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Fall 2016 Balance Changes

Yesterday, Blizzard announced another upcoming round of balance changes, expected to be implemented pretty soon (check out the announcement here). As you can see from the announcement, only 7 cards are being changed this time. 1,762 more words


The Hearthstone Nerf Everyone Wanted + Reynad's Hot Take

Social media has been an impetus for forcing change in the world, and it seems to be happening more and more now. While Twitter and YouTube have been the vehicles for change in real-life events, Reddit has been the weapon of choice in Wizard Poker. 926 more words


Running a 5k

My 5k wasn’t an official 5k. My 5k wasn’t my daily commute to classes for a week. My 5k was humans vs zombies. Basically it is nerf war combined with tag. 260 more words


[NEWS] Accustrike, Rogue One and more

Hello everybody, again, long time no post. This time, its more Nerf news, although not exactly new. Rogue One blasters are already being spotted in the wild in Singapore, and Accustrike leaks are now off the Nerf subreddit’s front page. 1,159 more words


Booky Panda

So I decided to write twice today to give an insight on the Manga that I’m reading currently and the Animes that I am currently watching. 71 more words