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Obama's Putin Game Plan

I always find it amazing when a person or a country acts so righteously incensed when a person or country they have regularly maligned and slandered isn’t nice back. 748 more words


Nero - Review

While many titles arrive amidst a sea of hype, others suddenly appear under the radar, Nero is one of the latter with little known about the title or indeed the developers ‘Storm in a teacup’. 427 more words


Albums or Collections of Songs?

I love music. Always got a song in my head, often pulled up for singing or humming out loud at work, during exams, when I’m meant to be listening to someone… Often I’m totally carefree about it. 579 more words

Reality Or Close Enough

How crowdfunding could see Nero’s villa re-emerge into Rome’s sunlight

Nero’s grandiose villa in Rome is slowly emerging from centuries of neglect. But the final push to fully open up the Domus Aurea to visitors will require some fiddly financial arrangements, in the form of crowdfunding


New trailer for Nero

I wrote about this game nearly a year ago and mentioned how the visuals looked stunning and reminded me of Avatar the movie. Looks like the team behind the game been working hard as they revealed a new trailer for the game a few days ago showing of some gameplay footage of the game.  36 more words