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Review: Nerf Zombie Strike Doublestrike blaster

This is my review of the Nerf Zombie Strike Doublestrike blaster.

  • Description: the Doublestrike is a small blaster styled like a revolver. it features a small cocking handle on the back of the blaster, which allows it to be easily used as a sidearm in a Nerf war.
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Building a New Primary Part 3: Behold the Banshee

For those of you who do not regularly follow my blog, this is the conclusion of a project that I began last October with this… 387 more words


Check Out Grandson Kameron Badgers in a Nerf Promo

Shameless proud grandma moment here — check out my grandson Kameron Badgers in a Nerf promo he filmed recently.  The footage arrived yesterday for the shoot last month.  106 more words


"Nerf Night": Hunting Aliens for a Cause

I had fun recently filming a promo for a “Nerf Night” that helped to raise money for a local charity.  Here’s the finished video — can you spot me in spite of my cammo make-up and gear? 10 more words

Kameron Badgers

Let's Talk Balance

It’s kinda funny how people start playing World of Tanks in order to play Tiger tank and when they actually get it they are really disappointed with the stock tiger and when they fully upgrade it, it does not perform how they expect it. 240 more words


prayer changes things

I am aware that not everyone views prayer in the same way. To some, prayer is seen as bringing a string of requests to God; to others, it is a rote, memorized act that belongs in a sanctuary with stained glass windows; to others still, prayer is a waste of breath, speaking when no one is listening. 1,094 more words