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Notes from the sanctuary

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine came over for a visit. She noticed that the tree outside of my living room window had an old bird feeder hanging from a branch of the tree. 471 more words


Three Weeks

The kits are getting big! Their sizes are now evening out more. Some of them have started eating the food out of the feeder. I turned the nest-box on its side, but that isn’t working so well, so the nest-box will be coming out in the next couple of days. 8 more words

New Zealand Rabbits

16 Days

The kits are growing big, some of them slower than others. I weighed the kits on Saturday and the largest kit was 7.2 oz. and the smallest kit was 3.4 oz. 114 more words

New Zealand Rabbits

Day Nine

I took the pictures as promised. However, there are not thirteen kits in the picture. I counted them and realized there were only eleven. I pulled them all out of the nest-box and started poking around with my fingers. 111 more words

New Zealand Rabbits

Day 31

It’s finally here!! Snowball and Secret both have big bellies and are acting very pregnant. I gave them their nest-boxes on Saturday. Snowball built a nest in her nest-box that day. 71 more words

New Zealand Rabbits

T-Jay recreates Shakespeare's Globe

T-Jay has created a really great bird box based on Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, and what a challenge it has been!

The Globe Theatre proved quite easy to find plans and images for but translating them into 3D has taken T-Jay on a real creative journey, during which he has worked really hard and proved his perseverance by refusing to compromise on the accuracy of his bird box. 181 more words

Creative Engagement

An art deco snail art bird box!

Zak has taken art deco as his theme and combined this with a sculptural form taken from nature – a snail.

His bird box involved some complicated cutting out to make the snail shell spiral and some tricky carpentry to clad the curve in bendy ply, but with a little help from Greg it came together really well. 60 more words

Creative Engagement