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National Nest Box Week 14th-21st February

Today marks the start of the British Trust for Ornithology’s (BTO) National Net Box Week, running from the 14th-21st February.

This is the perfect opportunity to contribute to the conservation of our birds in the UK, and attract them to your garden! 90 more words


Closed 'Til Spring

Within this wooden box
Tree swallows built a home
Of grass and feathers

Formed a cup-shaped nest
To hold a clutch of pink-white eggs
Tended them in heat and chill… 46 more words

Nature Photography

Coop 2.0

Time to get a new coop for the chickens. The first one we bought came from the same people that sold us our first 4 chickens. 636 more words


Nest Box Project

Why do birds need artificial nest boxes and why are we making them?

There are birds in the farm that nest in naturally occurring tree cavities. 737 more words

Wild Birds

Tractors, Tribulations and Old Men

After dropping Julia off yesterday I went to see Men in Sheds on the farm. As you know, I don’t really like going, but I wanted to see them before… 444 more words


New urban songbird research from SongBird Survival

Our PhD student Hugh has successfully published another paper from his Gardens for Birds project.

In this study, Hugh wanted to investigate how the local environment helps determine the materials used in nest construction, how this differs among related species using similar nest sites, or if materials used directly or indirectly influence the numbers of offspring successfully reared. 90 more words


Our Tree Swallow Nest Box

Our tree swallow chicks fledged today, June 18, Father’s Day.  I knew they were getting close to leaving the nest box, so on Friday and Saturday I spent some time photographing the parents feeding the young.   178 more words