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Nests update

The usual residents of Nests 1A, 2 and 4 are carrying out work on their homes in readiness for eggs. On their first full day together – a wild and wet one – YA and Mrs YA had several potentially successful copulations. 187 more words

Osprey Updates

Nests 2 and 3 update

On Nest 2, 37 and EB had settled well by 7 April. The first fish seen to be delivered by 37 was on the afternoon of 6 April. 170 more words

Osprey Updates

Another resident back?

A field visit to Nest 4 found an osprey standing in a windswept nest. Legs well hidden, naturally! But she looked comfortable, preening occasionally.

Eventually, she stood a little higher, was blown off balance by the strong wind, then flew off. 141 more words

Osprey Updates

All action and no action

37 was almost “all action” for over an hour this morning, but he had a rest now and again.

37 cleared the debris from the inside of the nest and brought a couple of sticks in. 183 more words

Kielder Ospreys

37 returns

37 landed on his nest at 08.43 today.

His nest was rather a mess, and he got straight on with major renovation.

He had a few pauses to look around for EB, but she didn’t appear. 97 more words

Osprey Updates

EB's first day home

EB stayed on her nest until lunchtime today, when the weather conditions worsened. She scanned the horizon from time to time.

EB soon looked as though she would rather be in sunny Senegal, her wintering grounds. 155 more words

Osprey Updates

An arrival in the rain

When the nestcams began streaming to Kielder Castle today, it was a delight to see White EB perched on the edge of Nest 2.

She wasn’t present at 20.00 last night, so must have returned to her nest early this morning. 37 more words

Osprey Updates