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Exam Revision Techniques

As you may already know, the month of May is fast approaching. And you know what that means; exam season. Since I’m in my last year at school and currently studying for my GCSEs, I feel like I have some good revision tips and techniques. 402 more words


The Summer 2015 Nerdy Lust List!

I am an unabashed nerd. A polished, and made- up nerd these days, but a nerd nevertheless. And I can still get into my frumpy, unkempt, snooty avatar whenever I feel the need to. 205 more words

Nerdy Sunday!

Liebster Award Nomination

I am so excited! The lovely DisneyBeautyNerd has nominated me and my blog for a Liebster Award. Thank you so much, Rachel!

Here are the questions she asked, along with my answers: 514 more words


Don't go back in the box!!!

As always much love in Christ!

Rak Chazack Amats!


Bioshock Infinite

I don’t really do first person shooters. I actually don’t do any person shooters, and if I do, I am that one person getting around meleeing like her little life depends on it. 1,041 more words


Talk Nerdy to Me

Awhile back, my best friend, Payton, told me that her boyfriend and some of his friends were having a Star Wars marathon and said I was welcome to join them. 409 more words


L'esprit de L'escalier

“L’esprit de L’escalier” – A french term used in English for the predicament of thinking of the perfect retort too late (“staircase wit”).

I have always found this phrase so fascinating.

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