about how my life had basically turned into a off-brand version of Pitch Perfect (A Cappella Boot Camp… 370 more words


In Case You Missed the Message from My Spokesperson...

Hey 3.5 readers.

So, my spokesperson delivered her message flawlessly and that message is way too important to remain buried under the blog roll.  Plus, I paid five bucks for it. 21 more words


Nexpaq Is The Next Big Thing! 

What is your ideal perfect kind of phone?

A phone that has extra memory? What about a very long lasting battery, no matter how long you use it? 649 more words


All the Bad Dudes, All the Sad Dudes

How many awful young men do you know?

Note I don’t ask, “How many awful young men do you know to exist online?” How many have you known, been in the same room with, broken Dominos cheesy bread with? 1,239 more words

The Internet

Elementary Politics at Phoenix Comicon

The writers at Elementary Politics all have a lot of different obsessions. Some of us read books about the Revolutionary War like they’re going out of style, some of us read Supreme Court case briefs for fun, and others like to argue with people about foreign policy. 256 more words


The meanings behind the reasons

When people ask me why I’m going on holiday to places like Bastogne, or Normandy, or Toccoa, I always explain by starting with, “Well, there’s this TV show I like…” But to properly understand why Jo and I take these trips, you have to understand what Band of Brothers really means to us. 1,093 more words

Royal British Legion