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Tutorial Tuesday and Project Status Update

No picture today, in my quest to create a regular update schedule I’m starting yet another alliteration day. I’ve been doing well with painting using techniques I’ve picked up during uni and just having ago but I really need to be using the advice of professional artists, for that reason I’m going to paint from a tutorial every week to see what new techniques I can pick up. 191 more words

Nerf Internet Resources

This post is meant, specifically, for those who attended my Nerf modification panel at WyvaCon this past weekend. That said, the information may be of interest to my regular readers as well. 278 more words


Destiny Weapons You'll Be Seeing Much Less Of In 2.0.0

Destiny’s 2.0.0 update is still a hot topic for players new and old. Previously, we took a brief look at some of the universal weapon class changes and saw that the game that we’ve grown to love )and hate) is going to change quite dramatically, in particular in terms of primary weapon usage. 813 more words

Tumbleweed Prototypes

Tumbleweed Work in Progress, Version 1



Holeeeee Shieeeeet!!! You MUST See This

So… you like to mod Nerf guns huh?!? So does this dude apparently :D HAHAHAHAAHAAAAA!!!


Tell Me Again How Gay Nerf Is???

A collection of images I have found of hot girls wielding Nerf guns :D 39 more words