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The Blaster In Question #0036: Twinshock



There’s one thing blasters from the MEGA series all have in common and that’s being rather large. Being rather large and red. 488 more words


Raptorstrikes don't have priming indicators anymore?

I just got a clearance Raptorstrike, and it has no priming indicator. Before I bought it, I decided to check the other ones, and no other ones had it. 106 more words


Gifts for Boy

Ok, I may have forgotten to do the one for yesterday… But instead of giving up, I thought id just be a day late.

Today I’m talking about presents for boys. 615 more words

Do you have a Nerf obsessed kid? I do. 

There many be some affiliate links in this blog post, which means I get a small percentage of each sale at no cost to you. 276 more words

The Blaster In Question #0035: Atlas XVI-1200



Ok, listen, we all knew that Ethan is way better at this whole “staying on top of regularly scheduled content” thing, but I just moved so I think a little slack is due to be cut here. 637 more words


Trammell on LinuxBoot (NERF) and Heads

Note that NERF is also called LinuxBoot now.

The LinuxBoot firmware (formerly NERF) is almost working on the Intel S2600wf mainboard. pic.twitter.com/8fvr9Rb0ND

— Trammell Hudson ⚙ (@qrs) …

132 more words

The Blaster In Question #0034: Firestrike



Do you ever find one of those movies where you have to watch it over and over in order to really understand everything, but on that last watch, it all clicks and you have an a-ha moment?  583 more words