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It's Grim up Nerf

Yes, that’s a delicious pun. And no, it’s not mine. I am somewhat jealous.

On the 13th Kib, Arthur and I went to Grim up Nerf 8 in Farsley* for some foam darty goodness. 573 more words


Modified R/C Jet Cannon Spews Nerf, Slays Cardboard Tanks

made a video overview of a radio-controlled A-10 jet modified to spew a hail of harmless Nerf balls as it strafes helpless cardboard cutouts of T-72 tanks on a bright, sunny day. 263 more words

Drone Hacks

Why Overwatch Players Hate Genji Now

(Source: kotaku.com)

Some relatively minor tweaks aside, Overwatch’s cyborg ninja dragon blender Genji hasn’t changed much since launch. Over the past few weeks, though, I’ve come across… 747 more words