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Chicken Coop Curtains

Now, I know you are going to say that I’m one egg short of a dozen, but I recently saw, in one of my farm publications, an article about nest box curtains. 475 more words


A Blog From The Blue Tit Box 2015 - Basic Instinct

Anyone following last years success inside the blue tit box would understandably be looking forward to springtime 2015. However the downside of a nestbox camera linked to your telly is having a ringside seat when things go wrong. 875 more words

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Nest Box Woes

There’s a bit of hen house trouble in our coop. Our girls are having some problems learning to share. We have six chickens and six nest boxes. 171 more words


Becoming an amateur Ornithologist

For weeks I’ve been watching one of the three occupied birdhouses Fred built this spring and hung in the yard wondering what kind of birds are nesting in it. 740 more words


Missing the Distractions

Funny how you get used to things. Then miss ‘em when they’re not there.

Take the manic-busy pair of brood-feeding blue tits that were regular distractions from TV. 578 more words

Nest Box

Woodpeckers need protein too!

It’s the busiest stage of the breeding season for many birds, its late May and there are many hungry mouths to feed. This makes it a great time to watch or photograph birds because they’re active throughout the day (no siesta now) trying feed their insatiable young. 275 more words


An Unexpected Visit

I saw an amazing sight today – something totally unexpected and magical. There is a pair of blue tits nesting in one of the nest boxes in the garden. 209 more words