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Seven Ways We Lie Review


Seven Ways We Lie is a book about what appears to be a stereotypical high school. Scandalous speculation causes a layer of secrets to be revealed. 232 more words


Long Beach Comic Expo 2017 Cosplay

Yesterday, I decided to attend Long Beach Comic Expo 2017 with my boyfriend. I was technically supposed to go to work, but it was canceled. So why not spontaneously buy LBCE tickets and head over? 1,551 more words


Thoughts of this Blog

I’m not gonna lie when my teacher brought up the fact that we would have to keep  up a blog i dreaded it. Now that i have been doing this for a few weeks i have found i actually enjoy writing these little posts it’s almost therapeutic. 184 more words


The Lament of a Used Gamer

Once upon a time, I sat on the edge of my seat watching TV commercials for Final Fantasy X and Kingdom Hearts. I squealed with glee as the music and characters danced across the screen. 448 more words

Nerdy Things

Pokémon GO Update is LIVE! Featuring 80 new Pokémon and new berries.

It’s finally here! The new patch everyone has been waiting for!

Trainers, over 80 more Pokémon and new features are here! https://t.co/7hUwB1wVBAhttps://t.co/9gVfrwaemA

— Pokémon GO (@PokemonGoApp) …

523 more words

25 Day Blog Challenge – Day 5

Favorite movie.

This is an easy one. Dirty Dancing!

In my opinion, there’s no question that Baby and Johnny’s story is and will always be a classic. 193 more words

Whatcha Been Playing Wednesday!

Hello and welcome back fabulous friends!! I am aware that this is late, and I am so sorry for that. My super smart (heavy on the sarcasm) self forgot to hit publish :( 488 more words