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... As Nero , er , POTUS fiddles [#First Duffer]...

.. watch as the world burns …

.. ..
.. to the cartoon …

.. it is as if POTUS could care less …. which is scary … 14 more words

Personal Opinion

Picture of The Day: Saber Extra 2

Saber Extra or if you prefer by her true identity, Nero, will be my selection for today’s Picture of The Day submission. If the original Saber is not tsundere enough for you, this one is a lot more tsundere than her.


Creative Processes

In 2015, my colleague Dr Rachel Mairs and I organised an international workshop that we called ‘Materialising Poetry‘. I have very fond memories of the day, and the theme that we got to discuss with our colleagues and students has been on my mind for a long time. 1,115 more words


Reading Mark's Gospel

Weekdays after the feast of the Baptism of Jesus till Tuesday before Ash Wednesday we’ll be reading at Mass from the first 10 chapters of the Gospel of Mark. 388 more words


Boy is sick

Seems like a stomach bug.

He was crying with stomach ache last night, and went out quite a few times to poo.

Then spent most of the day in bed, without even asking for food. 228 more words

Daily Update

560. Armada Place (9)

Well this pair is a rather good collaboration of wildstyle writing from Whysayit and Nero. Whysayit’s work can be found dotted all over Bristol, and as well as these more elaborate burners, he does his fair share of tagging too. 107 more words


Edward Gibbon on the consent of the soldiers

The insolence of the armies inspired Augustus with fears of a still more alarming nature. The despair of the citizens could only attempt what the power of the soldiers was, at any time, able to execute.

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