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NESARA announcements expected in 2016 ~ Alcuin Bramerton

The NESARA global prosperity programmes are on the cusp of being announced and activated. One of the protected funds involved is called The Saint Germain World Trust. 363 more words

The Journey

What is N.E.S.A.R.A?

Website: http://www.enactNESARAnow.com

What is N.E.S.A.R.A?

N.E.S.A.R.A stands for National Economic Security and Reformation Act.

What is the purpose of this new governance?

To undo the damage of the old system which we have been enslaved to for millions of years, to reverse the growing gap between the 1% wealthy and the 99% poor, to return governments back to their original sovereignty (one that is truly for the people, peace & prosperity for all), and to give currency real value backed by gold, silver and other precious metals instead of creating it from thin air (Federal Reserve Notes). 302 more words

The Journey

Millions of Robotic Bees May One Day Replace Real Bees…♥♥♥…

There is so much wrong with this on so many levels it’s scary.We are in the age of eating food, that’s being genetically modified that ends up corrupting & Damaging our own DNA structure. 365 more words


Sheldan Nidle Update 1-19-16… “All is well and wonderful with Gaia!” ~ Jan. 27, 2016

What a fitting time to read another message from Sheldon Nidle, a Sirian contactee. I rather like to read the posts of Sheldon because they are invariably positive, but this one is…exciting! 1,269 more words

2016 Agenda for Disclosure? | The Opening of Pandora's Suitcase ~ Alcuin Bremerton

“…Separate from the The Global Collateral Accounts, the NESARA global prosperity programmes are also due to be announced and activated. One of the funds involved here is The Saint Germain World Trust. 521 more words


A Message from Sheldan Nidle

September 8, 2015

4 Batz, 4 Zip, 12 ManikSelamat Jarin! The world continues to slowly change. This transformation is destined to remove the last vestiges of the dark cabal from your life. 1,330 more words