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Gliders at home

Sugar Gliders (Petaurus breviceps) readily take to nest-boxes and they have featured on this blog a number of times before. But we never tire of viewing remote camera images of these little creatures, and nest-box sites are a good place to record them. 254 more words


But I brought you a green worm...

But I brought you a green worm…

My office has 3 huge picture windows looking out into the front yard and just in front of me is a bird house occupied by Carolina Chickadees. 190 more words

Equipment I Use

We've got Twins!

Remember Mr. Bluebird that you met the other day? He’s been fiercely protecting his nest box for his lady, along with sharing the mealworms that I put out for them. 196 more words


Six Weeks

Well, the kits aren’t weaned yet. I decided to redo my grow-out hutch and it took longer than I expected. I threw away the old frame and built a new one. 61 more words

New Zealand Rabbits

House Claiming

A picture from last weekend at Desoto National Wildlife Refuge. A Tree Swallow cleaning himself on a Bluebird box. Saw quite a few of them trying to claim the nest boxes for themselves when they aren’t nesting yet. 78 more words

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Five Weeks Old

The kits turned five weeks old yesterday. They look small until you pick one up. I can barely get my hands around most of them. The biggest is a white doe. 62 more words

New Zealand Rabbits

Notes from the sanctuary - the beginning

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine came over for a visit. She noticed that the tree outside of my living room window had an old bird feeder hanging from a branch of the tree. 483 more words