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defending a base part 1

when your fighting  you may get cornered or your defending your base but how do you defend ?.

an escape route:

when fighting you may find your self defeated. 120 more words


The Blaster In Question #0057: Vigilon



I know what you’re about to ask, so let me go ahead and answer it before you do.  No, I’ve still not heard anything from Mads but I’m staying optimistic.  653 more words


Mk XV: Worth It?

I did this a a few years back when we expanded to Mk XIV and I’ll do it again today. Here is the old post. 1,264 more words

General STO Stuff

NERF N Strike Modulus ECS 10 Blaster

This Years Greatest Marketing Merchandise – NERF N Strike Modulus ECS 10 Blaster – . Arm the with theblasters 10-dart banana clip together with darts , as a consequence you can hit the battleground in any set up will Expertise that NERF N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster is definitely going to make you the top puppy! 12 more words

The Blaster In Question #0056: Vagabond



I had an idea for a game show the other day.  It would be a similar structure to Who Wants To Be A Millionaire but instead of answering general knowledge and trivia questions, you have to memorize details of a persona that you’re given and then Mads Mikkelson interrogates you about it while being as menacing as possible.  549 more words


Nerf Fertilizer

The Golden Knights are on their way!  Stanley Cup!

The boys are done with school this week.  I am glad.  With occasional back-to-back baseball and hockey games, they are not getting enough sleep at night.  383 more words

The Blaster In Question #0055: Proton



You may have heard that Vortex is back.  Yes, it seems the once-thought dead line of blasters has miraculous come back to life like Jesus, or Dracula.  723 more words