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Collective Snark - Episode 2.9 - How to talk to girls. And guys. And anyone in between

In which the Snarks talk with their friend Jack about how to appropriately approach people with whom you’d like to express interest. We talk about body language, that wretched “How to turn a no into a yes” article,” when it’s ok to approach people, and more. 42 more words


one thing just goes and ruins your mood #4

Yeah i dont know how to really express how i feel very well a lot of the time but today was going really well. I stress the word ‘was’ because it really was. 591 more words

My Life On A Blog

The Galaxy Note 8 Is Everything Sexy! 

Everyone knows about Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 and S8+ which seem to be on their way of becoming a smash hit. The record shows that the S8 models already out sold the S7 models pre-orders by 30%, and the S7 models were Samsung’s best selling phones ever. 389 more words


For Those Just Tuning In...

In case you’re not up to speed on your Bookshelf Battle history, this blog is the best blog ever created about a magic bookshelf caretaker who spends his days toiling away at Beige Corporation, the world’s premiere producer of beige products and accessories, and his nights at BQB HQ, fighting the forces of evil and writing books to appease the maniacal alien overlord known as the Mighty Potentate. 81 more words


Flicks and Flakes

Brunch of champions.

Once a month our local movie theatre, the Logan, sets aside their lounge area for something called Flicks and Flakes.  It’s just like it sounds, we eat cereal (provided by the Logan) drink drinks (provided by the Logan for a price) and watch short movies revolving around some sort of theme.   124 more words

“Who run the world? Nerds”

Scientists, Feeling Under Siege brings back memories to Iraq Scientific Research Programmes which almost vanished as a result of ‘Iraq liberation’ reducing a country which in the 70s eliminated literacy (and then a leading ‘developed’ state in the MENA region); to nothing but a pit of corruption. 153 more words