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The Dangerous Dozen

What does absolute power do to you? MJ Akbar writes an interesting book review for The Twelve Caesars. A good read, detailing some of the excesses of Julius Caesar and Nero. 66 more words


What is "mansplaining"?

If  you ask me, Fiefield rocks.

@Nero explains why Senator Mitch Fiefield is so very brave.  He risks his entire career by calling this common scold to account for her hypocrisy. 20 more words

Grievance Groups & Convenient Victims

Lentmas, Day 1

Happy first day of Lentmas!

It’s 11am and I’ve not long been back from the gym. I’m still a bit bunged up from the few days of cold I’ve been through this week (the 8 packs of travel tissues I bought in a panic were, in hindsight, entirely unnecessary), so I took things slow and it was nice. 209 more words


Farewell Britannicus - we hardly knew ye. February 11th, 55BCE

Today, back in the first century, poor young Britannicus bit the dust.  Son of the emperor Claudius, his fate was sealed as soon as his father’s was. 473 more words

Starbucks, stop giving me milk!

Ok, it’s not just aimed at Starbucks, but also to Costa Coffee, Cafe Nero and anywhere else that sells coffee.

I’ve noticed it a lot when ordering my coffee they give me milk! 258 more words