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Etsy Build

I have been on etsy less than a year. Every month I set a goal: try to beat last month’s stats.

There’s a lot I’ve picked up on: the value of a shop name and the “story” for your shop, finding your target audience, shipping strategy, and marketing on social media. 438 more words

The Name Hadrian

Hadrian is a lovely, strong, rare, and ancient alternative to Adrian.  The feminine form is Hadriana.  Most commonly associated with Hadrian’s Wall, Hadrian was the name of an early 2nd-century Roman emperor.  277 more words

Baby Names

Crochet Pokéball; Take #2

My second attempt has gone much more smoothly.

I think it’s just a touch too big and will remove maybe 4 rows from the final pattern but my little Lottie loves it. 42 more words


Poppin' Pokemon Cherry

Today Chelsea teaches me a thing or two or three or a lot actually about Pokemon and Pokemon Go!

Pop Culture

Geeking Out, Crossing The Streams, and Jaylah from Star Trek

I’ve mostly dedicated this weekend to reading the Chronicles of Narnia and watching the new Star Trek movies all the way through, both for the first time.  448 more words

Baby Names

Nerd Boxers

Here at the Grant home, we continue our search for enough confidence to begin crafting the cosplay dresses. Along that line, we did a quick project that we adore! 285 more words

Cosplay Dresses

A cosplay disaster

Hello Geeklings,

Welcome back, sit your perky little butts down and get a nice cup of coffee or tea because today we are revisiting an embarrassing moment from the chronicles of my life. 490 more words