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Happy 20th Anniversary, Harry Potter!

I always wanted to be a Gryffindor, but the truth was always there under the surface, and it was much more simple. I love people too much, and I care about everyone’s feelings. 382 more words



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Welcome To Girls Gone Geek Blog

Welcome to the GIRLS GONE GEEK THE SHOW BLOG.  Our website is a direct link to the soon to be coming TV talk show.  The show’s creators are a group of disabled war veterans, who wanted to create a show that would open Geek Culture to all cultures all over the world.   59 more words


Back in 2012, I graduated with my MSci in physics. In October of the same year, I started my PhD in physics. I completed my thesis in September 2016, passed my viva in December 2016, and handed in the final, bound, corrected and updated copy, along with all the paperwork, in January 2017. 308 more words


Episode 11 - &It;html>&It;body>Hello World&It;/body>&It;/html>

In the eleventh episode of Queens of All Trades, Jen and Cait discuss computer programming with special guest Anson.

Our podcast is also available for download and subscription via iTunes and Stitcher! 12 more words



I saw a thing once on television about how these are made. The basic idea is to take sugar and cover it with sugar. It’s about the pitch-perfect way to make a candy, but I don’t know that it’s particularly nerdy. 15 more words


The Computer Crash

It had been a long day. Kicking off my shoes, I was ready to relax and unwind. I sat down at the computer, licked my lips and eagerly clicked the little envelope icon that would download my email. 627 more words