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I just got off the Skype with my sister who is currently at their vacation home in Krasici, Montenegro.

“It is terrible, the stink, the heat, the smoke…” she said. 542 more words

Global News

Cartimandua part 2

Here is a little more about Cartimandua, Qyeen of the Brigantes.

Cartimandua and her husband fell out over her handing Caratacus to the Romans, of course. 358 more words

Great Fire of Rome

During the night between 18 and 19 July in the year 64 AD  a terrible fire broke out in Rome.
The Great Fire caused extensive devastation, before being brought under control after six days. 179 more words

On This Day

July 18, 64: Rome Wasn't Burnt in a Day

Just whose fault was it anyway? Was it a cow kicking over a lantern, that strange new sect known as Christians, or the Emperor himself whom rumor would have wailing on a fiddle during the conflagration? 257 more words

Wretched Richard's Almanac

Preparing for my first LARP and how long I've waited for this!

My boyfriend first introduced me to the concept of LARP not long after I started dating him.

He told me about all the things his characters did, game settings, the friends he made, and the narratives in game. 196 more words