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Nerf Basketball Dunks!!! - YouTube

Takaya shows off his game in Nerf Basketball Dunks!!! He gets a little help from daddy. Takaya is truly funny and amazing. Subscribe at https://www.youtube.c&#8230… 6 more words

The Blaster In Question #0028: SharpFire



This week, we’ll be playing the NES classic, Duckhunt using the zapper light gun.  Wait, hang on.  Nope, scratch that, this is a Nerf blaster, but let’s be fair, you can understand my confusion.  638 more words


#1453: Spider Racer (w/ Spider-Man)



Spider-Man: Homecoming hits physical media next week, and I’m definitely looking forward to giving it another watch.  It was an awesome film that felt a little bit crowded out this summer.  1,107 more words


Party time!

Avery just recently turned 7. One of my favorite things about this girl is her creativity in picking party themes. One year, she did a Malificient theme. 216 more words

The Blaster In Question #0027: Zeus MXV-1200



You know what this page needs?  It needs more balls.  Like, just a little pile over there, like 2 cubic tons.  Ok, maybe not that many, more like just a few ounces.  767 more words


Who's the New Prodigies in the Post-Patch Meta?

Semi-recently, a patch came out with seemingly minor, but game-changing nerfs. These nerfs stopped the oppressive Druid from completely dominating the standard meta-game by changing one of its key cards, … 1,115 more words


Roommate got drunk, broke my childhood recon... parts?

So last night we were all hanging out and having a good time. My roommate runs up to my wall (I have the recon mounted on there as a trophy) and starts smashing it to bits. 57 more words