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Humans Versus Zombies Tutorial: Special Human Classes

Another reblog from an old college project blog.

Putting it here mostly just for cataloging purposes.

I hear that some schools don’t have any kinds of special classes in their HvZ games (except maybe for unkillable zombies, but that’s about it for the most part). 901 more words

Dealing with the balance changes

The power balances are in and I’m pretty sure this is just the first wave. Regardless of what comes next, these nerfs are a real doozy for most of us. 513 more words


Hearthstone Nerfs Announced

Very quickly, for the uninitiated: “nerf” is a (somewhat derogatory) term for what the developers call “balance changes.” Some games make routine balance changes, whereas others either rarely or never make such changes. 2,778 more words


Blades (Not) Ready

Speak softly and carry a big Nerf bat.

These are some wise words regarding game balance for any game developer. With a bit of a lull before the big upcoming card reveals, Blizzard dropped the bombshell news today, of the…

676 more words

How To Play Humans Versus Zombies

This one’s from my old blog that I had to make for class. Hated the class but loved my doodles. I never finished the tutorial series but if I find the time I’ll post more after this. 1,018 more words


News roundup: Team Fortress with Nerf, choose your own Fallout, new Xbox rumors

1. These guys acted out a Team Fortress 2 mission with Nerf guns

And it looks super fun.

Corridor Digital writes in the video description: “We had way too many Nerf guns lying around the office to not do something epic with them.” 269 more words


Zombie Apocalypse

Hello once again!

Let me start off by saying that this past week has been wild! Why, you ask? Well, Humans vs. Zombies started last Friday, and ended last night! 1,369 more words