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If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to live in Seattle…

You know, the mythical wonderland of rain and coffee… Where espresso flows like water… 46 more words


Future Tense

How do you feel today: Tough question. I really don’t know. Yesterday and today my body has felt, physically, very anxious. My heart will not slow down, it beats hard and loud. 730 more words

Do You Share Habits of Smart People? Here's a List to Find Out!

Well, according to this list Nathaniel and I should be off the charts geniuses!  I just had to spell check the word geniuses.

So, Nathaniel, what went wrong? 7 more words

Obsessive Fandom

I think Jane’s 1D experience deserves a bit more attention than I gave it in my nutshell post last week. {For you less experienced and less knowledgeable types, 1D is short for One Direction.} 1,056 more words

Jane (The Oldest)

Weekend of the Nerds

It was my last weekend in Perth before I head off to Germany/Turkey for five weeks, so I decided that extra nerdiness was required, just in case I don’t receive enough pop culture and science fiction while I’m travelling. 1,233 more words


My Dragonball Z cards brought all the nerds to my yard.

I dislike the ‘nerds are sexy’ trend. Back in my days,  we weren’t sexy nor cool. We just  didn’t get invited to parties as we re-enacted scenes from Dragonball-Z in our rooms, suffering from extreme virginity and acne.

~Squiggly Squig~