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Stealth Nerf to Statue

Sadly, Bliz nerfed the best feature of the Jade Serpent Statue in a hot patch last night. It was continuing to cast Soothing Mist even if you interrupted your own soothing to cast something else, which appeared to be by design. 77 more words

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I meant to use today for cleaning and putting away my last few boxes of stuff from the move, but instead I was sleeping and then went out on errands…Jester and I watched… 403 more words

Overwatch's Favorite Dwarf Is Getting a Nerf On Consoles

Looks like Everyone’s Favorite Dwarf Is Getting Nerfed.

Overwatch’s Torbjorn has been causing controversy this week on Reddit. Members of the Overwatch community have created many threads discussing Torbjorn’s strength on the Console version of the game. 97 more words


Chapter Six

I’m laughing so much lately. It’s not like I didn’t laugh before I accepted this major gear change in my life. I laughed plenty. I huffed at the BBC panel shows I watched on my own in the evenings. 1,218 more words