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New Neighbors

I’ve been watching our newest neighbors as they take up residence in our yard. Bluebirds recently fledged from one of our nest boxes and a brief battle for the box was won by a pair of house wrens. 254 more words


Great Crested Flycatchers: Often Heard - Seldom Seen


It’s never good to pick favorites, but when it comes to flycatchers, the Great Crested Flycatcher (Myiarchus Crinitus) is mine, hands down. 1,230 more words

Wilder Side Of Oakland County

Some Guest Photos

Julia managed some decent shots in the Mencap garden this week – I particularly like the one in the featured image, a parent Great Tit shoving food into a permanently open mouth. 55 more words

Bird Watching

Flitting To and Fro

It’s very much spring and the nesting season in London. Our garden see’s many bird species foraging in the undergrowth, shrubs and the Rowan tree. We’ve sometimes played host to nesting birds too. 306 more words


Blue Tits in the garden

When we bought this house, we soon got around to putting up some nesting boxes. There was one with a small hole, to encourage Blue Tits, and another with a larger hole, in the hope of attracting larger birds. 221 more words

Country Life In Norfolk

Prothonotary Warbler Gathering Moss for Nest

Prothonotary Warbler Gathering Moss for Nest
I have several pairs of these warblers building nests. They use the same boxes that the bluebirds do.  They prefer to be close to water and most of the nests are very near Meadow Creek which makes a big loop that surrounds my lowest field. 92 more words

Prothonotary Warbler

Update on Mama Swallow

I thought I’d post a little update on the tree swallow I saw hanging around my new birdhouse a few weeks ago. It looks like she has decided to stay. 161 more words

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