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5 Reasons To Date a Nerd

You are absolutely allowed to date whoever or whatever you want and don’t have to listen to a word you read in this article. For me, this is more or less a list of qualities I’ve seen that contribute to successful relationships in me or my friends who are of the nerdy/geeky nature. 1,128 more words


And so you're back, from outer space...

There was a period of my life where I terrified my mother by wanting to join the military. I thought that my best chance of getting into the FBI was by working up through the ranks (and apparently, this seemed easier than being smart). 161 more words

Nerdy Love

Love and the apocalypse

Friends, lovers and pets alike- Happy Valentine’s Day! On a day I’m normally indifferent, I now realize how much fun can be had in making wry, nerdy, evasive and dark humored love cards. 127 more words


Gender does not dictate tastes in, well, anything

While taking a spin into town after work today I was listening to the radio and was shocked (and more than a little appalled) at something I heard… A girl had texted in saying that she had went on a date and that the guy wouldn’t ask her out for a second date after she mixed up Star Trek and Star Wars. 535 more words

Day-to-Day Ramblings

in whence there was much face rocking...

I cannot say it enough: Mucca Pazza never fails to deliver.
They’re like the anti-fail… which for a large group of nerds is always an achievement. 510 more words

My So-called Social Life

what are you doing saturday?

you should totally be here: Bottom Lounge
.. I suggest showing up sometime around 8ish…

just a suggestion.

… I’ll be there.

My So-called Social Life