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The Somatosensory pathway:

So there are two different pathways that the somatosensory information your body perceives can take: the thick fiber (neo-lemniscal pathway) or the thin fiber (spinothalamic pathway). 369 more words

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Gamer Girl of the Week

I’m back baby with your favorite blog.

Take it easy guys, I know it’s been a while, but lets put on some Marvin Gaye and slow it doooooooowwn for this one. 21 more words


Day Twelve

Continued to clean up the stand for Groot. Frustrated by the top edge of the box, so had to sand again, negating the first layer of paint. 125 more words


A Conversation I Just Had With alexa

Hey want me to tell you about how healthcare works?

Yeah sure.

Okay so before Obamacare there were three ways you could get health insurance: you bought it, your company provided it, or you were old and got Medicare/Medicaid. 162 more words

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Super Gamer Episode 61 - WinnipegVR and BLAM!

Hello Super Gamers! To borrow a phrase from Conker’s Bad Fur Day, this episode is ‘time sensitive. It’s… sensitive… to time.’

BLAM! is an art show I went to on Friday, Oct 20 in Winnipeg, and it’s going on until Sunday, Oct 22 — so you still have time! 144 more words


Nicole Richie Scrambles for Last-Minute Halloween Costumes with Her Kids Every Year: 'We Go on a Mad, Crazy Search'

Nicole Richie and her adorable family always have epic Halloween costumes, but it’s not as easy as it looks.

The star — who has previously dressed up as the Addams family and… 210 more words


Just "Millennial" Things

(Disclaimer: I know this list is frivolous and exhibits examples of my privilege.  It’s meant to be fun and cheeky, because I really do love some of the things that people give Millennials crap about all the time.) 380 more words